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This is reportedly a real alien interview. As the story goes the video was smuggled out of Area 51 by a man called "Victor". This video is several years old and to my knowledge has never been proven fake or real. It is very interesting and worth taking a look at.
What I find most interesting is that this "thing" reacts to the wiping of it's mouth. You can see towards the end of the video that the mouth is open, the doctors come in and are checking it out , one of the doctors wipes it's mouth and the mouth reacts by closing.

Hope you enjoy the video.

!Make sure to watch in HD!


Andrew F. Oberle was bitten repeatedly and dragged for nearly half a mile

Hikers Beware!!!

The Top States For Meth Labs and What To Watch For

By Dorraine Fisher (TCC Team Member)
Meth Lab set up in the woods
             There are always a lot of things to be concerned about when you’re hiking the wilderness areas.  Water, food, communication, insects, snakes, injuries, seeing Bigfoot (if you’re lucky), and predatory animals are all things to consider before you start walking. Often the last thing you’ll think about is the humans out there hiding in the remote areas forging illegal activities like cooking up meth on private and public lands. And the real danger is, they’ll do anything to protect their investment, including killing you and dumping your body somewhere it will never be found. So it pays to ad this to your list of precautions before you go hiking anywhere.
            Meth labs seizures are on the rise since new reports last year. Many operators have moved into urban and suburban areas. But disturbing numbers of clan labs have still have been discovered in rural areas. Public lands, that hikers often occupy, are used for this activity since there is no confiscation of the land if arrests are made. And here are the top 10 states to be concerned about:
1.                  Missouri
2.                  Tennessee
3.                  Indiana
4.                  Kentucky
5.                  Oklahoma
6.                  Illinois
7.                  Iowa
8.                  Michigan
9.                  North Carolina
10.              South Carolina

            But how do you know what to look out for?
             Some warning signs include:
                    Noticing unusual chemical odors in isolated areas
                    People seen stepping outside their building to smoke
                     Plastic bottles with hoses attached
                    Red stained coffee filters
                    Large numbers of matchbooks lying around with the strikers removed.
                    Any objects that look like science lab equipment
                    Large numbers of stripped lithium batteries lying around
                    Heet, STP, or Red Devil Lye containers
                     Sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or hydrochloric acid
                    Discarded boxes and blister packs of ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine
                    Red phosphorous road flares
                    Any abandoned buildings that have been fortified in some way
                    Propane tanks with fittings that have a blue tinge
            Always be careful about approaching any unknown, run down structures, cabins, or RV’s, in the remote areas that seem abandoned but have a lot of debris lying thrown around including the objects mentioned above. You may possibly come across evidence of chemicals and containers that have been dumped in nearby streams, on hillsides, and in ravines.
            Keep in mind that just because your state isn’t mentioned here, that you’re completely safe. These are only the top ten. Any state with remote areas is subject to danger.
            Be aware and be safe out there. ************

© The Crypto Crew

TCC reported on this a few months back,well there have been a lot of new developments now that divers have been to the area.
The OceanX team have discovered right angles, walls with absolutely smooth surfaces and cavities-like corridors inside the object as well as something resembling a staircase.

 “When we went out and saw the walls which were straight and smooth, it was frightening, as in a science-fiction film” – Dennis ├ůsberg – Ocean Explorer Co-Founder
Here is some details about the object:

- Completely circular plate-like exterior
- 180 meters in circumference
- Object is 200ft across mushroom shaped comprising a thick pillar rising 8 meters out of the seabed with a 4 meter thick dome on top (like a mushroom shape) – rising a total of 12 meters (approx 40 feet) high above the surrounding seabed.
- Cavities-like corridors inside the object
- Straight and smooth walls in certain areas with many right angles
- There are visible formations on top of the object, which are set at a 90 degree angle and look like passageways or walls, as well as something that looks like it could be a staircase.
Stone circles, like “fireplaces”, of hard black “almost petrified” burnt looking stone each a few inches in diameter, like 4 or 5 pearls in a necklace in various arrangements on top of the dome.
- Spherical object nicknamed “The Meringue”  is 4 meters wide and sits on top of the object.
Twenty-five centimeter hole on top of the object, it’s not known yet where it leads or what if anything is inside.
- Long runway or “skid marks” leading to object point north.

Peter Lindberg,Co-Founder of the OceanX team, was ask if there was the possibility of bringing the object to the surface? he quickly replied "God no! It must weight tremendous much, like thousands of tons”.
There have been reports that some equipment stopped working when researcher got to close to the object.
The failure phenomena that has been experienced by the dive team is one of constant electrical equipment failure when they are in close proximity to the anomaly and could be related to a magnetic disturbance in the area.
“Why isn’t anything working, anything electric out there and the satellite phone as well stopped working when we were above the object and then we got away about 200 meters and it turned on again and when we got back over the object it didn’t work so that’s kind of strange as well.” - Stefan Hogeborn

Rock appear to be in a circular pattern
Stone circles, like “fireplaces”, of hard black “almost petrified” burnt looking stone each a few inches in diameter.
Stefan Hogeborn, 47, is a veteran of 6000 dives spanning his 20 year career and is one of the expert divers who was completely mesmerized by what he saw. “Normally stones don’t burn,” Hogeborn said. “I can’t explain what we saw, and I went down there to answer questions, but I came up with even more questions,” he added.
 In a recent Facebook Q&A the loose stones that make up the “fireplaces” sitting on top of the dome were discussed with co-founder Peter Lindberg – “So have any scientists results been brought back from the samples yet Peter?” – “We have recovered two loose stones laying on the circle. They are doing lab tests on the stones right now. But I think we will find that they are made of quite common minerals. I believe that since there is loose stones laying on the circle the circle must be from pre-ice age. The ice has dropped the stones when it melted away.”

A Second Object was also found but has not been explored yet.

Location of second object

There is hope that the second object will reveal some clues about the first object. The divers did not explore the second object but a return trip is planned in the next couple of weeks.
This will be the third dive the area and hopefully it will produce some answers instead of more questions.

To me one of the strangest parts of this story is that Remote Viewers were contacted several weeks before the second dive in an effort to get some kind of idea about the object.
What might be ever odder is that the remote viewers hit on several things and similarities about the object. Several viewer hit on the roundness,thickness and largeness of the object. One viewer say this “It just so straight up and down inside ,the Millennium Falcon from the Empire Strikes Back”.
Some of the dive team does not think this is UFO related but I find it odd that one of the remote viewers would compare it to the Millennium Falcon. 
We here at TCC will try to keep everyone up on any interesting developments in this truly odd story.
You can also check up on it via Ocean Explorer websites.
OceanExplorer Website
Ocean Explorer Facebook Group
[Sources: beforeitsnews.com, oceanexplorer ]
[Special thanks to Laura Tyco (reporter)]

A deer in Gothenburg, Sweden has Gnarly cactus. normally referred to as "cactus buck" or "Gnarly buck".
Gnarly cactus is a condition which causes the animal’s antlers to continue growing until they cover its eyes. Normally, a hormonal impulse stirs the bucks to rub the velvet off its antlers every year, and eventually shed them.
When a hormonal imbalance disturbs the shedding of the animal’s antlers, each growing cycle produces more velvet and antler material on top of the previous year’s until they eventually grow over the deer’s eyes, resembling a cactus.
An animal with this condition will have very small or completely undescended testicles. Animals with this condition are not expected to live for a long time. Once the antlers grow over his eyes, the animal will be unable to fend for itself.

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Everyone who can make sure attend!
A mysterious skull found in Bulgaria in 2001 is actually alien in origin?
Amazingly that is the claim being made by researchers in the field. The skull was discovered in the Rhodopes Mountain Range in Bulgaria on May 21, 2001 and is unlike any human remains ever found.
Is this really an alien skull?
Could this be proof of aliens?
alien skull?

Along with the skull discovery, a small metal fragment that was disc shaped was also found. Measurements and testing were performed on the skull remains and here is what was found so far:
  1. Skull is about as large as a baby’s.
  2. Skull weighs 250 grams and its bones are light and thinner than humans.
  3. 6 cavities were found with none of them resembling a mouth.
  4. Primary DNA Test findings revealed that material doesn’t match humans.
  5. X-ray photos show that the main cavity almost definitely housed a brain.
  6. Main DNA Tests and Radiocarbon dating is not complete yet or results have not been announced.

TCC - So could this the final proof of Aliens? Or is this just some misidentified skull?
[Source: socyberty ]
Carnegie Institution investigator Dr Erik Hauri and his team recently analyzed the water content of two meteorites originating from inside the Red Planet.They found out that the water content in the Martian mantle is similar to that of Earth's.

The also stated that with this new information it is possible that Mars once sustained life on it.
read the full report Here
[Via Dailymail ]
The Crypto Crew now has obtained this Never before released photo of the creatures track way.
It is important to notice the shoe in  photo as it was one of the items that "David" said was taken/stolen out of his home by one of theses unknown creatures.

Here is the Photo
notice the shoe that was reportedly stolen from the house 

We are all hoping to hear from David soon via phone call. At some point we hope a few teams of investigators will be able to pull a joint investigation on the property soon. 

Unknown track
Here is the latest up about this interesting case of unknown creatures.
Here is what family member known as David (Fake Name) said:
" I have lived in this area for just under seven months and in that time the majority of the harassment has occurred within the past three. I did not become aware of any strangeness until early December, although that is only when I began to keep a record of these events. At first it was merely strange tracks in the snow around my home. I had initially imagined that they were from some kind of animal, though it closely resembled a human footprint minus the heel. At that time I was under the impression that it was simply a single creature. It wasn’t until the weeks later that I began to suspect that I was dealing with a number of what I thought were individuals “hazing” me upon my arrival to the area."
He went on to say: "The second week of January I am having breakfast with my family when my five year old daughter begins talking about the “kids without hair”. When my wife inquired about these kids, she informed us that she had spent the previous night watching them play in the yard. As you can imagine, this was of some concern. I asked my daughter what these kids looked like, she told me that they “were bald like grandpa and weren’t wearing any clothes”."
He also said : "Almost every day for the following week, I would find some evidence that something or someone had been on my property the previous night. Smudges on the windows were not uncommon, stones from the walkway dragged to the other side of the lawn, and I had found tears in the screen door. On Wednesday the 7th of March I finally witnessed the “kids without hair” for myself."
He was able to get a picture of the creature  and here it is
What is this thing?
I have been following this story and i'm pretty skeptical of it....but who knows for sure what is going on.
If you would like the complete story then click HERE.
The above picture are from that story and I have cropped them and tried to enhance them a little but you still can not really see much.
For more good reading and a look back at the history of this whole story please check out Lon's post over at Phantoms and Monsters website by clicking HERE. There are several pictures from the past events back in 1955.
I have also attempted to make contact with the people who are reporting this story in hopes of contacting the family myself.

Original Photos from Who forted

Just to be clear these photos were cropped to blow up the photos and to attempt enhancements and not to discredit where they came from. That is why I gave 2 links and photo credit to WhoForted.

[Photos via whoforted , Enhanced by The Crypto Crew]
Known as the Fering film. This was shot by Daniel Fering and his friend. Shows a real Sasquatch as it walks away from the two friends.
TCC - I don't know much about this film but what is captured on film looks pretty big and dark.
This might be a real squatch but it is really hard to say for sure as the film like most bigfoot videos is short and blurry.
I also wonder about the spelling of the last name Fering...should it be Ferring? I don't know.
Nice video to check out, I just wish the quality was a little better.
I hope to get more info about this film.

Here is another look at this film - I call the breakdown 1.5


Did I Just See What I Think I Saw?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Examining Logic Vs. Intuition

            So you think you saw Bigfoot, or a UFO, or a ghost? What are you supposed to do now? Those things aren’t supposed to exist, and yet something deep inside is saying, “Yes, I saw it and I know I didn’t dream it.” But still, you have to find a way to process it. Because in the human mind, everything must make sense and we must be able to relate it to something familiar. That’s how the human brain works. It struggles for a logical explanation.
            But some things in this world simply aren’t logical, and some things will always be a mystery.
            And I’m going to say something about this here that may not set so well with some, but needs to be said nonetheless.
            Great intelligence can be a curse. As far as we know, humans are the only animals intelligent enough to question their own instincts. We’re the only animals cursed with this supposed “gift” of reason that will slow us down (by us thinking too hard) just long enough for us to be knocked in the head by reality! Logic can confuse us because it assumes it knows everything when there’s no way it possibly can.
            So is it maybe easier to be any other animal? They seem to have such simple minds, and they don’t seem to doubt their own instincts at all.
            But there’s a reason for that from which humans can learn a valuable lesson. We have instincts or intuition for a reason.  It may have been designed to help us get through life, but we “intelligent” humans seem to turn it into something far more complicated. We over think, we doubt, and we question until we don’t trust ourselves to know. That’s the curse of logic.
            Logic just creeps in. And you’ll use that logic essentially as a tool to torture yourself over what your instinct already knows. You saw what you saw. Logic really had nothing to do with it. So maybe logic isn’t as sound as we’d like to think.
            But ironically it’s your distinctly human logical side that will argue with instinct and tell you that logic should be the winner here. Logic should decide what you saw, and logic tells you that Bigfoot shouldn’t exist. There’s no concrete proof. Therefore Bigfoot doesn’t exist. Period. End of story. So you must have imagined the whole thing.  Right?
            Intuition may seem intangible, but it’s very real. Humans, just like all other animals, were designed with strong instincts as a survival mechanism. We were meant to be able to perceive danger and make the decision to run or fight. Our instincts were gifted to us with a very profound purpose.
            If you watch other animals, they seem to use their instincts effectively and they don’t seem to question them. They rarely appear to doubt or over think.  That’s how they survive. And on those rare occasions when they do seem to question those instincts for even a split second, they often die. So instincts are very important to every living creature. They determine life and death. And what’s more important than that? So by that “reasoning,” should we ignore them now?
            We need to be more like the animals we truly are.  We need to learn to trust our instincts and follow them, even though that persistent logic we cling to will be screaming, “No!” Brushing logic aside, you saw what you saw. You weren’t dreaming.
             Your instincts already know what you saw, while logic will forever be arguing the point. And none of us needs to spend the rest of our lives arguing.  So have peace inside your mind, and surrender to what you know. **********

©the crypto crew

Pretty amazing that it is still working after all these years but you can't buy a lawnmower that will last more than a couple years.


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This is a collection of ufo,alien and crop circle photos. Some of them may be faked or hoaxed but if only one of them is real then it changes the way we think about the universe and alien visitors. Theses photos span from around 1900 to  2012. Some are NASA photos others are from sighting reports. A few of them are from some of the crypto crew's own investigations.


Bigfoot in Tennessee
Thomas Marcum

Does bigfoot live in Tn?
Tennessee is another great state that seems to have all the things needed to support a healthy clan of Sasquatch.
The BFRO has a total of 84 sighting reports listed for the state of TN (Here). Many counties have between 3-5 reported sightings. It is safe to assume that many sightings go unreported or are reported to groups other than the BFRO. 
Tennessee has around 14.4 million forest acres with about 5 percent of  forest managed by the U.S. forest service as National forest. About 7 percent is held by state,local and other federal agencies.
The Cherokee National Forest is located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of east Tennessee, the Cherokee National Forest is divided into northern and southern sections by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The 650,000 acre forest is the largest in the state and joins national forest in Virginia,North Carolina and Georgia. The Cherokee national forest has more than 600 miles of trails to explore and for Sasquatch to hide.
Scott Carpenter AKA Joe Black
One noted East Tennessee researcher is Scott Carpenter, known better by his youtube name of Joe black. His actual youtube name is joebblack1963, view his youtube channel Here , he has many videos uploaded and recently captured a possible photo of a bigfoot.
Recent still frame from Scotts video
Scott is a member of NABS, which is a research group and is involved in the Ketchum DNA paper. It is also reported that Scott and NABS have DNA samples included in the yet to be published DNA paper by Dr. Melba ketchum.

I was able to ask Scott a few questions and here are the replies

Scott Carpenter Q & A

TCC: How long have you been researching bf?
SC: since 2009
TCC: Do you think the general public will ever accept that bf is real?
SC: Eventually, atfter the DNA and a live specimen is captured
TCC: How many bf dna samples do you have included in the upcoming DNA paper by Dr. ketchum?
SC: I do not honestly know, one is listed on Robert Lindsey web site, but I have not been told officially one way or another

Thanks Scott
Famous Case
One of if not the most famous bigfoot case in Tennessee is the one that has been happening for many years on the Carter farm.  The location of the farm is 57 miles south of Knoxville and 80 miles north of Chattanooga then east off of Interstate 75. The detailed stories and reports gained interest from a lot in the Bigfoot world. It even brought a researchers all the way from Russia. Igor Burtsev a Russian  researcher made the trip to the Carter farm back in 2004 and spent 5 weeks in Tennessee during the investigation. Burtsev left the farm convinced that most of the info was real after finding stick markers,nest,hairs and tracks, along with other evidence.

Igor standing next to a stick marker on The Carter farm
Janice Carter and the people who lived on the farm had been interacting with a clan of bigfoots for a number of years. Over time they got to know these creatures by their names or nick names. The most known was probably a large male bigfoot called "fox".

While preparing this article I was able to conduct an interview with Janice Carter. What follows is the interview.
Janice Carter Interview
TCC:  When did the first sightings of bigfoot start on the farm?
JC: My Grandparents moved to the farm in 1944. I do not know if any of the BFs were sighted before 1947 or not. It was in 1947 that my Grandfather and another man were clear cutting an area across a drainage ditch line behind the house for pasture that the tree either fell on Fox or he was in it when it fell and was discovered. My own first memory of Fox or any of the BFs was when I was three and Fox entered the house by way of the living room front door. For years after this event I thought I dreamed or imagined this or that Fox was a very large gorilla someone had as a pet that entered our home. I recall running out the back door and hiding in the dog house with one of our dogs at the time. I do not know how my Grandmother managed to get Fox out of the house or any great detail other than I was in the living room playing and all of a sudden this big hairy gorilla came into the house.
TCC: What was the most bigfoots you seen at one time?
JC: Thirty two in an area in NC. One of my research areas. This is a large family group.

TCC: Is there still sightings and encounters happening on the farm?
JC:  My half sister reports that once in a while Blackie shows up there. I'm not sure if this actually happens or not, because I do not have anything to do with Blackie. I do know where the rest of Fox's extended family members are located and they do not tend to visit the old farm.
TCC: What ever happened to the bigfoot known as "Fox"?
JC: Fox died in June 2010, I would need to look the exact date up but I'm pretty sure it was the 16. Sally Ramey, my youngest daughter and I came to visit him for the last time during this week. He was in bad health from infection in his foot and teeth.
TCC: What was the bigfoots favorite thing to eat?
JC: With Fox it was always M&M candies. Bo, Wenebojo likes Kit Kat candy best, Squeaky likes turnips which I find unusual since the rest of the gang and other BFs I work with do not seem to care for turnips or will not touch them. Nearly every one of the BFs in many states I have worked with for extended amounts of time and for years all like sweets best. They love popped popcorn the more butter the better, cinnamon graham crackers, cheese nips, and fruits that have a natural sweetness to them. While they will eat critic fruits upon occasion they seem to like apples, berries, peaches, and plums better than oranges, lemons, and grapefruit.
TCC: Was you fearful around these creatures?
JC: Of course, it is plain foolishness to state otherwise. Be it you work with domestic animals, wildlife or primitive peoples it is always wise to maintain a certain amount (of what I call) healthy fearfulness or respect for their unpredictability. You are dealing with a mammal that is very large, can if it feels threatened or challenged do you major bodily harm, and that is capable of intense thought and understanding. I'm not going to research a tribe of indigenous people anywhere without being fearful (cultural anthropology), neither am I going to work with a dog that has never been handled before without having a fear of being bitten, nor will I climb into a saddle of a horse that has never been ridden without a fear it will toss me on my head. I train and handle show dogs for a living, use to be a horse jockey, worked in animal control and owned and operated my own wildlife research corporation, gut instinct and common sense go a long way.
What I think people fail to understand is that these large hairy people we call Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Almast etc., are just that, A Type Of People, and while they do not use guns or modern weapons they can just as effectively harm or kill you if they are crossed.  Not to mention they can do some scary things that make you think twice about why you wish to work among them. Example: Try having a thousand pound, thirteen foot tall screaming hairy, stinking ape looking man charging at you like he is going to run over you an knock you flat. Scares the daylights out of you and you learn to back step really fast and exit the area in a timely fashion.
They have language. Many speak English and understand English when we speak to them here in America and parts of Canada. Much like us they tend to have accents depending on what area of the USA they live in or have encountered us in some fashion. For instance in the Amish parts of Indiana I worked with a group of BF that had the Amish accent and used the words Ye and Thou when speaking to me and my fellow researchers. It took me a bit to understand them, since I am more accustomed to ones in TN slurring their words together and speaking really fast. The three individuals on Ron and Al's recordings have an Irish type accent and while they speak their own language they also speak English, some Spanish, and a few Native American dialects all with the Irish accent. Their thought and speech pattern process is twice if not three times faster than our own, and they accurately read body language. Without listing all the things that make them unique to their kind, let me put it simple, they are like a fire, it is healthy to know when to fear that fire being fueled into a raging inferno.  
Thanks for the interview Janice and best of luck to you in the future. Janice was very easy and nice to deal with,she really don't know me and was very open with me during our email/FB messages setting up the interview.

With lots of forest, past and current reports of sightings of bigfoot, it appears Tennessee was and is home to sasquatch. Tennessee would seem to have everything a sasquatch would need to survive undetected. Deep mountains that are part of protected forest and an ample food and water supply are some of the things that makes it very easy for a clan of these creatures to remain hidden.
There was a lot more info I could have included in this article as there seems to be endless reports of bigfoot activity from the Volunteer state. I hope this gives everyone a good overview of the possibility of sasquatch in Tennessee.

©The Crypto Crew
This photo was taken a few days before the one where the 11 year old boy snapped a picture of a possible ufo. This one from Houston,Texas appears to look a lot like the one the young boy took.
Original photo by Felipe V Mendoza
I got a chance to get the story direct from Felipe Mendoza about the photo and here is what he told me about the photo.
"The picture was taken May 19, 2012. My cousins and I were heading back from a hiking trip that we have done earlier in the day.
We were coming down I 45 and I was looking at the skyline of Houston. So I just took a picture and didn't notice the image till later. So I send it to Lupe (Mendoza) to see what he thought about it but didn't tell him what was in the picture. He saw in the image the same thing that I saw. He zoomed in on it and better than I can on my iPhone. It kind a looks like a reflection but the strange thing is there is a disturbance in the clouds. So thought it would be interesting to see what other people think."

Here is a zoom in that TCC did on the possible ufo

Possible ufo or just a reflection?
This could be a UFO or maybe it is just a reflection of some sort. In the original picture there does seem to be some cloud disturbance but it may be marks on the windshield.
Thanks for Lupe & Felipe for sharing this with TCC and our readers.
If anyone has an idea what this is or has seen something similar then please contact us.


A photograph shown to reporters on Tuesday portrayed Poppo walking down a hospital hallway, supported by hospital staff on either side of him.
The man had his left eye removed but doctors are hoping to restore vision in his right eye, which was also severely damaged in the attack.

'He's pleased to report to all of you that he's feeling well, he's eating, he's walking around with physical therapy, he's talking with us,' said Nicholas Namias, a University of Miami trauma surgeon.
A photo released by the hospital shows the upper two-thirds of Poppo's face covered in scabs.
He's missing his nose and both eye sockets were covered, one with gauze and one with what appeared to be a skin graft.
His grey beard was trimmed, leaving a mustache over his upper lip.
Doctors at the hospital said the homeless man also has holes in his chest that may be from bullets fired by the police officer who killed his attacker.

Doctors added that the victim lost his left eye but are trying to save his right eye, which was severely damaged.
Poppo also suffered a brain injury during the attack, like that suffered by a car crash victim, the Herald reported.
Despite these problems, the medical team said Poppo, who has been in the hospital since the attack on May 26, is doing much better.
He has talked about swimming, which he used to enjoy, and he has asked for pizza, orange juice and Italian food.
He's asked for the television to be switched off in his room, except when the Miami Heat basketball games are on, Namias said.
The doctor said Poppo has not once complained about his pain.
'He's really just sort of living in the moment and just wants to talk about routine things,' he said.

Mr Poppo will have to undergo a number of skin grafts to rebuild his face.
Social workers will try to help him find a place to live as he has been homeless for nearly 30 years.
A fund set up by the Jackson Memorial Foundation to assist Poppo has raised $15,000. Poppo also qualifies for Medicaid and Medicare.

'If he doesn't get his vision back then it becomes, is he concerned about how he looks or is it more about how the world sees him? Those are things to think about,' plastic surgeon Wrood Kassira said.
'I've talked to him about reconstruction and he's said we'll take it one day at a time. He's very logical.'
Poppo has been at Jackson Memorial Hospital since he was attacked on May 26 by Rudy Eugene.

[Via dailymail ]

Jack Brody UFO photo
On Sunday, May 27, Jack Brody was playing in the garden of his family home in Loughton, when he noticed a tiny silver object glittering in the clear blue sky far above. Jack ran inside, grabbed a camera and took a photograph of the object.
Jack’s father Simon, 39, said: “I got back from a walk and Jack ran up to me and said ‘you will not believe what I got a picture of.
“He pointed at this thing that was so small that you could barely see it. It was up there glimmering in the sun.
“When we zoomed in and looked at the picture closer I said to my friend, who was visiting, ‘you have to come and see this.’ “ “We just could not work out what it was. It is a kind of silver circular thing. It is very odd.
“We have heard some people say that it must be a weather balloon, but the way it moved I just don’t think it could have been.
“When a plane came close to it it was there one minute and the next minute it was not, you could not hear it fly off, you just could not see it again.
“It is funny, committed UFO spotters who spend years trying to get pictures would not be able to get one that is that good.”
Simon also said " I can assure you this is a real picture, we are not only incapable of faking a picture , we would have no need to. We are not claiming aliens we are just showing a picture."

If anyone has an idea what this is please let us know.


Two new distant moons Of Jupiter - S/2010 J 1 (circled) and S/2010 J 2 - were discovered during routine tracking observations of already known satellites in September 2010
Two new moons have been discovered orbiting Jupiter, bringing the planet's total number of known satellites to 67.
And, at just two kilometres in diameter, one of the moons may be Jupiter's smallest known satellite.
The two distant moons - S/2010 J 1 and S/2010 J 2 - were discovered during routine tracking observations of already known satellites in September 2010.
They were then re-observed by scientists several times that autumn.
With Jupiter now having 67 known satellites, the discovery of two tiny moons does not have a large bearing on our understanding of the system.

Their size has been estimated based on their brightness.

S/2010 J 1 is 3km in diametre, while S/2010 J 1 is estimated to be just 2km in diameter.
It is believed that nearly all moons the size of S/2010 J 1 or larger are known.
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The video is a little long but keep watching it has an interesting photo or two.

Here is a still frame from the video.

Kind of looks like a bigfoot
Frame capture credit goes to roguefooter off of bigfoot forums
Pretty interesting photo capture. I might fool around with the scream capture later if I feel the need


Centers for Disease Deterrence website
The main focus of the site seems to be the zombie virus LQP-79. They have some very nice videos about it.
Here is their latest public service announcement video

CDD Public Announcement - LQP-79 Virus Origin by CryptoTV

As you can see this is very well done.
I have tried to do a little digging on the internet about the CDD and  LQP-79 but there seems to be very little information on either of them.
Could any of this info be real and true? I kind of doubt it but there has been some talk about LQP-79 and we know about the crazy attacks that have been going on.

In the end the site seems to be a fake and a spoof of the recent zombie craze.
Check it out and decide for yourself.


UPDATE:  I've noticed over the pass couple of weeks this post is getting a lot of views, So I thought I would dig again on this and in particularly Dr. Rebecca Carley. I found this interview she did with Alex Jones.

Dr. Carley also has a website - http://drcarley.com/

Dr. Carley's MD license was suspend in 2003 and the board basically said she was delusional but some think this is a drummed up suspension due to the fact Carley talks and supports the link between vaccines and Autism. The full report about her suspension, and it has some wild elements, can be found by clicking HERE.   Could it all be an attempt to silence Dr. Carley because she attempts to cure diseases?

According to what I read, Dr. Carley does claim the Zombie virus and many others were created by NATO and that they are real. That there is a vaccine that is available and it's all about selling the vaccines.

So was the CDD website taken down by some government agency? That remains to be seen but there does appear to be some truth to the  "Zombie" virus. Has the news media been covering up recent zombie type attacks?

Lots of questions.

UPDATE 2 - The attacks seem to still be happening in 2014
Here is an overview of when it started back in 2012.

Update 3 -  With the recent attack in Florida, could a 2016 zombie outbreak be about to happen?
Here are some of the details of the recent FL case.
Austin Harrouff, 19 stabs and kill a random married couple. During the attack a neighbor was also injured. Once the police got there Harrouff was biting off chunks of the dead man's face. The police used a stun gun and a K-9 unit (dog) in an attempt to take Harrouff down. It was not effective and Harrouff continued to eat at the man's face. Finally four police officers wrestle Harrouff down and arrest him. Is this just the start? Keep watching the news and this website.


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This is a video from 2010. It was filmed in GA. The Kid is pretty excited and from his reaction they seem to have seen this bigfoot before and was glad to film it.
This most likely a real bigfoot. Very long arms and you can see ostman pads.


A possible bigfoot sighting was reported to The Crypto Crew a couple of days ago.
The Sighting took place in St.Louis county,MN

The report was sent in by a person who only revealed themselves as Nick .
Date of the sighting was 5/28/2012 in St.Louis county,MN at around 7pm. There were 3 witnesses of the creature for about 10-15 seconds. 
Here is how Nick described the encounter:
"While driving just outside of Ely city limits we saw what looked like a 9 foot tall creature walking up right on two legs, crossing over the high way by Shagwa lake"
According to Nick the creature was very tall,brownish gray and it ran with a limp.
Unfortunately they did not get a photo of the creature. I contacted Nick to see if he would like to do a phone interview but he declined saying "most people would not believe it any way".
His feeling is understandable but we really thank him for sharing his encounter.  The invitation for the phone interview is still open just in case Nick sees this post.

Surrounded By Movement In Texas
Lupe Mendoza and the Texas Unified Natural Research Group
By Dorraine Fisher

Cast from TUNRG's recent outing. Photo property of TUNR, no reuse without permission

                        Most of the state of Texas doesn’t top the list for its Bigfoot activity. But east Texas, with its pine forests and thick swamp lands is a great home for the elusive hairy ones. Or at least it is according to Lupe Mendoza, researcher with the group known as Texas Unified Natural Research Group (TUNR) along with the group administrators Brandon Travis and Bob Garrett.
            Early last week, Mendoza and the group traveled to Sam Houston National Forest, approximately 40 miles west of Houston, hiked the area, and set up trail cams along the way, only to find themselves, according to Mendoza, surrounded by mysterious movement in the brush. He claims he heard similar movement in more than one spot leading him to believe there was more than one creature near them. Mendoza says he heard movement to his right hand side that sounded like something on two legs walking away from them.
            Nearby by they found two 15-inch prints, 39 inches heel to toe (stride). They cast the prints and obtained video of some of the movement that Garrett described as a “black human shaped object that seemed to move and then raise up.” Mendoza passed it on to The Crypto Crew for analysis.
            But this activity and the print left the group confident of sasquatch activity in this area of
the Lone Star State, and they vow to keep up with the quest. 
TCC-  I have been looking at the video and there does appear to be something dark moving away kind of quickly. I hope to have it completed soon and will send the finding over to TUNR.
Here is the original photo
Notice the black object on the upper right
If you will notice there appears to be something in the sky. It's on the upper right of the photo.
Kevin contacted TCC about maybe trying to see what was in the photo. SCP is a good group of people and we have worked with them before...so we gave it a try and below is the zoomed and enhanced photo of the object.
What is it?
We still can't say for sure what this object is but it only showed up in one photo, so we do not think it was something on the lens.
Here is what Kevin told us about the photo:
"Taken at garvin cemetery 5 /29/12, notice the black dot to right side of the upper top. this is the only pic that caught anything, it was not seen at the time the pic was taken, only in review did i see this. and there was no sound."
So we have a mystery object that appears to be in the sky.
Thanks to Kevin and SCP for sharing this with us.
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map
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"..you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist." - Dr. Jane Goodall during interview with NPR and asked about Bigfoot.

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