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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dr. Ketchum and the DNA study
Bigfoot Tracks

Over the last couple of days there has been a flurry of debates and down right fights over the recent media blitz of the Dr. Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Study. While there are educated people on both side of Ketchum's DNA study there seems to be a bigger "debate" over the famous Matilda video footage.

The Matilda footage is from Adrian Erickson and the footage was reportedly filmed in my home state of Kentucky.
Here is a quick look at the footage, courtesy of Bigfoot Evidence Blog.

What strikes me from the above video is that there appears to be no mouth movement at all.
Several months ago Bill Munns said this was just a modified Chewbacca mask and offered the following photo comparisons.
Bill Munns is not a light weight and has many years experience in the movie industry as a makeup and prosthetics artist. You can view his long list of feature films he has worked on by Clicking Here.
He has also done fantastic work on the Roger Patterson film from 1967.
Now as the debate rages as to whether this is a "wookie" mask or not, another creature builder has offered his opinion.

Doug Hudson said this : "..this isn't even a very good" wookie" suit"

I contacted Doug directly and ask him: "I heard you think the bigfoot video of "Matilda" is a Chewbacca mask?  I wanted to confirm you stated this as it is being posted on a few FB pages. If you did say it can I use it on my blog? "

Doug replied: "Yes, you can use it."

So just who is Doug Hudson? He is a Hollywood effect artist with over 20 years experience. Doug also knows some stuff about bigfoot and has created a very good bigfoot suit. You can view his work on his website at klonefx.com. His bigfoot costume even has it a facebook page - RealisticBigfootCostume.

So, the debate will rage on with good people on both sides of the argument. The sad part is that while this debate is ongoing several recent bigfoot reports are getting over looked and pushed to the side. There have been a few good sighting reports scattered across Kentucky over the last few days or weeks.

While I enjoy science and the whole idea of testing bigfoot DNA samples it does not replace, at least in my mind, the strength of eye witness testimony and actual field research. While DNA samples can tell us many things about these creatures, it can't give us the passion in a true witness's voice as they talk about their sighting and as we here the excitement, fear and shock in their voices. Don't get me wrong the DNA study is exciting but what could prove bigfoot to the masses has also brought much confusion to the table. Many people are falling out with each other because one is on one side and one on the other. Many, like me, find the DNA jargon confusing and somewhat hard to follow. So we lean on video evidence which in the case of Matilda could be a hoax, Hence the need for witness testimony and field research.

In the end regardless of how this all turns out, concerning the DNA study and videos, I want to continue to log sighting reports and do field research. I feel that is just as important as any DNA study. Even if bigfoot was 100 percent accepted as real by everyone, I would still personally want to find out more about them.

I have learned over the years that them that crow the loudest tend to have the least to crow about. I don't know if that will hold true for this current hot topic but I'm proceeding with caution.

 [Special thanks to : Bill Munns, Doug Hudson and all involved in my post]

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