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Monday, June 11, 2012

Centers for Disease Deterrence website
The main focus of the site seems to be the zombie virus LQP-79. They have some very nice videos about it.
Here is their latest public service announcement video

As you can see this is very well done.
I have tried to do a little digging on the internet about the CDD and  LQP-79 but there seems to be very little information on either of them.
Could any of this info be real and true? I kind of doubt it but there has been some talk about LQP-79 and we know about the crazy attacks that have been going on.

In the end, the site seems to be a fake and a spoof of the recent zombie craze.
Check it out and decide for yourself.


UPDATE:  I've noticed over the past couple of weeks this post is getting a lot of views, So I thought I would dig in again into this and in particular Dr. Rebecca Carley. I found this interview she did with Alex Jones.

Dr. Carley also has a website - http://drcarley.com/

Dr. Carley's MD license was suspended in 2003 and the board basically said she was delusional but some think this is a drummed-up suspension due to the fact Carley talks and supports the link between vaccines and Autism. The full report about her suspension, it has some wild elements, can be found by clicking HERE.   Could it all be an attempt to silence Dr. Carley because she attempts to cure diseases?

According to what I read, Dr. Carley does claim the Zombie virus and many others were created by NATO and that they are real. That there is a vaccine that is available and it's all about selling the vaccines.

So was the CDD website taken down by some government agency? That remains to be seen but there does appear to be some truth to the  "Zombie" virus. Has the news media been covering up recent zombie-type attacks?

Lots of questions.

UPDATE 2 - The attacks seem to still be happening in 2014
Here is an overview of when it started back in 2012.

Update 3 -  With the recent attack in Florida, could a 2016 zombie outbreak be about to happen?
Here are some of the details of the recent FL case.
Austin Harrouff, 19 stabs and kill a random married couple. During the attack, a neighbor was also injured. Once the police got there Harrouff was biting off chunks of the dead man's face. The police used a stun gun and a K-9 unit (dog) in an attempt to take Harrouff down. It was not effective and Harrouff continued to eat at the man's face. Finally, four police officers wrestle Harrouff down and arrest him. Is this just the start? Keep watching the news and this website.


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Monday, June 11, 2012 6 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. I am with you searching and looking I only found a wiki on them but anyone can post this. My only thing some one has put a lot of work into this as you stated before but my question as is yours where did the CDD come from and is it an creditable source of information.

  2. try looking up some of the sources that are provided in the videos, like The biology of aggression book that's mentioned, or people like Dr Rebecca Carley. I'm doing my own research on this topic.

  3. It is also possible that the CDD might be a pseudo hoax meant to make the virus issue seem fake. My skepticism on this comes from the fact that no article as of yet has stated a definitive reason why that man bit the other guys face off. He may have been crazy, but if that were the case then why don't they just say that? There's possibly more to this than meets the eye.

  4. yeah...hard to say but there were 2 more of these type of attacks in the last 2 weeks...one in NY where a woman tried to bite a policeman and the one where the guy ate part of his dog.

  5. CDD Website as been delete .. why?


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