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Sunday, September 29, 2013

DNA sample
The tissue sample was referred to as "The Bigfoot Steak" 

This post is from Cindy Bowers. Cindy is a bigfoot enthusiast who enjoys researching the unknown.

Recently Justin Smeja was asked a rather hard and direct question by Suzy Matiash administrator of the group Bigfoot Community.
The question was:
" Mr Smeja I mean this question with no malice toward you. But this is a no kill group. And given the chance . Would you kill another sas? Or have you changed your views and would not do it again."

The following is Justin's answer:

"I believe Bigfoots are some sort of people a wild man or archaic human if you will. They are not just some other animal to be hunted like deer, its immoral they are intelligent.
For the greater good of the species wether it be in life or death or even extinction, I will pursue killing one, I do not love the species or the individuals. I do feel its wrong to persue taIking a sasquatches life but who among us does everything right? You worry about the person you see in the mirror I'll take care of me.
I will try to kill another to prove their existence.
The truth is most in the bigfoot community are liars, especially when it comes to the subject. They preach this no kill gospel and pretend to be disgusted by the thought of killing one publicly but behind closed doors I'm often (very often) approached by these same individuals many of whom are highly respected pillars in the community with a new strategy or location or idea of how to kill one. They often even offer to help fund an expedition to bring back a dead one. Derek was never like that. He always hated the idea of killing one. I respect him for that, hes a better man then me.
Im not here to play politics work or be politically correct or save face, I'm not looking for a place in the bf community. When I research I often have a rifle if I see one I will most likely shoot it. I often research with no rifle at all. Make what you will out of that. My only goal is proof to validate my story.
This is a stupid arguement to kill or not to kill, if your that worked up about it you have too much time on your hands. Its like arguing its wrong for someone to spend all their money on drugs if they win the lottery (in my case twice). DNA is no longer good enough. Specially in this field. For the sake of time lets just assume that I know more about DNA results findings and protocols then 98 percent of you. Ive worked first hand with countless labs and doctors on this subject over the last 3 years. If a bodies drug in by a researcher tomorrow the blood of that individual is partly on melbas hands, because of her we need a body. We need a body not a sequence.
The truth is I waver back and forth some days Im 100% no kill. I've lost more sleep on the subject because of my actions then any of you. I've made peace with my actions besides the occasional nightmare."

This statement is sure to cause a stir with some people, but I will attempt at remaining objective. As an outsider and skeptic I have long viewed the story with interest and paid attention to the key players. We can all make judgment calls that others may not agree with and can only speculate as to what we would do if in that persons shoes, or in this case boots. One must ask yourself would someone who was being disingenuous go to such lengths as to face the wrath of others for stating his feelings? Are others any less sincere in their feelings of wrongful death? The fact remains science needs a specimen , that does not mean necessarily death. But possible tranquilizing and sample collection done by trained biologists as well field studies. If people want to prove existence tough choices may have to be made. Others may feel that they simply need to be left alone. Be kind to one another we are all in this together whether skeptic or believer.


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  1. What an absolute load of crap! His whole story and the movie being made about it are big red flags. Of course he is going to seem sincere! Get a grip people! Justin and his whole crew are SELLING a story..sierra bigfoot and thermal footage. what a joke

  2. Given human history history, if Bigfoot was proven real tomorrow might as well paint a bullseye on its back.

  3. at least he's honest about it. I like justin, he isn't a hypocrite like 95% of the bigfoot community and is a very straight shooter. I don't think he could have said it any better. killing one is not a good thing but it is the only thing that will prove the existent of bigfoots. If you think otherwise, you can keep dreaming.


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