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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

North Gazley Road, Myrtle Creek, OR
North Gazley Road, Myrtle Creek, OR

This investigation/research by TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long
Both are avid outdoors people and good researchers.
This is a report by Bobby & Corinna.

- Start Report -
October 19th 2013 North Gazley Road. GPS 42.98929N, 123.2748W Nearest town(s) Canyonville Or. Just South of area and Myrtle Creek just west of the area.
No creature was seen just heard. 9 a.m. The said creature let out a very large whoop. The encounter was very brief.
Robert York was traveling along North Gazley road while on a deer hunt, as he was going down the road a very loud whoop came from a heavily wooded area. Robert immediately stopped his truck because he had heard similar sounds earlier in the year.
These sounds were concluded to have been possible Bigfoot vocalizations by TCC members Bobby and Corinna Long.
Robert was unable to get anymore responses so he went about his hunt.
- End Report -

TCC's Bobby and Corinna Long were given this information on Sunday October 20th 2013 and on Monday went into the area for a short investigation. The only thing that was found was a makeshift shelter and not really any other evidence.
Our conclusion was that the recent logging activity had pushed the said Bigfoot into an area pressured by hunters and off roaders.
The vocalization was probably a warning to any other of them in the area.
Here are a few photos of the area.
Thank you. Bobby

Oregon home of bigfoot


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