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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Whoops and Howls in Letcher County
Area of the Whoops and Howls
- This report comes to us from Randy. He tells of strange whoops and howls near his home in Letcher county Kentucky -

- Start
We were out on my carport one night with my brother's family back in June or July having a little cookout. Well, we were getting the kids to do whoops like the recordings on the net, while I took an old walking stick and did some knocks. We kept on for about an hour and listened after each time we would complete a call and series of knocks. Those kids could make whooping sounds so close to the calls on the net that it isn't funny. Anyway, about an hour of getting the kids to do this we were standing out in the driveway and heard the best copy of a couple of the howls we had heard on the net. The hair absolutely stood on every part of my body. My brother is a biologist for a company that surveys for endangered plants and animals. He looked at me with eyes as big as silver dollars.
My wife and sister-in-law were out there also, and I couldn't believe the looks on their faces. The kids got so distraught that they were running and absolutely crying and screaming with fear. We had to calm them and let them go inside. My brother, his wife, my wife and I were really taken back. My house is in the back of a long hollow with just a couple houses with family nearby.
We would do a few wood knocks, I would knock 3-4 times in a row just as fast as I could. My brother tried his hand at whooping and we got, if I remember correctly, 2 more of the howls.
Each time they got a little fainter. This was no coyote, dog or any other animal we have heard before.

We grew up with a shotgun in our hands, hunting by ourselves since we were 12 or 13 and have never heard anything like this. My brother being a biologist, said he couldn't relate it to anything he has ever heard either. And again, we truly stay in the outdoors more than we stay inside and we know every sound Mother Nature has offered us, but not this one.
After the event was over, my wife said, "I told u a few nights ago that I heard something in the mountain like that and you all wouldn't pay attention to me!", I actually remember that night. A few of my friends and family were talking and socializing when she came and said that to me.
I remember her saying that and me just passing it off as nothing. Not anymore. She and I stayed up for the next few nights trying to duplicate this, 2 nights between the hours of 1-3am we got responses from the same area.
We were so sure that we could get the responses again that we bought a $400 camcorder just for recording the howl. We didn't get much after that and we kind of just forgot about trying anymore.

Soon after, when deer bow hunting season came in, my brother started hunting behind our house. One morning he was back home by 10am and I asked why he came out of the woods so early. He said he was sitting in the stand and he heard the strangest sounding "bird" he had ever heard whooping in the back of the deep hollow behind my house. He said it was making a whooping sound like the kids were doing, but was deeper and stranger in tone. He wanted to say it sounded like a Bigfoot, I could tell, but he just couldn't make himself say it for some reason and I didn't ask if he thought it might have been, just to keep him from being more uncomfortable than he was.
He told me that it actually scared him and made him have a panic attack therefore causing him to come out of the stand and come home.

Now, to August of this year. I was standing on my porch at 2:26am one night. I remember the exact time but not the exact date. Yeah, that's strange too. Anyway, I was standing outside smoking and heard this same howl, coming from the same direction that it came from last year. It actually had a really strange pitch change near the end like the ones before. I stood there for about an hour and on the mountain, in front of my house, I heard the weirdest whistles I have ever heard. Whatever was doing it, did this about 3 times in the same manner each time. No bird I ever heard has ever whistled like this. A parrot might get close, but no small songbird or mocking bird. I can whistle pretty good, but could not get that sound or the clarity of the whistle sounds. I just can't explain in words how this whistle sounded.
I have more I could tell u, but I have typed a book. I'm not looking for attention, I just wanted to tell someone that would listen, like the guy in Tazwell wanted to do. I sent a report to BFRO and to the KY Bigfoot research people, but never got a call. This made me feel a little stupid and wondered if they thought I was one of those crazy people. I did find a boy that has a page in Facebook close to our area, Southeast Ky Bigfoot research I think is the name. I called him and told him a little about it and he said they had already had plans to come to this area for a weekend or 2 after I called. I told him I would take him right where these howls seem to come from, but I never heard from him anymore. I guess work is keeping him busy. One more thing. I looked on the BFRO site and the KY Bigfoot site and found 1 report in the exact same area. Coon hunters seen what could have been a Bigfoot, cross in front if their truck on old strip mine area. It is under Pike co and this strip mine land is the same place that we heard the howls. I was surprised to see this. It is right above my house. I'm only 1/4 mile or less from Pike. The report was back in the 90s if I recall correctly. Another report was from Letcher around Whitesburg talking about a screaming or screeching bigfoot. We own 92 acres down there bordering the area this report is from. I have wanted to go there to see what might occur but I would like someone who has time, to go with me. I could take someone with more knowledge and equipment than me in case we were at the right place at the right time.

I've been wanting to tell about this to someone that will listen. My brother said he would also give his account, along with my wife.  I am trying to get anyone around here to speak up if they have had anything strange going on, but getting people around here to talk about that stuff is almost impossible. Thanks, Randy

- End

- Now if anyone in Letcher county Kentucky has heard or seen anything related to bigfoot, please contact us. A big thanks to Randy for sending us his report. I hope others from the area contact us and tell about their encounters.


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Saturday, October 12, 2013 4 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. In childhood period I have also done !! Because in that time we have a lot craze about such thing !!

  2. I had a very straight forward bigfoot sighting several years ago while lose in Elkridge Maryland. I reported it to several Bigfoot sighting. I got response from them. About a year later one Georgia Bigfoot websites connected me who in turn contacted a Maryland bigfoot website.
    First 99% of all websites are run by volunteers who do not get paid. It is my belief that eventually a hoaxer get in contact and burns them. If it only happens once it kill the spiritual of these guys. They are then look out and frighten to get burned again.
    Second even with cell phones it going to be rare to beta good picture. The Odds are improving. SO without a photo/video it just your testimony.

  3. I have read your article post. I have actually read a lot of your blog posts in the last hour. I really enjoy what you are doing here. (And as a writer of fantasy novels, I'm enjoying looking at different aspects of that when you go through them in blog post). And truly, I love world-culture building.

  4. I really admire that you have brought. Thank!


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