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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Ahool is a flying cryptid and is reportedly a very bat like creature but some say it is more like a flying primate. The connection to primates could be due to how the head and face has been described as looking like a monkey. The Ahool lives in the rainforest of Java, Java is a island in Indonesia.
The Ahool is named after the sound it reportedly makes, which is reportedly a cooing type sound.
The Ahool is described as having dark eyes, large claws on it's forearms, covered in fur and a 10-12  foot wingspan.
Many think this unknown creature could actually be a large brown wood owl or an undiscovered bat of some sort. The wood owl might explain some of the cooing sounds, as they are similar, but the size would not be big enough, I don't think. So that leaves us with the bat theory, the largest bat is the fruit bat, also sometimes called flying foxes, they can grow to around 20-22 inches in length and have a wingspan of about 6 foot. So if the tales about the Ahool are true, then the fruit bat is undersized as well. It could be a case of embellishment causing the size of the creature to grow, sometimes things seem larger if you are frightened and surprised. Plus one should consider that this could very well be an as of yet undiscovered creature.
Fruit bat
Name: Ahool
Description: Flying Bat type creature
Seen in: Indonesia
Photos: No Known Photos
[Some info from Wikipedia]

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