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Goblin in a cave
For many years now the above goblin photo has been presented in various places on the Internet. The goblin in a cave picture is thought to be real by some people and I'll have to admit it looks really good.

Now the rest of the story. This is actually a plaster display in a tourist place called Cheddar Show Caves & Gorge. It is located in Somerset, England. Cheddar Showcaves is a tourist attraction which contains an attraction called "Crystal Quest." Crystal Quest is a dark cave full of odd carvings that are intermittently lit by strobe lights.

Crystal Quest Goblin
Fake Goblin
"Regarding that photo of the goblin. I went to Cheddar Gorge (UK) and caves today. That critter is in fact a sculpture in an attraction here called Crystal Quest. Just thought you'd be interested to hear this!" – Rondette
That is not to say that the caves are not mysterious, check out the info below:

Cheddar Gorge
Cheddar Gorge is a limestone gorge in the Mendip Hills, near the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England. The gorge is the site of the Cheddar show caves, where Britain's oldest complete human skeleton, Cheddar Man, estimated to be over 9,000 years old, was found in 1903. Older remains from the Upper Late Palaeolithic era (12,000–13,000 years ago) have been found. The caves, produced by the activity of an underground river, contain stalactites and stalagmites.
Cheddar Gorge, including the caves and other attractions, has become a tourist destination. In a 2005 poll of Radio Times readers, following its appearance on the 2005 television program Seven Natural Wonders, Cheddar Gorge was named as the second greatest natural wonder in Britain, surpassed only by Dan yr Ogof caves. The gorge attracts about 500,000 visitors per year.

Some, I suppose, will still cling to this photo as real but as you can clearly see it is not. The sculpture is fantastic and realistic looking but it for sure is not a living creature. Does this mean there are no such creatures at all? I say no just because a lot of our planet has not really been explored, especially caves and who knows for sure what's really out there. About 80 percent of the Congo has not been explored and new creatures are discovered all the time, nothing maybe as wild as a goblin, but who knows it may be next!


[Sources: Xenophilia, Cheddar Gorge, Wikipedia]


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My dad and I return to the area where he had his bigfoot sighting. The return trip was to pick up a couple of game cams I've had up. I have research this area for about 3 months now and it appears the bigfoot is still in the area. This is the area I filmed my documentary film Bigfoot: Tracking a Legend.
I hope to continue doing research work in this area but with winter just around the corner I don't know how often I'll get back in there.

After checking the game cams there was nothing useful on them. I may re-set the cams at some point during the winter.


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Ok, this video is catching fire on facebook and some people are saying it is a real bigfoot. It seem pretty obvious that is a cheap bigfoot suit but I did some poking around to see what I could find. Also at the end if the video the guys are laughing and having a fun time and I don't think this is how a person would act who just seen a real bigfoot.
The bigfoot in the above video looks a lot like the same suit used by famous youtuber BUTCHYKID - click and watch.

I also checked out Tim Wells facebook page and it appears a still frame was released towards the end of September of his bigfoot video. No other post about it that I could find until the youtube explosion of the video today.

Here is that still frame and notice what Tim says under it

I can also gather by looking at Tim's facebook page is that he is kind of a joker/prankster type of guy.
According to some of his followers Tim pulls these Spoofs from time to time.
Still not convinced?  Then check out one of Tim's other spoof videos

Now it seems Tim is a great fun loving guy but I'd guess he didn't know how some in the bigfoot community would pounce on his video and think it was a real bigfoot. If you watch the video it is clearly a plug to get likes to his facebook page and that is fine and nothing is wrong with that at all.

This is clearly a fake bigfoot video made for fun and marketing.

Here is Tim with Bigfoot

So lets please put an end to thinking this is a real bigfoot and enjoy the video for what it is and that's a funny marketing video .

Have a great day!

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what is this?
What is this strange creature?
[Again, I really don't know who to credit this story to but will list sources at the end of the post.]

This strange looking creature was found near a farm in Mexico by two garbage collectors.
The unknown creature was said to be around 4 inches long and appeared to be mummified humanoid of some sort. The creature appears to have an elongated head, arms, legs and a possible tail.

This story gets a bit more bizarre as Miguel de la Torre, the leader of a UFO research group in Mexico, confirms that his group had registered the findings of three other similar creatures.

It was reported that the creature was packed in a way to prevent it from deteriorating and sent to a lab for analysis. If the results have been published I did not find them. This photo and incident is now over a year old, so either the results were nothing unusual, being suppressed or I just didn't find them.

After this story got out, some of the locals in the area thought that this could be a fetus from a Chupacabra. It is my guess, with this being found near a farm, that it is a known farm animal. But what about the other similar creatures found by the UFO group? This I have no idea about.

I also wonder why a UFO group is involved in an unknown animal case, does that seems odd to anyone else? Shouldn't fish and wildlife have been called before a UFO research group?

Well, in any case here is a slightly enhanced version of the above photo.

could this be a fetus from a Chupacabra?
Chupacabra Fetus?


[Possible Sources: GONZALES, Luis Fernando. Encuentran raro esp├ęcimen momificado en Camargo, brazil weird news ]

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Possible big cat on game cam
Big Cat in MI
The above photo comes to us from Tom Thomas, after noticing something was getting into his bird feeder and bending over a metal pole, Tom set up a game cam. There had also been some odd noises around his house.

Tom's game cam captured the photo above of what appears to be a big cat, while this may not be what was getting into the bird feeder, it is an odd catch. This was taken in St. Clair county, MI.
Michigan is no stranger to big cat reports, just this past August there was reports from the Northeast side of Detroit.

In St. Clair county there has been 10 reported big cat sightings according to Michigancougar.com with a couple of the reports saying it was a black cougar. In total, according to the website, there has been over 1,800 reports of cougar incidents reported in the state of Michigan.

Here is an enhancement of Tom's photo

is this a black cougar in MI
Black Cougar?
Mr. Thomas guess the height from the ground to the top of the head to be about 16 inches.  
What do you think? could this be a black cougar in Michigan?
A special thanks to Tom Thomas for letting us share the photo.

©The Crypto Crew


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North Gazley Road, Myrtle Creek, OR
North Gazley Road, Myrtle Creek, OR

This investigation/research by TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long
Both are avid outdoors people and good researchers.
This is a report by Bobby & Corinna.

- Start Report -
October 19th 2013 North Gazley Road. GPS 42.98929N, 123.2748W Nearest town(s) Canyonville Or. Just South of area and Myrtle Creek just west of the area.
No creature was seen just heard. 9 a.m. The said creature let out a very large whoop. The encounter was very brief.
Robert York was traveling along North Gazley road while on a deer hunt, as he was going down the road a very loud whoop came from a heavily wooded area. Robert immediately stopped his truck because he had heard similar sounds earlier in the year.
These sounds were concluded to have been possible Bigfoot vocalizations by TCC members Bobby and Corinna Long.
Robert was unable to get anymore responses so he went about his hunt.
- End Report -

TCC's Bobby and Corinna Long were given this information on Sunday October 20th 2013 and on Monday went into the area for a short investigation. The only thing that was found was a makeshift shelter and not really any other evidence.
Our conclusion was that the recent logging activity had pushed the said Bigfoot into an area pressured by hunters and off roaders.
The vocalization was probably a warning to any other of them in the area.
Here are a few photos of the area.
Thank you. Bobby

Oregon home of bigfoot


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Tomorrow (10/22/13) is the release date for the movie The Conjuring. I did a review of the film (found Here) if you want my take on it. I think most do not realize the movie is base on real events. So I wanted to share this information graphic with everyone. Click this link to buy The Conjuring.

Infographic about the hit movie
Info about the Warrens and The Conjuring
Some pretty interesting stuff. The Warrens do have some critics of course but that seems to come with anyone in the paranormal field.

I hope you will give The Conjuring a watch, it was a good movie.


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Yeti Proven Real?
Yeti DNA Report

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

Reviewing the Sykes DNA Study
Nat Geo Yeti Hunter Adam Davies Remarks
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Many of us were more than disappointed in the Sykes DNA study’s results that pointed to an ancient and previously undiscovered species of polar bear. But the upcoming National Geographic documentary set to air in the US on November 17 promises more riveting information. So who knows?

But I spoke to Adam Davies recently about his reaction to the study’s recently revealed results from the documentary that has already aired in the UK where he lives. Adam led a Yeti research expedition to Nepal in 2009 in search of the yeti. He was optimistic about Syke’s results and offered some things to consider before we decide the study is a wash.
 "Professor Syke's research forms three parts. As well as the TV series, there is also a possible paper, and a certain book to come. The films are a PART of it, not the whole. I would suggest that you consider all of the evidence that is presented in all of it before you come to any definitive conclusion. As to the findings in this episode then they certainly don't settle `the mystery of the Yeti once and for all" as the documentary makers (not Professor Sykes) claim. Rather, they point to a consistency with local legends, which point to two or possibly three "Yetis," one of which is a bear, so this exciting discovery seems to vindicate local legends rather than contradict them. For example, the account Mountaineer Reinhard Messner mentions only dates to 300 years ago. There are accounts many centuries earlier than that.
For example that of the ancient shamanistic religion which describe rituals involving sacrifice needing the blood of a horse, dog, black bear, goat, pig , raven, man, and wild man (yeti). Nor do they explain the divergent toe in many of the tracks, nor do they explain the personal eyewitness testimony I received from people whilst I was in Nepal, who know the difference between a bear and a Yeti, whether they are walking on two legs or four!
In conclusion, this discovery is great news. It represents an excellent new start to the research on the Yeti."

Adam also explained that the source document used by the creators of the documentary is just one source, and he believes the science to be sound. But he did express that to present the information presented by the documentary makers as being definitive of all yetis would be incorrect.
And Adam said on his Facebook page Sunday. "You can never disprove something not existing. All you can do is say how plausible its existence is based on your research."

In essence, there are many factors that will weigh in to the final conclusions. And the documentary won’t be all of it either. So Adam’s telling us not to give up on this yet. Wait until we have all the pieces to this complicated puzzle. And there are many details that will come to light all the way into next spring.

And if you can find nothing else positive to glean, consider this: The yeti’s existence has not been disproved here. The discovery of an ancient polar bear is a result we’re poised to be unimpressed by because it’s not the yeti proof we’ve been hoping for. But that discovery does reinforce our knowledge that new species are still being discovered every day. And it gives new hope that our elusive yeti evidence is still out there waiting to be found. *********DF

[DF interview with Adam Davies can be found HERE ] 

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A monster of a Salamander
(Photo: Zoological Society of London)


Chinese Giant Salamander is the largest in the world, sometimes growing to 5 foot 9 inches long!

I guess when most of us think about Salamanders we think of the cute little orange ones we see in our yards from time to time. These little guys grow to about 3 inches or so and many people keep them as pets.
 Red-spotted Newt (Photo by Bruce Lucas)
Salamanders are any of approximately 550 extant species of amphibians within the order Caudata.
They are typically characterized by a superficially lizard-like appearance, with slender bodies, short noses, and long tails. Salamanders have never more than four toes on their front legs and five on their rear legs, but some species have fewer. Their moist skin usually makes them reliant on habitats in or near water. Unique among vertebrates, they are capable of regenerating lost limbs, as well as other body parts. Most species of salamander have small teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.

Salamanders have thin skins, soft bodies and move rather slowly and at first sight might appear to be vulnerable to opportunistic predators. However, they have several effective lines of defense. Mucus coating the damp skin makes them difficult to grasp and may have an offensive taste or be toxic.
Salamanders have a poisonous skin secretion that is harmless to humans, just make sure to wash your hands after handling. Some Salamanders do bite, so be careful.
Calvin Parker Jr
Calvin Parker Jr

[This is a repost from Sky News, I just corrected some spelling errors.]

Forty years ago, the Pascagoula incident, in which two men said they encountered an unidentified flying object and its occupants, made headlines across America and sparked a new wave of reports of UFO sightings.
Now, the sole survivor of the case says he is still grappling with an encounter that turned his life upside down.

Calvin Parker Jr said he harbored doubts about his encounter with what he said were grey, wrinkly-skinned and crab-clawed creatures. He dodged the spotlight for decades.

"This is something I really didn't want to happen," Mr. Parker told the AP news agency.

He has spent decades moving around and changing jobs to avoid the unwanted attention.
Mr. Parker was 18 when, on October 11, 1973, he went fishing with his friend, the late Charles Hickson, along the banks of the Pascagoula river in coastal Mississippi.

The two said a UFO with blue lights swooped down, making a zipping noise.
Mr. Hickson, then 42, said three creatures took them by the forearms and levitated them aboard the craft.
Then, something that looked like a large floating eye appeared to examine him.
"They gave a thorough, I mean a thorough, examination to me just like any doctor would," Mr. Parker said, adding that he was conscious, but paralyzed.

And then the two were back on the banks on the river and the UFO was gone.
After Mr. Hickson and Mr. Parker reported what happened, they drew the nation's attention - from UFO enthusiasts to skeptics who questioned their story.

The case went on to become one of the most high-profile UFO stories in American history.
It sparked hundreds of reports of sightings, jokes and hoaxes - and even some books.
Above all, it rekindled interest in a subject that had first begun in the 1940s with an incident in New Mexico in which UFO enthusiasts believe the government got its hands on a crashed spacecraft and alien bodies.

The government has spent decades denying it.

[Source: Sky]

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Is it a hoax or is it real
Could this really be a skull?
[I do not know where this story originally came from and have no idea who to credit for the photos]

For a long time now sightings of what is call "Wildman" have persisted in some regions of Minnesota. Many witness testimonies have been gathered and most report the Wildman as being large, hairy and having a bad smell. Most of you remember the famed Minnesota iceman that was shown for years in sideshow exhibits in shopping malls, state fairs and carnivals. The Minnesota Iceman depicts a man like being that was promoted as a "missing link" and a "Living Fossil".
(More Photos of the Minnesota Iceman can be found by Clicking Here)

Was this a bigfoot
Minnesota Iceman
Well now there has been a report of a man finding a skull of a "Wildman".  I'm not sure how long ago or when the skull was found but the man, who's name is unknown to me, said the skull was found South of the town of Vergas. The very top photo of this post is supposedly the back of the skull and here is the front of the skull.

Is this the skull of a bigfoot
Front view of Skull
Some have pointed out that this skull is totally different than a human skull and some point out the lack of a discernible jaw and jaw bone and say it's a hoax. So it seems opinions about the skull vary with many thinking it is a hoax or possibly some type of sculpture to others thinking it is real and possible the skull of some type of hominid.

It is my opinion that it is most likely a fake but one does have to admit that whatever it is, it's kind of weird looking.

If this turns out to be real, could it be proof that the "Wildman" is real?


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Could this be a baby Nessie
Is this a baby Nessie?
I know this story is old and many may have heard about it but for me, it's New. I don't know a lot about it and some of the things I'll write may not be completely correct. I do not know where the original story comes from but here is the tale.

Supposedly there was an expedition in 1912 to try and prove the existence of the lake monster we call Nessie.

Alexander Moore, a biologist (?), traveled the lake for three weeks and discovered what was described as a baby Nessie. The baby was already dead when Moore found it but according to the story Moore was able to recover the heart, a kidney and a section of the small intestine. I'm assuming that Moore removed these parts from the dead carcass. These parts are what is seen in the photo above.

Up until 2010 this unusual find was exhibited in the Museum of Curiosity. I'm not sure if this was the somewhat famous traveling museum that was or maybe still is, in London or not.

Now many, from what I gather, say this is nothing more than a hoax and that the mummified creature is nothing more that a creation made out of paper or that it's a known animal that has been altered to appear unusual.

In any case there has been numerous reports of people seeing Nessie over the years, so what if it is really a baby Nessie? What if this creature is really reproducing? I would assume that Nessie sightings will continue for many years but if there is only one Nessie creature then at some point the sightings will stop completely.

  Loch Ness Monster
 - Wikipedia -
The Loch Ness Monster is a crypid, reputedly a large unknown animal that inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. It is similar to other supposed lake monsters in Scotland and elsewhere, though its description varies from one account to the next. Popular interest and belief in the animal's existence has varied since it was first brought to the world's attention in 1933. Evidence of its existence is anecdotal, with minimal and much-disputed photographic material and sonar readings.
The most common speculation among believers is that the creature represents a line of long-surviving plesiosaur. The scientific community regards the Loch Ness Monster as a modern-day myth, and explains sightings as including misidentifications of more mundane objects, outright hoaxes, and wishful thinking. Despite this, it remains one of the most famous examples of cryptozoology. The legendary monster has been affectionately referred to by the nickname Nessie.
- Wikipedia -

Now while the Wikipedia gives a date of 1933 for Nessie to have been brought to world attention, if this story of a baby Nessie and the three week expedition is true then sightings must have been happening long before 1933.

Thanks for reading.
[Sources: Wikipedia, Wikimedia]

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Creepy is the order of the day in The Conjuring
Available on 10/22
The Conjuring
Rated: R, Running Time: 112 minutes
Directed by James Wan
Release date: 10/22/13, Available on Blu-Ray, DVD, Streaming
 Movie Review
Thomas Marcum

If you've ever needed another reason not to buy a old plantation style house, just watch The Conjuring. The house itself is scary looking but the real fright is on the inside where multiple entities are living. This movie has some mega creepy scenes in it and several "that was creepy" events.

The main story starts with a family moving into an old plantation type house. Everything seems find at first and then the "bumps" in the night start.  As the evil forces become more violent the family seeks help from a pair of supernatural investigators.

Another interesting factor about this movie is that it is based on some real life events. Our family as a whole enjoyed the film but for me personally, I liked seeing the history of modern paranormal research and found it exciting. Many may not be aware but the investigators portrayed in the film are real life paranormal researchers, Ed and Lorraine Warren, Sadly Ed passed away in 2006 but Lorraine is still with us and still investigating. These two were real pioneers in the field of paranormal research and established many of the techniques still used today. So the movie has roots in real paranormal history, which people in the field of ghost hunting will appreciate.

The film is very entertaining and will make a great addition to the growing Halloween "must watch" movies. There is one scene in particular that stands out for me and it is the sheet scene, which I have included above. For more trailers of The Conjuring, please Click Here. I also encourage everyone to "like" The Conjuring Facebook page by Clicking Here!

The film has many terrifying elements from haunted or possessed material items to demons and exorcisms, which all make for a very good watch. So if you got room for another good solid scary movie, you should give this one a try.

The Blu-Ray DVD also contains a short but informative special feature entitled "A life in Demonology", where the real Lorraine Warren gives some insight into her many years of paranormal investigating. This special feature is for sure a must watch for anyone who is in the field of ghost hunting.

So in the end I enjoyed the film and can recommend it to anyone looking for a good scare on a dark night.

 Rating: 4 out of 5


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Area of the bigfoot sighting
Area of a recent bigfoot sighting
On 9/28/13 there was a bigfoot sighting right below my house, I conducted an investigation and a witness interview. (Found Here)
During the field investigation I heard and seen something right in front of me, so I was trying to record it and see what it was, it was squirrels. While going back through the videos at home I noticed what appeared to be movement in the background, which I did not see at the time. I made a short video of the movement which can be found Here. Well I went back to the area and made a comparison video.
Here it is.

I had also got some possible new sighting info from this same general area. My aunt told me her dogs were barking one night so her husband got a spot light and shined it around and they saw 2 large glowing eyes. They do not believe in bigfoot but said the eyes were really high off the ground and they thought it could have been a bear walking on it back legs. So with this new possible sighting info I took back to the forest to look for evidence. Here is the research video.

I also got some more new information from another neighbor, who said that almost every night something was going through the woods behind his house. He said whatever it is must be big and it scares the dogs real bad. He told us that you can hear it between about 1am to about 4am in the mornings. So a couple nights later, I was up sick at my stomach and thought I'd set on the porch to see if I could hear anything. Sure enough at about 1:30 am it sounded like a very large log was broken and there were numerous other sounds from behind this guys house.
So the next day I took a little trip into the woods behind hid house just to see if I could find anything. I managed to find and photograph several unusual things.

odd sticks
Sticks photo 1
These sticks seemed out of place for the surround area. There were 2 of these odd sticks structures. I just it could have just been random but they just seemed out of place.

Sticks photo 2
But that was not all I found, I also found where 2 young saplings both about 8 foot tall were bent, twisted and shoved under an old dead fall tree. The dead fall tree had been there a long time and there was no pressure on the 2 young saplings from the tree. The dead tree was actually laying against a rock and another log, but yet these 2 young trees were pushed under it. One of the young trees was actually snapped during the event.
Here are the photos
Photo of the 2 small trees that had been pushed under this dead fall 
Close up of the one tree that broke as it was pushed under the dead fall tree. It was fairly fresh, maybe a week old if I was guessing.  
Here is a close up of the root end of the dead fall tree.

I also found another possible old break or two but will not post them as this post is getting pretty long. I should also note that where these photos were taken this is a couple of walnut trees and small apple trees. It is also right next to a small stream.
I know at night the dog bark and then the next set of dogs bark and this is right where the first witness (Terry Roark) seen the bigfoot go up the mountain. I will continue to investigate the area and try to beware of any unusual activity as this is right where I live.


©The Crypto Crew

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The Haunting of Whaley House
The Haunting of Whaley House
The Haunting of Whaley House
Rated: NR, Running Time: 90 minutes
Directed by Jose Prendes
Release date: 2012, Available Now- Blu-Ray, DVD, Streaming
 Movie Review
Thomas Marcum

This fictitious movie is loosely base on the haunted folklore of the real Whaley House. During the making of this film the real Whaley House was considered for shooting the film but after going into the real Whaley House the director seen that the rooms were just too small to fit the cast, crew and equipment in them.

Now my thoughts about the movie. My wife and I sat back tonight and wanted to watch a decent scary movie, so we picked The Haunting of Whaley House. The basic premise of the movie is what got our attention, a small group of amateur ghost hunters spend a night in the haunted Whaley House.
The movie starts off pretty good and the set up is decent enough, the set up being that a tour guide at Whaley House don't believe the house if really haunted. It's not too long into the movie that the non believing tour guide is talked into taking her friends into the Whaley House for a night visit. There are several gruesome deaths during the movie and a few "jumpy" parts. The acting is decent enough but there is some weak and/or over acted scenes and in some of the scenes the lighting is not the best and the results is a too dark scene but it really don't effect or change the enjoyment of the film.

Overall we found the movie entertaining and my wife actually stayed awake until the end, which rarely happens. If you are a fan of ghosting hunting shows, which is the fan base this film seems geared towards, you might like this movie. While this movie is not a homerun or a must watch by any means, it is a decent film for a cool October night. The movie should be enjoyable for both believers and non believer in the paranormal. Check out The Haunting of Whaley House on Facebook by Clicking Here.

The Haunting of Whaley House is presented by The Asylum, who recently made some waves with the movie Sharknado.

Rating: 3 out of 5


[Links: Real Whaley House, Whaley House Movie]

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Whoops and Howls in Letcher County
Area of the Whoops and Howls
- This report comes to us from Randy. He tells of strange whoops and howls near his home in Letcher county Kentucky -

- Start
We were out on my carport one night with my brother's family back in June or July having a little cookout. Well, we were getting the kids to do whoops like the recordings on the net, while I took an old walking stick and did some knocks. We kept on for about an hour and listened after each time we would complete a call and series of knocks. Those kids could make whooping sounds so close to the calls on the net that it isn't funny. Anyway, about an hour of getting the kids to do this we were standing out in the driveway and heard the best copy of a couple of the howls we had heard on the net. The hair absolutely stood on every part of my body. My brother is a biologist for a company that surveys for endangered plants and animals. He looked at me with eyes as big as silver dollars.
My wife and sister-in-law were out there also, and I couldn't believe the looks on their faces. The kids got so distraught that they were running and absolutely crying and screaming with fear. We had to calm them and let them go inside. My brother, his wife, my wife and I were really taken back. My house is in the back of a long hollow with just a couple houses with family nearby.
We would do a few wood knocks, I would knock 3-4 times in a row just as fast as I could. My brother tried his hand at whooping and we got, if I remember correctly, 2 more of the howls.
Each time they got a little fainter. This was no coyote, dog or any other animal we have heard before.

We grew up with a shotgun in our hands, hunting by ourselves since we were 12 or 13 and have never heard anything like this. My brother being a biologist, said he couldn't relate it to anything he has ever heard either. And again, we truly stay in the outdoors more than we stay inside and we know every sound Mother Nature has offered us, but not this one.
After the event was over, my wife said, "I told u a few nights ago that I heard something in the mountain like that and you all wouldn't pay attention to me!", I actually remember that night. A few of my friends and family were talking and socializing when she came and said that to me.
I remember her saying that and me just passing it off as nothing. Not anymore. She and I stayed up for the next few nights trying to duplicate this, 2 nights between the hours of 1-3am we got responses from the same area.
We were so sure that we could get the responses again that we bought a $400 camcorder just for recording the howl. We didn't get much after that and we kind of just forgot about trying anymore.

Soon after, when deer bow hunting season came in, my brother started hunting behind our house. One morning he was back home by 10am and I asked why he came out of the woods so early. He said he was sitting in the stand and he heard the strangest sounding "bird" he had ever heard whooping in the back of the deep hollow behind my house. He said it was making a whooping sound like the kids were doing, but was deeper and stranger in tone. He wanted to say it sounded like a Bigfoot, I could tell, but he just couldn't make himself say it for some reason and I didn't ask if he thought it might have been, just to keep him from being more uncomfortable than he was.
He told me that it actually scared him and made him have a panic attack therefore causing him to come out of the stand and come home.

Now, to August of this year. I was standing on my porch at 2:26am one night. I remember the exact time but not the exact date. Yeah, that's strange too. Anyway, I was standing outside smoking and heard this same howl, coming from the same direction that it came from last year. It actually had a really strange pitch change near the end like the ones before. I stood there for about an hour and on the mountain, in front of my house, I heard the weirdest whistles I have ever heard. Whatever was doing it, did this about 3 times in the same manner each time. No bird I ever heard has ever whistled like this. A parrot might get close, but no small songbird or mocking bird. I can whistle pretty good, but could not get that sound or the clarity of the whistle sounds. I just can't explain in words how this whistle sounded.
I have more I could tell u, but I have typed a book. I'm not looking for attention, I just wanted to tell someone that would listen, like the guy in Tazwell wanted to do. I sent a report to BFRO and to the KY Bigfoot research people, but never got a call. This made me feel a little stupid and wondered if they thought I was one of those crazy people. I did find a boy that has a page in Facebook close to our area, Southeast Ky Bigfoot research I think is the name. I called him and told him a little about it and he said they had already had plans to come to this area for a weekend or 2 after I called. I told him I would take him right where these howls seem to come from, but I never heard from him anymore. I guess work is keeping him busy. One more thing. I looked on the BFRO site and the KY Bigfoot site and found 1 report in the exact same area. Coon hunters seen what could have been a Bigfoot, cross in front if their truck on old strip mine area. It is under Pike co and this strip mine land is the same place that we heard the howls. I was surprised to see this. It is right above my house. I'm only 1/4 mile or less from Pike. The report was back in the 90s if I recall correctly. Another report was from Letcher around Whitesburg talking about a screaming or screeching bigfoot. We own 92 acres down there bordering the area this report is from. I have wanted to go there to see what might occur but I would like someone who has time, to go with me. I could take someone with more knowledge and equipment than me in case we were at the right place at the right time.

I've been wanting to tell about this to someone that will listen. My brother said he would also give his account, along with my wife.  I am trying to get anyone around here to speak up if they have had anything strange going on, but getting people around here to talk about that stuff is almost impossible. Thanks, Randy

- End

- Now if anyone in Letcher county Kentucky has heard or seen anything related to bigfoot, please contact us. A big thanks to Randy for sending us his report. I hope others from the area contact us and tell about their encounters.


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Hunter encounters aggressive bigfoot
Art by Sybilla Irwin 
Hunter Mike Wooley tells about his run in with two aggressive bigfoot in the forest of Louisiana. 

Here is another artist rendering of the creature from the account.

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