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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ok, this video is catching fire on facebook and some people are saying it is a real bigfoot. It seem pretty obvious that is a cheap bigfoot suit but I did some poking around to see what I could find. Also at the end of the video the guys are laughing and having a fun time and I don't think this is how a person would act who just seen a real bigfoot.
The bigfoot in the above video looks a lot like the same suit used by famous youtuber BUTCHYKID - click and watch.

I also checked out Tim Wells facebook page and it appears a still frame was released towards the end of September of his bigfoot video. No other post about it that I could find until the youtube explosion of the video today.

Here is that still frame and notice what Tim says under it

I can also gather by looking at Tim's facebook page is that he is kind of a joker/prankster type of guy.
According to some of his followers Tim pulls these Spoofs from time to time.
Still not convinced?  Then check out one of Tim's other spoof videos

Now it seems Tim is a great fun loving guy but I'd guess he didn't know how some in the bigfoot community would pounce on his video and think it was a real bigfoot. If you watch the video it is clearly a plug to get likes to his facebook page and that is fine and nothing is wrong with that at all.

This is clearly a fake bigfoot video made for fun and marketing.

Here is Tim with Bigfoot

So lets please put an end to thinking this is a real bigfoot and enjoy the video for what it is and that's a funny marketing video .

Have a great day!

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