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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Crypto Crew now has obtained this Never before released photo of the creatures track way.
It is important to notice the shoe in  photo as it was one of the items that "David" said was taken/stolen out of his home by one of theses unknown creatures.

Here is the Photo
notice the shoe that was reportedly stolen from the house 

We are all hoping to hear from David soon via phone call. At some point we hope a few teams of investigators will be able to pull a joint investigation on the property soon. 

Unknown track
Here is the latest up about this interesting case of unknown creatures.
Here is what family member known as David (Fake Name) said:
" I have lived in this area for just under seven months and in that time the majority of the harassment has occurred within the past three. I did not become aware of any strangeness until early December, although that is only when I began to keep a record of these events. At first it was merely strange tracks in the snow around my home. I had initially imagined that they were from some kind of animal, though it closely resembled a human footprint minus the heel. At that time I was under the impression that it was simply a single creature. It wasn’t until the weeks later that I began to suspect that I was dealing with a number of what I thought were individuals “hazing” me upon my arrival to the area."
He went on to say: "The second week of January I am having breakfast with my family when my five year old daughter begins talking about the “kids without hair”. When my wife inquired about these kids, she informed us that she had spent the previous night watching them play in the yard. As you can imagine, this was of some concern. I asked my daughter what these kids looked like, she told me that they “were bald like grandpa and weren’t wearing any clothes”."
He also said : "Almost every day for the following week, I would find some evidence that something or someone had been on my property the previous night. Smudges on the windows were not uncommon, stones from the walkway dragged to the other side of the lawn, and I had found tears in the screen door. On Wednesday the 7th of March I finally witnessed the “kids without hair” for myself."
He was able to get a picture of the creature  and here it is
What is this thing?
I have been following this story and i'm pretty skeptical of it....but who knows for sure what is going on.
If you would like the complete story then click HERE.
The above picture are from that story and I have cropped them and tried to enhance them a little but you still can not really see much.
For more good reading and a look back at the history of this whole story please check out Lon's post over at Phantoms and Monsters website by clicking HERE. There are several pictures from the past events back in 1955.
I have also attempted to make contact with the people who are reporting this story in hopes of contacting the family myself.

Original Photos from Who forted

Just to be clear these photos were cropped to blow up the photos and to attempt enhancements and not to discredit where they came from. That is why I gave 2 links and photo credit to WhoForted.

[Photos via whoforted , Enhanced by The Crypto Crew]

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