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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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Shots Fired In Possible Bigfoot Abduction Attempt

I recently got another report from right here in my home area of Bell County Kentucky. The person this comes from is a well respected person and for her protection we will only call her Patty. While I do know the location of the following events, I will not give the exact location. The reason for this is for the privacy of the family, some of which still live in the general area where this happened.

This report, to my knowledge, has never been officially reported until now. This report contains more than one event, as the family experienced possible Bigfoot on several occasions on or near their property.

Also, some of the events described may be slightly disturbing, so read at your own risk.
Please keep in mind that some of these events happened many years ago. Times were hard in this area back then. The way of living was very different than it is today. But events like this will stay with you for a lifetime.

Here is the message I got from Patty.

"The thing my sister came upon had all white fur, and was lying in a hole where a tree had uprooted. She scared it and it jumped up and ran away on two legs. Tall, slim with white fur. That was around 1948-49. If my sister will she can give you more detail, since she was older than I.
We have had some other encounters, as well. I did not see one, but heard something like one when I was gathering hazel nuts in 1953, I think. I ran like crazy!
Both of these encounters were in the same area, near a fresh water Spring."

Patty was able to talk to her sister, we will call her Betty, and get more details. Here is what Betty told Patty about the sighting.

"The White thing had a face that looked like an old man, but there was white hair all over his face. It’s legs were half bent and it was very bony (skinny). It was not real, real big, not much bigger than a man, and was completely covered in white hair. When I approached where it was laying on a bed of leaves in a uprooted tree hole, it jumped up and ran...thump...thump.. down into the wooded hollow."

Now, there is another report I covered that is from Bell County of a white Bigfoot. You can read about that by Clicking Here.

But Patty had a couple other events that she wanted to tell me about and some of it may not be for the faint of heart.

Here is what Patty told me about the time she was gathering hazel nuts.

"Thomas, this was in the mountains where we used to live. We had moved out of the mountains, I was about ten years old. My older cousin and I had gone over to the old place to pick wild hazel nuts that grew abundantly along the side of that hollow near a nice fresh water spring. When I heard the heavy stomping and bushes being broken. We were giggling and loading our buckets with hazel nuts when we heard the heavy footsteps. The brush was very high and thick where they were coming from. It was impossible to see anything until it was too close. We both heard it and started running as fast as we could. We ran the entire mile through the wooded path. We were scared and breathless when we got home. It was just over from where my sister had run into one a few years back. It is just over in the hollow where we carried our water from. We lived poor.

Another time, my sister (Betty), one night she was screaming that something was pulling her out the window."

Patty once again talked to her older sister Betty and here is what Betty told her about the event of something pulling at her.

" I slept in a full size bed with my brother, him at the head , me at the foot. He would kick me, so I would crawl up as close to the open window as I could. We had no screens (on the windows). I did not see what touched me. It took my arm and was very gently pulling me toward the window. I screamed, Dad got up looked around, did not see anything and we went back to bed. I do not remember any scratches on me. It was scooting and pulling me very gently."

It would appear that this was a possible abduction attempt by a possible Bigfoot. It might have been successful if it were not for Betty screaming and her Dad getting up. As many of you probably know there is some pretty good historical reports of Bigfoot abducting women and children. While we know not all Bigfoot are aggressive, there are numerous reports of aggressive Bigfoot behavior.

But this was not the only time a possible Bigfoot was lurking around. Here is another event that Patty told me.

"We were poor. At night we went outside to go to the bathroom. My older sister, Mary, who was about 17 years older than Betty, (Mary was about 21 and Betty was about 4) took Betty out side with her to use the bathroom behind some bushes. Mary told Betty to run to the porch and into the house, that she saw a dark thing moving in the hollow area. They ran into the house and told Daddy they heard something behind those bushes that led to the hollow. Daddy took his old 12 gauge shotgun out on the porch and shot around three times. It was cold and there was a snow on the ground, partially melted. The next morning, Daddy went out and looked where he had shot and there were red drops of blood on the snow on the ground. Dad thought it may have been a man."

Patty Continues:

"These stories took place near the same hollow where I heard the heavy footsteps and breaking of brush.  Hope this helps. We think something lived in the very depths of that dark damp hollow."

A big thanks to Patty for telling me these encounters. I'm sure these events made a lasting impact on everyone involved and that it is probably hard to talk about. I also must say that I have known Patty for many, many years and she has always been an honest, stand up person. Her and her stories are very credible. 


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. Near a fresh water spring...... So these things habitat near bodies of water

    1. Like most living creatures, they have to have water. Back during this time period it was very common for people to have a near by spring of water. This was, in most cases, their only water source.


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