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Friday, May 24, 2013

Comparing bigfoot track castings.

(To view the larger photo Click Here )

I was looking around over at the Bigfoot Encounters website and ran across this comparison photo.
I find it very telling. It is clear that the fake wood track is not the same as the other castings.
Here is the close up of the Jerry Crew Track from 1958 that clearly shows this is not made with the fake wooden track by Wallace.

Now here is the close up of the Bob Titmus track also from 1958 and again clearly not made with the fake wooden Wallace track.

And last is the Roger Patterson track from 1964 and again clearly not made with the Wallace wooden track. One should also note this was about 3 years before Patterson filmed the bigfoot type creature that we call Patty.

After looking at this comparison it is clear that the Ray Wallace fake track is very different that the others. The Patterson, Crew and Titmus tracks appear to be more like a human foot track and the alignment of the toes seems much more real or believable.
This is a good example for us to study and note the differences between the tracks and the similarities.


[Source:Bigfoot Encounters]
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