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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hunter shoots a bigfoot
General area of the event

World Exclusive! Never Told  Publicly Until NOW! 

The below phone interview is well over an hour long but it is an amazing tale.
A hunter encounters 2 bigfoots and feeling in danger of being attacked shoots one of the creatures.

The Virginia Fish and Wildlife get involved and another unnamed government department.
Blood samples and photos were taken.

The person who contacted me wishes to remain anonymous because there could be negative effects on his personal life and his company/business.

Here is our interview

At the first of this interview, you can hear the emotions in the hunter's voice. The level of detail about the event and the creatures are pretty amazing.

I hope you take the time to listen to the whole interview and I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. You can only wonder how many witnesses have yet to come forward. Many probably never will for fear of ridicule. The BF community is it's own worst enemy.

    1. I agree - I personally try to do honest and real research but sometimes it's over looked because the BF community is fighting over something....usually a photo of a stump or something ..lol .
      Thanks for the comment

  2. Amazing. When he describes the face, it sounds like "Hank." Hmmmmm.

  3. Same old story..unverifiable testimony. Maybe true..maybe not.

  4. If he is faking this story, he is one hell of an actor!! 20 years in law enforcement and I believe he did what e describes!

    1. I completely agree with you. I heard no dispensation in his voice. A lair could never tell his story in reverse order with out mistakes, and out of order events. I bet this gentlemen could tell this account forwards, backward and upside down and it would always be the same.

    2. Yeah I think he was very truthful. You can hear the raw emotion in his voice.

  5. I do not know why this post does not have 1000 comments and your blog does not shut down its server daily. Thank you so much for posting this and tracking down the story. Best BF related thing I have heard in a while! Amazing story. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and comment. Please spread the word about our site.

  6. I can see more encounters coming as more forests are clear for human settlement.

  7. that was a fascinating story! although I feel bad about the shooting I do understand the reason as I have never seen one and don't know how I would react to it.
    I can somewhat understand the sheer terror one would feel especially if your not expecting to see a bigfoot in the middle of nowhere by yourself.
    So thanks for the incredible bigfoot adventure, lol I do hope he has found some peace in himself and come to accepted what he did as a cautionary tale to those thrill seekers who want to hunt bigfoots.

  8. Sounds like a guy who can tell stories good, read up or listened to the Justin Smeja story, and decided to make a copycat story. Same exact thing other than the little baby shooting. There is no doubt in my mind this is fake and made up to garner publicity or just for fun. Sounds like when he was describing the one hanging in the tree, that he decided to use the scene in predator for comparison where the predator does the exact same thing he described. I think its bullshit, and probably this guy listened to the Justin Smeja astory and the Bugs story of bigfoot shootings, and just combined different elements with good story telling. Complete crap and probably came from some clown from the bigfootevidence.com site

  9. Id bet money if this did actually happen, it happened near Tazwell Virginia. I have bear hunted there, and the terrain is very steep. And that area is the best bear area in VA and the most rugged terrain in VA.

  10. I don'y know anyone that carries a 243 cal with no intension of shooting an animal ? Why carry one in the 1st place? Piss poor of a hunter that shoots before identifying what the animal was ?

  11. This ain't even a hunter but just a talker. 1st he sees almost nothing at the beginning of the interview but towards the end he seems to have seen every thing and is just copying what other people have witness. Almost like a blob-squatch but jabbing away.

  12. After listening to this gentleman's story, and remembering my 1999 encounter while hunting, (posted on this website earlier this month), I remember my emotions as I looked into the eyes of the one I saw face to face. I believe him.

  13. I listened to this and you can tell the way he has been emotional about it and still is traumatized from it 10 years later. When you are traumatized you remember every little detail..I never witnessed a bigfoot but I witnessed a UFO and I can tell you ..I can feel the way his emotions are..till this day I do not know what it was ..did some research on it and it was nothing I could find online or have seen in person..He is credible..great interview!!

  14. I know & I believe.

  15. until you have an experience you can not say you believe. I believe.

  16. On one of my hunts, I jumped a deer, which was minus a tail. This lack of a flag and the fact that the entire rear end of the animal was red instead of the expected white, delayed my identification of the animal until it was too late for a killing shot. Check here


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