Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Possible picture of a UFO captured

Here is the original photo
Notice the black object on the upper right
If you will notice there appears to be something in the sky. It's on the upper right of the photo.
Kevin contacted TCC about maybe trying to see what was in the photo. SCP is a good group of people and we have worked with them before...so we gave it a try and below is the zoomed and enhanced photo of the object.
What is it?
We still can't say for sure what this object is but it only showed up in one photo, so we do not think it was something on the lens.
Here is what Kevin told us about the photo:
"Taken at garvin cemetery 5 /29/12, notice the black dot to right side of the upper top. this is the only pic that caught anything, it was not seen at the time the pic was taken, only in review did i see this. and there was no sound."
So we have a mystery object that appears to be in the sky.
Thanks to Kevin and SCP for sharing this with us.

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