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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Surrounded By Movement In Texas
Lupe Mendoza and the Texas Unified Natural Research Group
By Dorraine Fisher

Cast from TUNRG's recent outing. Photo property of TUNR, no reuse without permission

                        Most of the state of Texas doesn’t top the list for its Bigfoot activity. But east Texas, with its pine forests and thick swamp lands is a great home for the elusive hairy ones. Or at least it is according to Lupe Mendoza, researcher with the group known as Texas Unified Natural Research Group (TUNR) along with the group administrators Brandon Travis and Bob Garrett.
            Early last week, Mendoza and the group traveled to Sam Houston National Forest, approximately 40 miles west of Houston, hiked the area, and set up trail cams along the way, only to find themselves, according to Mendoza, surrounded by mysterious movement in the brush. He claims he heard similar movement in more than one spot leading him to believe there was more than one creature near them. Mendoza says he heard movement to his right hand side that sounded like something on two legs walking away from them.
            Nearby by they found two 15-inch prints, 39 inches heel to toe (stride). They cast the prints and obtained video of some of the movement that Garrett described as a “black human shaped object that seemed to move and then raise up.” Mendoza passed it on to The Crypto Crew for analysis.
            But this activity and the print left the group confident of sasquatch activity in this area of
the Lone Star State, and they vow to keep up with the quest. 
TCC-  I have been looking at the video and there does appear to be something dark moving away kind of quickly. I hope to have it completed soon and will send the finding over to TUNR.

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