Monday, September 30, 2013

Bigfoot Sighting Witness Interview and Area Investigation

Bigfoot runs across road in Kentucky
Bigfoot Sighting map
Bigfoot Sighting Witness Interview and Area Investigation.
Sighting took place on 9/28/13 very close to my home in Bell County Kentucky. I will continue to check the area.
During the interview the witness also tells of another sighting that took place in 2006.
I hope you enjoy the interview and investigation.

Here is a map of both sightings.

Sighting Reports
When: 9/28/13
Time of Day: 11am
Where: Bell co. Kentucky
Witnesses: 1
Description: 6-7 foot tall, black. Ran across road up into mountains. Witness said it looked like a monkey with a gorillas body. Said it had feet like a human.

2006 sighting report
When: 3/06
Time of Day: ?
Where: Harlan county, Kentucky (Just across the Bell county line)
Witnesses: 1
Description: 7-8 foot tall, black. creature was in the creek splashing. Witness got very close to creature, within about 20 feet. Creature ran into the mountains.

- End Report

I thought I would update this report with an actual picture of that area from the 2013 sighting. I have circled where the bigfoot was seen and where it when towards. Here is the image.



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  1. I totally believe this old timer. You could tell he is a man of few words and was somewhat reluctant to talk about it, which I believe makes him as credible as anyone. You know that Scott Carpenter aka Joe Black is filming BF on the Tn. side of the Great Smokies. I believe that BF travel the Appalachian Range because it is so remote. Great work !

  2. Yep, I believe him. No extraneous details, no changes, just the basic facts as he knows them. He reminds me of my uncle too... :)

  3. Yep I 100 percent believe him - On a side note my aunt seen some eyeshine of something very tall a couple nights back and it is in this same area. I'm still trying to keep and eye out and hope to hit the woods again soon.


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