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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[The Photo is from TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long] 

Bobby and Corinna Long do their bigfoot research and investigations in Oregon. There has been several reports they have checked into around where the above photo was taken. It is also in the same area where Bobby and Corinna had their own sighting.

On the day this photo was taken they also reported hearing some loud thuds, had found several tree breaks and thought something was pacing them on the edge of the woods.
I have attempted to enhance the photo but it is still inconclusive.

Of course we can not say for sure that this is a bigfoot but there does appear to be something looking from behind that tree. It kind of looks like the left arm is up and it is peaking over. It may be just a shadow or a trick of light but this is still a very good area with a history of sightings and track fines.
More research will be done in this area over the summer.


Area GPS:43.15278N, 132.13922W   Elevation 2279

UPDATE! -  Bobby and Corinna went back to this location yesterday and took some pictures and video. I hope to have the video a little later but here are the photos.

and here is a zoom in

It is still inclusive but at least we are doing research and trying to be sure. The after images look somewhat different. This was some good work by Bobby and Corinna. I hope to post the video up later today or tomorrow.


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  1. Looks more like the creature from "Attack of the Giant Leaches."

  2. All it is, is..... nothing-- merely the darkness beyond the lighter colored tree branches. Stop thinking bigfoot, and see it for what it really is; or in this case-- isn't.

  3. How about the mother holding the baby on the left hand side of the pic. I'm serious, look!

    1. Sorry I meant to left of the subject in question. More in the middle.

      Also, if they could go back to the same spot and take another pic, a lot of questions could be answered.


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