Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goblin photograph

Goblin in a cave
For many years now the above goblin photo has been presented in various places on the Internet. The goblin in a cave picture is thought to be real by some people and I'll have to admit it looks really good.

Now the rest of the story. This is actually a plaster display in a tourist place called Cheddar Show Caves & Gorge. It is located in Somerset, England. Cheddar Showcaves is a tourist attraction which contains an attraction called "Crystal Quest." Crystal Quest is a dark cave full of odd carvings that are intermittently lit by strobe lights.

Crystal Quest Goblin
Fake Goblin
"Regarding that photo of the goblin. I went to Cheddar Gorge (UK) and caves today. That critter is in fact a sculpture in an attraction here called Crystal Quest. Just thought you'd be interested to hear this!" – Rondette
That is not to say that the caves are not mysterious, check out the info below:

Cheddar Gorge
Cheddar Gorge is a limestone gorge in the Mendip Hills, near the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England. The gorge is the site of the Cheddar show caves, where Britain's oldest complete human skeleton, Cheddar Man, estimated to be over 9,000 years old, was found in 1903. Older remains from the Upper Late Palaeolithic era (12,000–13,000 years ago) have been found. The caves, produced by the activity of an underground river, contain stalactites and stalagmites.
Cheddar Gorge, including the caves and other attractions, has become a tourist destination. In a 2005 poll of Radio Times readers, following its appearance on the 2005 television program Seven Natural Wonders, Cheddar Gorge was named as the second greatest natural wonder in Britain, surpassed only by Dan yr Ogof caves. The gorge attracts about 500,000 visitors per year.

Some, I suppose, will still cling to this photo as real but as you can clearly see it is not. The sculpture is fantastic and realistic looking but it for sure is not a living creature. Does this mean there are no such creatures at all? I say no just because a lot of our planet has not really been explored, especially caves and who knows for sure what's really out there. About 80 percent of the Congo has not been explored and new creatures are discovered all the time, nothing maybe as wild as a goblin, but who knows it may be next!


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