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The Crypto Crew's Bobby and Corinna Long do some follow up work on the possible photo of a bigfoot in Oregon.
Here is the video

Here is the before and after photos


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I was contacted by Bob LaFlamme about an interesting EVP he had recorded.
A voice activated recorder was placed in a tomb in a cemetery in Athol, Mass.
It appears this worked as there seems to me lots of voices on the recorder.
Here is a video I made, I hope to keep working with this EVP and come up with more.

This recording reminds me of the Sounds of Hell recording, in many ways they are similar.

Special Thanks goes out to Bob LaFlamme for allowing me to work with this EVP and post the results.


©Bob LaFlamme and The Crypto Crew

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Apple Tree Campground 
I got the following UFO report a couple days ago, There was photos taken and I'm trying to get them sent to me.
Here is the report

Name: Katie S.
State: California
County: San Bernardino
Date of Sighting: 5/26/13
Time of Day: 9:00pm
Nearest Town: Wrightwood
Length of Sighting: 1-2mins
How many Witnesses: I was in a campground but saw people filming around me
Any Photos/Videos: YES
Describe sighting in detail:
I was camping in Wrightwood, CA at the Apple tree Campground and saw some crazy lights in the sky. I saw some people videoing it but was only able to take some bad pics of it on my phone. It scared the shit out of me! There was a strange noise that sounded like a high pitch whistle and some kind of low rumble.

-Katie S.

If anyone has video or photos of these strange lights please feel free to contact me at

This sighting has been added to our sighting map, check it out by Clicking Here


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As some of you may know we did a small post about a movie name Nightbeasts starring Zach Galligan (Gremlins), well there is even more good news for the film. A deal was signed to show the film on 200 theatrical and drive-in movie screens across the USA starting in June.
Also the movie is scheduled to come out on DVD in October and on streaming services. I personally would like to watch this one, it looks pretty good and I like the Native American angle. 
The official movie website is www.nightbeasts.com

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A photo from the mast camera on NASA’s Curiosity rover is causing a little bit of a stir. There appears to be a rat in the photo.
Here is the photo
rat is on the left
Of course this is being explained away as pareidolia, but is it really? You remember how all UFO sightings were explained as Swamp Gas or ball lighting? Well I think Pareidolia is being very over used to explain away things.

Well I decided to have some fun with this Mars photo and here is my efforts.
I colored the rat in ...looks like a rat don't it?

Here is a blow up of the rat

Rat or not this is getting some press. To me it looks like a rat but I may be suffering from pareidolia....wish they made a pill for it. lol

This "Rat" was discovered by Scott C Waring according to Fox News.


[Source: Fox News]

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[The Photo is from TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long] 

Bobby and Corinna Long do their bigfoot research and investigations in Oregon. There has been several reports they have checked into around where the above photo was taken. It is also in the same area where Bobby and Corinna had their own sighting.

On the day this photo was taken they also reported hearing some loud thuds, had found several tree breaks and thought something was pacing them on the edge of the woods.
I have attempted to enhance the photo but it is still inconclusive.

Of course we can not say for sure that this is a bigfoot but there does appear to be something looking from behind that tree. It kind of looks like the left arm is up and it is peaking over. It may be just a shadow or a trick of light but this is still a very good area with a history of sightings and track fines.
More research will be done in this area over the summer.


Area GPS:43.15278N, 132.13922W   Elevation 2279

UPDATE! -  Bobby and Corinna went back to this location yesterday and took some pictures and video. I hope to have the video a little later but here are the photos.

and here is a zoom in

It is still inclusive but at least we are doing research and trying to be sure. The after images look somewhat different. This was some good work by Bobby and Corinna. I hope to post the video up later today or tomorrow.


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By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Bigfoot Sighting In Illinois?
Assessing The Possibilities In My Neck Of The Woods
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
            My home state of Illinois isn’t the most well-known state for its bigfoot sightings, but sightings do take place here. And in areas where there is virtually no wilderness. And this has led me and researchers in this state to believe they don’t really need wilderness to thrive. And there were “wild man” reports in my area down through history. But the cast of Finding Bigfoot left Illinois very unsure of its existence here.
            But in central Illinois where I live, the terrain is mostly flat or with rolling hills.  There are many pockets of forest that dot the landscape. Some connect to each other and could create a hidden route for a large creature. And where they don’t connect,  part of the year they’re covered in rows of corn. This could create numerous hidden routes with good cover when the corn is tall, which is most of the summer.  Many areas are teeming with deer that also use the corn rows as cover to trek across areas where they might normally be seen. It’s great terrain for a large animal to hide.
            I don’t believe this is a hotbed habitat for Bigfoot, but I think they are here. And I think we don’t give them enough credit for being able to survive and adapt to many different types of habitat, and perhaps exist closer to humans than we might think.
            Case in point: An unidentified witness recently reported an interesting sighting in Schuyler County,  near Rushville (where I was born) in west-central Illinois that took place in 2000.  The witness claimed to have seen the creature in the headlights as he/she was driving north on Route 67,  just a little past Rushville. The witness allegedly saw a 7-foot, dark, muscular figure on two legs bend over and pick up something close to the road and was cradling it like a human would a baby. The creature then quickly ran for the woods with the bundle in its arms.
            This is an area I’m very familiar with. The area described by the witness is situated somewhat in between two of my family’s farms. It’s not wilderness, but it’s VERY rural. I’ve hiked some of the area’s woods and I haven’t seen Bigfoot. But I have had what I would call “experiences” out there that would lead me to believe there’s something to the reports. Large snapping trees, the feeling of being watched, sounds of large footsteps, etc.  And knowing the denseness of the woods as I do, and the deer population,  I believe firmly that Bigfoots could survive there very well.
            Who’s to say we don’t have a different strain of the creature here?  Maybe a strain that’s better adapted to living closer to humans? Reports suggest they exist in any areas in the world that provide cover. And there’s plenty of that in my area. It’s just situated differently and offers a different kind of challenge for hiding. But a smart creature could do it, I believe.
            And I also think the cast of Finding Bigfoot needs to change the way they think about Bigfoot in non-wilderness areas, and give Illinois a closer look. *******DF
[If you want to know more about Bigfoot in Illinois, no one knows more than researcher Stan Courtney. You can find his blog here: http://www.stancourtney.com/wordpress/ ]

[source: BFRO]

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This is an older video but it is a pretty good one. I don't really know much about this video. Take notice to the hands in the slow down clip. Also for some reason there was a little encoding error and the video really gets pixelated for a few seconds.

Comparing bigfoot track castings.

(To view the larger photo Click Here )

I was looking around over at the Bigfoot Encounters website and ran across this comparison photo.
I find it very telling. It is clear that the fake wood track is not the same as the other castings.
Here is the close up of the Jerry Crew Track from 1958 that clearly shows this is not made with the fake wooden track by Wallace.

Now here is the close up of the Bob Titmus track also from 1958 and again clearly not made with the fake wooden Wallace track.

And last is the Roger Patterson track from 1964 and again clearly not made with the Wallace wooden track. One should also note this was about 3 years before Patterson filmed the bigfoot type creature that we call Patty.

After looking at this comparison it is clear that the Ray Wallace fake track is very different that the others. The Patterson, Crew and Titmus tracks appear to be more like a human foot track and the alignment of the toes seems much more real or believable.
This is a good example for us to study and note the differences between the tracks and the similarities.


[Source:Bigfoot Encounters]
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(Video by MK Davis)
I've have been a long time supporter of Bobbie Short and her website http://www.bigfootencounters.com/ 
I had been getting her update emails for many years.
She was one of the good people in the bigfoot world and had on several occasion linked to some of our stories.
She will be missed greatly.
RIP Bobbie.
Best wishes to all her family from The Crypto Crew.
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By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Real Life Zombie Apocalypse?
How It Could Happen
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

If you’re thinking the zombie apocalypse is simply the stuff of fiction horror movies and doesn’t need to be taken seriously, think again. The United States government Center For Disease Control has a web page dedicated to telling citizens how to survive it, and more interesting yet, history suggests it’s happened before. (Link: CDC Zombies Info )

Archaeologists in Europe and the Middle East have recently unearthed evidence of a stone age culture of humans in which violently smashing the skulls of corpses was an accepted practice. And possibly considered a necessary one for some reason. A reason that isn’t yet clear, but it’s believed they felt they had some cause to believe the dead posed some kind of threat to the living. For some reason, they believed it was necessary to smash the skulls of the corpses, separate them from the body, and bury them somewhere else apart from the body. And based on other scientific studies of similar practices in ancient cultures, this was often to stop the dead from becoming some kind of danger.

Curiously the skulls were the skulls of males 18-30 of which the bodies had already begun to decompose. They had been smashed in a rather unceremonious fashion, like with a rock or something similar, and unglamorously removed from the spines. It was said that no trace of any "delicate cutting" was found on the bodies. This wasn’t neatly done. It’s almost like they were indifferent to these dead individuals. But the question is why.

Surely a scientific explanation will come in time. But for now, it raises a lot of questions of whether or not the ancients experienced some kind of unique "problem" with their dead.

And what about today? Why should we even entertain the idea of such a thing now?

I could go into a whole long scientific explanation, but the movie I Am Legend with Will Smith back in 2007 said it best.

In this sure-to-be future cult classic, Smith plays a scientist who just happens to be the last man on earth, struggling to survive on his own in post-apocalyptic New York City. The rest of the human race left has been infected by a horrible "vampiric" virus. An ultimately fatal superbug that leaves no trace of it original human to be recognized. A disease that, to me, is reminiscent of a mutated strain of rabies. Like rabies on steroids.

Smith’s character, Robert Neville, lives and searches for food, supplies, and a cure for this disease by day, but by night must hunker down in his own home on super lockdown as these voracious killer beings wander the streets of the city. A large population of a kind of walking dead of sorts.

Yes, it’s just a movie. But modern medicine suggests the implications are conceivable in exactly the right conditions. Something like this could conceivably happen.

So maybe the government has it right (this time). And maybe we should pay closer attention and not laugh it off. ******DF

I Am Legend

[Source: MNN ]
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Never Disappoint Bongo!
Over the last few months there has been many disappointments for the bigfoot community.

Ketchum DNA Study -
First lets look at the Dr. Ketchum DNA Study. A 5 year study with over 100 reported DNA samples from bigfoots. The study finally published in what some are calling Self Publishing. This only fueled the controversy over the study. The unknown part of the DNA was labeled as "Angel DNA" by some and was quickly tied to the Nelphlim, which links to the Bible. This was a target for many people, seeing that the bigfoot community has a large number of people who do not believe in God or the Bible, the attack was on.
Many scientist ripped the study and didn't support it, but a few scientist came out and supported the 5 year study and the published results. In the end you must ask yourself one question about this bigfoot DNA study, "Did the results of the DNA study prove or convince anyone, who did not already believe in bigfoot, that bigfoot is a real creature?"  To me that answer is No. Please don't get me wrong, I think there were many good and real bigfoot DNA samples in the study but it appears they have been wasted at this point.
I was glad about the bigfoot DNA study and had some hope for it, but in the end it was a disappointment for me and many in the bigfoot community. I do support the efforts of DNA study and hope that some good comes from all of it.
Genome Link: Sasquatch Genome

On 4/22/2007 the fire department was dispatched to a local pizza shop with a reported fire.
Sure enough the pizza shop was on fire. Someone snapped a photo.

Pizza shop on fire.
If you will notice it appears to be ghostly looking figure walking behind the van on the left.

Here is a couple enhancements of the photo

Could this be ghostly images of victims of the fire? or is it just some kind of camera error?
I don't know if anyone even died in the fire or not but it does appear to be legs walking behind the van. I also do not know where this photo was taken.
What do you think?


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Members of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers was invited by the Ministry of Defense in Brazil to a formal meeting with Brazilian armed forces members. The meeting was scheduled on April 18, 2013 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense. It featured officers from Brazilian Army, Navy and Air Force.

The discussion focused on the access of UFO-related documents under the military custody. Brazilian government has already declassified more than 4,500 documents but some documents on the more popular cases are not yet released including the Trindade Island sightings, Mearim covertte event and Varginha Case.

Ari Matos, who is the secretary for the Institutional Coordination and Organization of the ministry, reassured the group that all procedures in releasing the documents will be in accordance to Access to Information Act of Brazil or popularly known as LAI.

The meeting which lasted for approximately 75 minutes seemed to bring positive results as everyone involved appeared to be satisfied. According to Brazilian UFO Magazine editor, A.J. Gevaerd, it was the first time in the history of the country that a Ministry of Defense invited UFO researchers to talk about the UFO phenomena and the protocol to be observed in handling its investigation and the information that may come from it.

Another Ufologist in the meeting, Fernando Aragao Ramalho of UFO Magazine, also pleased with the meeting and considered the day as one of the major event in the history of Ufology.

The meeting was in response to a petition that asked the Brazilian government to declassify all UFO documents from their UFO investigations and take UFO sightings seriously. The petition was sponsored by the Brazilian UFO Magazine and created during a Brazilian UFO conference in December 2012 with signatures from the 30 speakers at the conference. The conference represented 15 different countries and had more than 600 attendees.

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The Ahool is a flying cryptid and is reportedly a very bat like creature but some say it is more like a flying primate. The connection to primates could be due to how the head and face has been described as looking like a monkey. The Ahool lives in the rainforest of Java, Java is a island in Indonesia.
The Ahool is named after the sound it reportedly makes, which is reportedly a cooing type sound.
The Ahool is described as having dark eyes, large claws on it's forearms, covered in fur and a 10-12  foot wingspan.
Many think this unknown creature could actually be a large brown wood owl or an undiscovered bat of some sort. The wood owl might explain some of the cooing sounds, as they are similar, but the size would not be big enough, I don't think. So that leaves us with the bat theory, the largest bat is the fruit bat, also sometimes called flying foxes, they can grow to around 20-22 inches in length and have a wingspan of about 6 foot. So if the tales about the Ahool are true, then the fruit bat is undersized as well. It could be a case of embellishment causing the size of the creature to grow, sometimes things seem larger if you are frightened and surprised. Plus one should consider that this could very well be an as of yet undiscovered creature.
Fruit bat
Name: Ahool
Description: Flying Bat type creature
Seen in: Indonesia
Photos: No Known Photos
[Some info from Wikipedia]

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The Photo above was post to facebook by Thom Cantrall - It appears to be a picture of a bigfoot.
I noticed several other people where sharing the photo, so I thought I'd take a closer look at it. If Thom does not approve of this and wants me to take it down all he has to do is send me a message.
I have attempted to zoom in on the figure and have used various effects to get a better look at it.

I find the photo very interesting but do not know anything about it. I do not even know where it was take or the story. I do know Thom is a good guy and this photo is possibly a real bigfoot.
A big Thanks goes to Thom Cantrall for sharing the photo.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Candy over at Sasquatch Canada we now have more information about this photo. The photo was original posted by a Kris Friesen from Winnipeg. The picture was sent to him by a friend that took the picture up in northern Manitoba, a secluded area near a native reserve.
Hopefully more info will become available.


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Today I was made aware of the Expect US website and the mystery surrounding it. I would guess the biggest mystery is just who is US?
Some are tying this to a possible terror attack in the vain of 9/11 while others are thinking along the lines of Aliens and some are saying it will be the Rapture or the retuning of Christ. I think we can rule out the returning of Christ because the bible say that "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only." (Matt.24:36)

I personally don't know what this mystery is all about and I'm a very late viewer of the website and the mystery about it. The photo above is a screen grab of the website, the website has a count down timer running on it and a eerie image in the background.
here is a lightened version of the screen grab.

I also did some digging on the domain name of this site and here is some of that info.
Domain Name: 05-19-13.com

   Registrant Contact:
      05-19-13.com Private Registrant         05-19-13.com@proxy.dreamhost.com
      A Happy DreamHost Customer
      417 Associated Rd #324
      Brea, CA 92821

Record created on 2010-08-02 08:28:32.
   Record expires on 2013-08-02 08:28:32.

You can find out a little more info - http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?domain=05-19-13.com

As you can see above this website domain name was purchased in 2010, so it appears this mystery has been in the works for a few years now.

There has been a lot of UFO/Alien stuff going on, like the Citizens hearing on Disclosure, so could it be something about ETs and UFOs? Maybe.

Here is a video about the "Expect US" website

There is also some talk of a "Signal" or "The Signal" being broadcast starting on 5/19/13 on the 5/19/13 website. It is also my understanding that several websites have been threatened by "Anonymous" to take down their websites.

So there you have it, this was only going to be a short post but as I dug it grew.
Just what is all this 5/19/13 mystery stuff about I'm not sure but it could be anything from Aliens to a website launch. I guess we will know tomorrow.

UPDATE:  I have ran across a 5/19/13 Facebook page, it was created back in Sept. of  2010
There are some new signs pointing to a cyber attack on banks but it is still anybody's guess to what will really happen if anything.


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A true Man eater!

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Sometimes Legends Are Proven True
Maori Legend Of The Man-Eating Bird
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
I’m always amazed to listen to people that don’t believe in cryptids of any kind at all. Skeptics claim that they don’t believe simply because the creatures in question haven’t yet been proven by science. Does this mean they absolutely don’t exist? No it doesn’t. Science just hasn’t found them yet. But many legends are proven true. Gorillas, okapis, coelacanths, and giant pandas were all cryptids at one time. The stuff of legend and folklore.
So why do skeptics still keep insisting certain creatures don’t exist?
Case in point: The Maori legend of the man-eating bird has recently been proven true. Te Hakioi, a giant raptor, described in early accounts and depicted on ancient rock drawings as a black and white hawk-like bird, with a red crest, and green-tipped wings has now been confirmed by science in The Journal Of Vertebrate Paleontology.
Also known as Haast's eagle (Harpagornis moorei), discovered in the 1870’s by Sir Julius Von Haast, it was originally believed to be a scavenger because its beak resembled modern scavenging birds like vultures. But scientist recently re-evaluated some of those findings with modern technology gleaned a different result.
These birds, said to be larger than Stellar’s sea eagle, the largest living eagle on earth, had a 9 foot wingspan and weighing nearly 40 lbs. were found to have had the pelvic support to deliver a diving blow to fairly large prey, with their diving speed reaching up to 50 mph. It was said to have claws the size of a tiger, and had the ability to strike and close its talons around its prey just like any modern eagle. Large and strong enough to carry away a small child as the legends suggested.
A true monster of the skies has been proven real. The rest of the so-called cryptids are still waiting for science to prove them. **********DF

[Photo: badassoftheweek]

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The Police Audio
(Please notice the man claims to have proof of bigfoot and not a dead bigfoot, His "proof" was tracks)

(Nice work by PBS - click their link at the bottom of the post)
PBS: Summary Report on Alleged Pennsylvania Bigfoot Shooting Case 5-16-2013

Primary Investigators

Stan Gordon-- Independent Bigfoot and UFO Researcher
Ron Gallucci-- Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society member
Eric Altman-- Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society Director

Case summary:

On May 14, 2013 at 2:41 pm,

The PA Bigfoot Society received its first email in regards to the case:

The email read "Today in Somerset county PA a turkey hunter shot and killed an animal he claimed is a Sasquatch. The state police were called and responded to the scene, according to chatter on the local police frequencies the officers confirmed there was an unidentified animal shot and killed. Details are a bit fuzzy at this time. Any investigative assistance would be appreciated."

May 14, 2013 at 3:20 pm.

The Pa Bigfoot Society received a second email. This one had a name and contact phone number attached. The email read "Hello, YES this is legit, a strange report came over the scanner here in Somerset, Pa. just a few miles from Flight 93memorial. The message went to the local Police department. The report stated that a hunter had shot a Sasquatch while hunting turkey this morning. This is the first day of Spring Turkey in Pennsylvania. Later a second confirmation message on the scanner stated that yes there was a body but was unable to identify who or what it was. This all started about 10:30 AM and continued through most of the day. The location was stated as Russell or Rustic Road (too fast to be sure) here in the local area of Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Just wanted to let someone know."

Both emails were then forwarded off to PBS investigator Ron Gallucci because he is a nearby resident and closest to the area. The emails were also forwarded off to long time UFO/Bigfoot researcher Stan Gordon.

Both Stan and Ron made contact with the author of the second email.

Stan reported he contacted the email author and amateur radio (ham) operator who had made contact with the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society concerning the police radio transmission. From him Stan learned that the radio chatter in question had actually been heard by his friend who is another ham operator. Soon after, Stan talked with that man directly and learned some additional details.

The person who heard the transmission has a public safety scanner radio, better known as a police scanner, which is programmed to receive the Somerset County Public Safety radio transmissions that would include police, fire, and EMS. The radio transmission was broadcast over the scanner, and not over ham radio equipment. The man stated that he had heard a radio transmission come across a county police frequency.

The man stated he heard the Somerset County Dispatch Center contacting an area police department, but he was unsure as to what municipality it was. What he said he heard was that a hunter had called and stated that he had shot a Bigfoot. He soon heard some radio chatter from police who were reportedly joking about the report. It was about 20 minutes later that he said he heard a police officer radio back and state, "there was a body." He said the next radio transmission to the officer was, "call the center."

The witness also mentioned to Stan that soon after he heard the sound of what appeared to be a large helicopter near his house. The sound was so loud it shook his house, so he went outside to take a look. It was then that he observed a formation of four Army Apache helicopters approaching from the north and moving in the direction of Somerset. The man frequently sees such helicopters flying around that general area, but he thought the timing was interesting since the choppers were moving toward the direction of the location where the report of a Bigfoot had allegedly been shot just a short time before.

TCC - Nice Job by the Gang over at Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society!

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A foot long Skull with 700 razor sharp teeth, does that qualify as a Monster?
This monster was found in Oxfordshire and it is the biggest pike ever found in Britain.
The skull was 9 inches wide.

The grisly fish carcass was found in the undergrowth next to the River Cherwell by farmer Peter Money.

Here is a photo of a Northern Pike
 [source: Dailymail]

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