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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Area of the bigfoot sighting
Area of a recent bigfoot sighting
More Investigation of a Recent Sighting | Terry Sighting

On 9/28/13 there was a bigfoot sighting right below my house, I conducted an investigation and a witness interview. (Found Here)
During the field investigation I heard and saw something right in front of me, so I was trying to record it and see what it was, it was squirrels. While going back through the videos at home I noticed what appeared to be movement in the background, which I did not see at the time. I made a short video of the movement which can be found Here. Well, I went back to the area and made a comparison video.
Here it is.

I also got some possible new sighting info from this same general area. My aunt told me her dogs were barking one night so her husband got a spotlight and shined it around and they saw 2 large glowing eyes. They do not believe in bigfoot but said the eyes were really high off the ground and they thought it could have been a bear walking on its back legs. So with this new possible sighting info, I took back to the forest to look for evidence. Here is the research video.

I also got some more new information from another neighbor, who said that almost every night something was going through the woods behind his house. He said whatever it is must be big and it scares the dogs really bad. He told us that you can hear it between about 1am to about 4am in the mornings. So a couple nights later, I was up sick to my stomach and thought I'd set on the porch to see if I could hear anything. Sure enough at about 1:30 am, it sounded like a very large log was broken and there were numerous other sounds from behind this guy's house.
So the next day I took a little trip into the woods behind his house just to see if I could find anything. I managed to find and photograph several unusual things.

odd sticks
Sticks photo 1
These sticks seemed out of place for the surrounding area. There were 2 of these odd stick structures. I just it could have just been random but they just seemed out of place.

Sticks photo 2
But that was not all I found, I also found where 2 young saplings both about 8 feet tall were bent, twisted, and shoved under an old dead fall tree. The dead fall tree had been there a long time and there was no pressure on the 2 young saplings from the tree. The dead tree was actually laying against a rock and another log, yet these 2 young trees were pushed under it. One of the young trees was actually snapped during the event.
Here are the photos
Photo of the 2 small trees that had been pushed under this dead fall 
Close up of the one tree that broke as it was pushed under the dead fall tree. It was fairly fresh, maybe a week old if I was guessing.  
Here is a close-up of the root end of the dead fall tree.

I also found another possible old break or two but will not post them as this post is getting pretty long. I should also note that where these photos were taken this is a couple of walnut trees and small apple trees. It is also right next to a small stream.
I know at night the dog bark and then the next set of dogs bark and this is right where the first witness (Terry Roark) saw the bigfoot go up the mountain. I will continue to investigate the area and try to beware of any unusual activity as this is right where I live.


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you ! Still some activity in the area....more videos and research coming soon

  2. Keep this going please, great job!

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