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Monday, June 11, 2012

The video is a little long but keep watching it has an interesting photo or two.

Here is a still frame from the video.

Kind of looks like a bigfoot
Frame capture credit goes to roguefooter off of bigfoot forums
Pretty interesting photo capture. I might fool around with the scream capture later if I feel the need


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  1. To be clear, that still is an *enhancement* of an image from the film. I have mixed feelings about Mr Black - sometimes he shows nice clear HD but then falls back to 480 or 360p and blobsquatches. It looks like he captured some face near that tree. With a little more of his outside the box thinking, he may capture a full figure next time.

    I would have preferred he did his size comparison at the same tree though; as it is we have to accept his word that the difference was 30 feet. It's not like that tree was on the other side of a ravine. So another "hopeful".

  2. I agree - kind of interesting and maybe the next one will be better.

  3. I have had an up close encounter so I feel qualified enogh as anyone to comment on this. IMO the creature is too clean, I mean it looks like it just came from the barber shop..most legit peeking I have seen footage of usually include a hand on the tree beening used for balance...But the major thing that grabs my attention here is the holes for the eyes seem to suggest costume, also the outline around the mouth doesn't look right...I realize that all of these creatures have their own unique look, as mine differ's from "Patty" to a certain degree..I am not saying this is a fake, in fact if you look to the left of the photo I think there may be a second one peeking as well..look at about 10 o'clock on the left side and see if you am seeing what I am, in the full view photo..Also I was wondering as this makes no mention of if there was any hair samples on the bark of the tree or any foot prints found..In any event it is an iteresting photo. Good Job Joe Black !!


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