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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So this got me to checking with the Better Business Bureau and I found some things that people might find interesting.
It seems there are numerous complaints filed with the BBB against Ketchum's company.
19 complaints filed
There has been 19 complaints filed with the BBB against DNA Diagnostics over the last 3 years.
Most of the complaints seem to be for either very slow or no service at all. I read some of the complaints and many did not get any results back from the lab at all. Others were trying to gets refunds. Many complaints also stated that there was a  "Failure to respond to phone calls or written requests for assistance or support" from DNA Diagnostics.

Here is a little part of one complaint, the customer wrote:
"On Feb 24th my wife called and was told "there was a problem with the sample and it would have to be re-tested". On the 4th of March my wife called again and was also told that "sometimes it depends on how the hair reacts to the chemicals, or, IT DEPENDS ON HOW YOU HOLD YOUR MOUTH WHEN RUNNING THE TEST". Then it was "the technician wasn't working out so we hired a new one that seems to be working out pretty good, so we are going to run it again tomorrow. But we may have to have another sample." We were told that this testing is done on fridays. So they had 5 fridays to complete the tests or inform me that a new sample needed to be submitted...."

The customer went on to say:
"I sent you a hair sample for HYPP testing that you received and SIGNED for on the 31st of January 2011. I have made repeated attempts to contact you about the progress and have been told "we didn't receive it when you think we did, the test will be done this week and results mailed to you, the email address you sent the email to doesn't come to me (then why have the email address?), there was a problem with the test and it has to be rerun on Friday (March 4th, 2011) and I take the results and put them in the mail that day or the next. It took you 2 days to deposit my check but has taken over 30 days to get my test results."
 There seems to be a history of slow service, could this be the reason for the long delay of the DNA paper being published? Maybe

The BBB summed the complaints as follows:
"DNA Diagnostics has developed a pattern of complaints and has failed to correct the underlying reasons for complaints. Consumers claim have paid for services that have not been delivered or have not been delivered within a reasonable time. Further, they have not received a refund when services were not provided."

With these complaints the BBB give Dr. Ketchum's company a grade of F.
Company grade of F
So given the complaints and the current rumor that Ketchum is in litigation now. I can see why the DNA paper might be delayed. I can also understand why many think the paper will never be published. If you have a possible bigfoot  DNA sample sent into Dr. Ketchum this could cause some concern about it. Will a company with a grade of F be taken seriously? Does the BBB really carry any weight? or is it meaningless?

I had very high hopes about  the DNA paper from Ketchum but after all these long delays and the history of these short comings it sure makes me wonder if everything is what it is said to be.

If you would like to check the BBB reports yourself then click HERE.
Maybe all this means nothing and the paper will come out someday...lets hope.

[* BBB = Better Business Bureau ]

Update -  
Ketchum/Biscardi connection


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  1. You have to be suspect of the BBB. It's legal extortion. "Hey, join the BBB and pay a monthly fee and we will work to keep your record clean...(wink wink)". I had a run in with them once and was so appalled by the reps openness about how they use an unsatisfied customer to make money from businesses who even did the work. There are people out there who make complaints over and over in hopes to get free work. BBB is almost a bigger joke than Ketchum. That said, anyone who takes pictures of a pile of sticks and claims they see a family of five multiple times, shouldn't get any coverage. Every week her hole she has dug for herself get's deeper and deeper. Only thing more scary than her and her bleached hair and bad Walmart outfits, is those crazy people who post on her facebook page as if she has dead one in her garage. I think those are the same people who send checks to Biscardi.

    1. Brilliant comment!

    2. Correct the BBB is a Pay to join ORG? That should tell you something right there. However besides that you sound like another Blond Jealous Female?

      @TCC I believe 10 of these complaints came from one group? After numerous argumentative type contacts Dr K was legally advised to stop doing business with this group altogether. She Did, does it say that in the BBB report? With every other "COMPLAINT", (SP-Did you proof read?), there is also another side to the story too?

      Did you try to contact Dr Ketchum for her side of the story? I Did! If you didn't then this is basically a perfect example of weak Yellow Journalism? Also this is OLD NEWS, this was discussed month's back?

      Gee if there was a BBB for Journalism you would get an F too? Old news, Bad spelling and Weak & Bad research? All signs of a lazy wanna be? Do you research too or just blog badly?


    3. I don't claim to a journalist or a spelling bee champion, this may be old news to you but many did not know about it. There was no need to contact Dr. K as the reason for the complaints are there to read.It shows a history of slow work. As for my spelling I think I left a "T" off of "complaints" once ..big whoop. Yeah I'm not a great speller ..so what.
      As for the BBB rating ...many say it means nothing but it can not be good for any business to have a "F" rating. If you were sending in a DNA sample and you looked at 2 companies ratings and one had an F and the other a A...were would you send in your sample?
      so Toche X2!

      I had high hopes for this dna paper but after waiting around four years and seeing a bad history and a connection to Biscardi (Ketchum/Biscardi connection -http://​www.searchingforbigfoot.com/​DNA_Diagnostic
      ). I have very little hope that a paper will ever be published...yeah I hope the paper is published and it is what everyone hopes it is..but at this point it sure looks doubtful.

      but thanks for your troll comments.

  2. I gather from your comment that you don't have a DNA sample in the study.

    1. No we do not have a sample included in the paper...if i did I'd be totally upset with the long wait.

  3. And she wanted me to send some of the DNA off if my windows. Sure glad I didn't , HUH!!!!

    1. Why Jeff? What would it hurt? Where's your DNA now?

      Are you a Biscardi supporter?

      You're press conference was kind of over the top and Biscardi-ESK, if you ask me?

      Pretty lame don't you think? I mean for such a trivial piece of evidence gotten on your first trip in the woods? How can you even be sure it's Bigfoot? You Can't? In fact, odds are it's not!

      I mean one time in the woods and you know Bigfoot was looking into your van? What, he checks out every Custom Van? He stays by the road and waits untill people leave to look in their vehicles? I'd say more than likely it was one of the people with you? Like YOU! If not someone was trying to see if you had anything good to steal? So, did all the people who came in contact with the van between the last time it was washed and your trip also give samples?

      That was your 1st trip to this location or any location too? It was also your first time doing Bigfoot research right? But you're so sure your evidence is BF? What a joke?

      Your sample is human-Occam's Razor. You have to do some research before you can make such "Far Out" claims? 1st time out, won't cut it? How can you make such an assumption/leap that every thing that happens is a Bigfoot, when it's your 1st time there? Your vans not hundreds of miles from civilization? It's a freaking love machine not a 4WD-LOL AGAIN!

      You didn't even do any research yet; such a joke. You're making real researchers look bad when YOU make such claims. What have you ever done to make such a claim? I heard you interview a few Bigfoot researchers on your show; so does that make you an expert? Didn't you tell some guy on your show(that was a Researcher) and this was just a week or two before your trip too, that this was your 1st time in the field specifically looking for BF?

      Then you go out and Bigfoot knocks on your van??? 1st time in the woods? How far out of LA were you? LOL! Was it in a P-Lot? LOL!

      A press conference for a face print on a window of the Scooby Mobile! OMG! LOL!

      Come on you changed your name right, it's really Jeffery Carmine Biscardi?

      BTW: If your sample is in the Science Alive Study; which is actually one and the same with the UK-Oxford study mentioned just recently in the news; then you are associated with Biscardi too!

      Let me spell it out for you:

      Biscardi has a sample in the Science Alive (Stubstad & Schmalzbach) Study; Admitted to by Richard Stubstad.

      The UK Study is the Science Alive study; Admitted to by Schmalzbach.

      Also: Richard Stubstad has a NDA with Erickson; Admitted to by Richard while on Biscardi's show last year?

      The whole bunch is in on it together! So basically if your sample is involved in a study with anyone else other than Dr Ketchum; then you are with Biscardi-LOL! Plus your sample is worthless, being that it's not even likely to be a creature.


    2. Ketchum and Biscardi at connected as well.
      Ketchum/Biscardi connection -


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