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Friday, June 29, 2012

Hikers Beware!!!

The Top States For Meth Labs and What To Watch For

By Dorraine Fisher (TCC Team Member)
Meth Lab set up in the woods
             There are always a lot of things to be concerned about when you’re hiking the wilderness areas.  Water, food, communication, insects, snakes, injuries, seeing Bigfoot (if you’re lucky), and predatory animals are all things to consider before you start walking. Often the last thing you’ll think about is the humans out there hiding in the remote areas forging illegal activities like cooking up meth on private and public lands. And the real danger is, they’ll do anything to protect their investment, including killing you and dumping your body somewhere it will never be found. So it pays to ad this to your list of precautions before you go hiking anywhere.
            Meth labs seizures are on the rise since new reports last year. Many operators have moved into urban and suburban areas. But disturbing numbers of clan labs have still have been discovered in rural areas. Public lands, that hikers often occupy, are used for this activity since there is no confiscation of the land if arrests are made. And here are the top 10 states to be concerned about:
1.                  Missouri
2.                  Tennessee
3.                  Indiana
4.                  Kentucky
5.                  Oklahoma
6.                  Illinois
7.                  Iowa
8.                  Michigan
9.                  North Carolina
10.              South Carolina

            But how do you know what to look out for?
             Some warning signs include:
                    Noticing unusual chemical odors in isolated areas
                    People seen stepping outside their building to smoke
                     Plastic bottles with hoses attached
                    Red stained coffee filters
                    Large numbers of matchbooks lying around with the strikers removed.
                    Any objects that look like science lab equipment
                    Large numbers of stripped lithium batteries lying around
                    Heet, STP, or Red Devil Lye containers
                     Sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or hydrochloric acid
                    Discarded boxes and blister packs of ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine
                    Red phosphorous road flares
                    Any abandoned buildings that have been fortified in some way
                    Propane tanks with fittings that have a blue tinge
            Always be careful about approaching any unknown, run down structures, cabins, or RV’s, in the remote areas that seem abandoned but have a lot of debris lying thrown around including the objects mentioned above. You may possibly come across evidence of chemicals and containers that have been dumped in nearby streams, on hillsides, and in ravines.
            Keep in mind that just because your state isn’t mentioned here, that you’re completely safe. These are only the top ten. Any state with remote areas is subject to danger.
            Be aware and be safe out there. ************

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  1. Thank you for posting this pertinent information. I would have never even thought about any potential dangers from drugged up people protecting their meth labs in the forest where innocent people could be hiking. Yikes Twice! You may have saved some people their lives by posting this blog. Again, Thank you very much.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Please feel free to share this post

  2. If people would get off the crap, get a job & become a tax paying, contributing member of society, things probably wouldn't be so dangerous for researchers in the woods & for people in general. It's pitiful that drug & alcohol addiction is so prevalent in our society. It's sad. So sad.

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