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Friday, June 15, 2012

Bigfoot in Tennessee
Thomas Marcum

Does bigfoot live in Tn?
Tennessee is another great state that seems to have all the things needed to support a healthy clan of Sasquatch.
The BFRO has a total of 84 sighting reports listed for the state of TN (Here). Many counties have between 3-5 reported sightings. It is safe to assume that many sightings go unreported or are reported to groups other than the BFRO. 
Tennessee has around 14.4 million forest acres with about 5 percent of  forest managed by the U.S. forest service as National forest. About 7 percent is held by state,local and other federal agencies.
The Cherokee National Forest is located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of east Tennessee, the Cherokee National Forest is divided into northern and southern sections by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The 650,000 acre forest is the largest in the state and joins national forest in Virginia,North Carolina and Georgia. The Cherokee national forest has more than 600 miles of trails to explore and for Sasquatch to hide.
Scott Carpenter AKA Joe Black
One noted East Tennessee researcher is Scott Carpenter, known better by his youtube name of Joe black. His actual youtube name is joebblack1963, view his youtube channel Here , he has many videos uploaded and recently captured a possible photo of a bigfoot.
Recent still frame from Scotts video
Scott is a member of NABS, which is a research group and is involved in the Ketchum DNA paper. It is also reported that Scott and NABS have DNA samples included in the yet to be published DNA paper by Dr. Melba ketchum.

I was able to ask Scott a few questions and here are the replies

Scott Carpenter Q & A

TCC: How long have you been researching bf?
SC: since 2009
TCC: Do you think the general public will ever accept that bf is real?
SC: Eventually, atfter the DNA and a live specimen is captured
TCC: How many bf dna samples do you have included in the upcoming DNA paper by Dr. ketchum?
SC: I do not honestly know, one is listed on Robert Lindsey web site, but I have not been told officially one way or another

Thanks Scott
Famous Case
One of if not the most famous bigfoot case in Tennessee is the one that has been happening for many years on the Carter farm.  The location of the farm is 57 miles south of Knoxville and 80 miles north of Chattanooga then east off of Interstate 75. The detailed stories and reports gained interest from a lot in the Bigfoot world. It even brought a researchers all the way from Russia. Igor Burtsev a Russian  researcher made the trip to the Carter farm back in 2004 and spent 5 weeks in Tennessee during the investigation. Burtsev left the farm convinced that most of the info was real after finding stick markers,nest,hairs and tracks, along with other evidence.

Igor standing next to a stick marker on The Carter farm
Janice Carter and the people who lived on the farm had been interacting with a clan of bigfoots for a number of years. Over time they got to know these creatures by their names or nick names. The most known was probably a large male bigfoot called "fox".

While preparing this article I was able to conduct an interview with Janice Carter. What follows is the interview.
Janice Carter Interview
TCC:  When did the first sightings of bigfoot start on the farm?
JC: My Grandparents moved to the farm in 1944. I do not know if any of the BFs were sighted before 1947 or not. It was in 1947 that my Grandfather and another man were clear cutting an area across a drainage ditch line behind the house for pasture that the tree either fell on Fox or he was in it when it fell and was discovered. My own first memory of Fox or any of the BFs was when I was three and Fox entered the house by way of the living room front door. For years after this event I thought I dreamed or imagined this or that Fox was a very large gorilla someone had as a pet that entered our home. I recall running out the back door and hiding in the dog house with one of our dogs at the time. I do not know how my Grandmother managed to get Fox out of the house or any great detail other than I was in the living room playing and all of a sudden this big hairy gorilla came into the house.
TCC: What was the most bigfoots you seen at one time?
JC: Thirty two in an area in NC. One of my research areas. This is a large family group.

TCC: Is there still sightings and encounters happening on the farm?
JC:  My half sister reports that once in a while Blackie shows up there. I'm not sure if this actually happens or not, because I do not have anything to do with Blackie. I do know where the rest of Fox's extended family members are located and they do not tend to visit the old farm.
TCC: What ever happened to the bigfoot known as "Fox"?
JC: Fox died in June 2010, I would need to look the exact date up but I'm pretty sure it was the 16. Sally Ramey, my youngest daughter and I came to visit him for the last time during this week. He was in bad health from infection in his foot and teeth.
TCC: What was the bigfoots favorite thing to eat?
JC: With Fox it was always M&M candies. Bo, Wenebojo likes Kit Kat candy best, Squeaky likes turnips which I find unusual since the rest of the gang and other BFs I work with do not seem to care for turnips or will not touch them. Nearly every one of the BFs in many states I have worked with for extended amounts of time and for years all like sweets best. They love popped popcorn the more butter the better, cinnamon graham crackers, cheese nips, and fruits that have a natural sweetness to them. While they will eat critic fruits upon occasion they seem to like apples, berries, peaches, and plums better than oranges, lemons, and grapefruit.
TCC: Was you fearful around these creatures?
JC: Of course, it is plain foolishness to state otherwise. Be it you work with domestic animals, wildlife or primitive peoples it is always wise to maintain a certain amount (of what I call) healthy fearfulness or respect for their unpredictability. You are dealing with a mammal that is very large, can if it feels threatened or challenged do you major bodily harm, and that is capable of intense thought and understanding. I'm not going to research a tribe of indigenous people anywhere without being fearful (cultural anthropology), neither am I going to work with a dog that has never been handled before without having a fear of being bitten, nor will I climb into a saddle of a horse that has never been ridden without a fear it will toss me on my head. I train and handle show dogs for a living, use to be a horse jockey, worked in animal control and owned and operated my own wildlife research corporation, gut instinct and common sense go a long way.
What I think people fail to understand is that these large hairy people we call Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Almast etc., are just that, A Type Of People, and while they do not use guns or modern weapons they can just as effectively harm or kill you if they are crossed.  Not to mention they can do some scary things that make you think twice about why you wish to work among them. Example: Try having a thousand pound, thirteen foot tall screaming hairy, stinking ape looking man charging at you like he is going to run over you an knock you flat. Scares the daylights out of you and you learn to back step really fast and exit the area in a timely fashion.
They have language. Many speak English and understand English when we speak to them here in America and parts of Canada. Much like us they tend to have accents depending on what area of the USA they live in or have encountered us in some fashion. For instance in the Amish parts of Indiana I worked with a group of BF that had the Amish accent and used the words Ye and Thou when speaking to me and my fellow researchers. It took me a bit to understand them, since I am more accustomed to ones in TN slurring their words together and speaking really fast. The three individuals on Ron and Al's recordings have an Irish type accent and while they speak their own language they also speak English, some Spanish, and a few Native American dialects all with the Irish accent. Their thought and speech pattern process is twice if not three times faster than our own, and they accurately read body language. Without listing all the things that make them unique to their kind, let me put it simple, they are like a fire, it is healthy to know when to fear that fire being fueled into a raging inferno.  
Thanks for the interview Janice and best of luck to you in the future. Janice was very easy and nice to deal with,she really don't know me and was very open with me during our email/FB messages setting up the interview.

With lots of forest, past and current reports of sightings of bigfoot, it appears Tennessee was and is home to sasquatch. Tennessee would seem to have everything a sasquatch would need to survive undetected. Deep mountains that are part of protected forest and an ample food and water supply are some of the things that makes it very easy for a clan of these creatures to remain hidden.
There was a lot more info I could have included in this article as there seems to be endless reports of bigfoot activity from the Volunteer state. I hope this gives everyone a good overview of the possibility of sasquatch in Tennessee.

©The Crypto Crew

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  1. Excellent post,very interesting.

  2. Yep, it is interesting. Really appreciate your posts Tom, and effort to obtain information directly from the primary source. Thanks.

  3. My question is this why wasn't Ms Carter questioned more on proof if she knows where they are., has many encounters and is so free to talk. A little hair, a clear picture , a bone from a dead BF wouldn't have made her expose where they hide. I believe in Bigfoot but I sure don't believe 32 in one place at a time NOR her more than casual interview.

    1. i agree with him ^

    2. If memory servers me...She did give a hair sample to Igor Burtsev, who investigated the reports extensively.

      I would like to see more photos.

    3. I believe she, (Ms Carter), has a healthy respect & admiration for the creatures she has encountered over the years & she doesn't want to endanger or disrespect them in any way. They know when someone has an electronic device, (camera; etc.), so they stay away from them. I'd say she has brought such a device into their presence & they have told her to not take pictures. Maybe they believe, (like many Native Americans) that the camera steals their soul. Who knows? I'd like to see what she's seen. Fascinating to say the least.

  4. you're all CRAZY!!!

    1. says the guy reading a bigfoot blog


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