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Welcome to the next episode of My Crypto World. In this episode I talk briefly about vacation, or the lack there of, and movies.
Then the subject matter changes to a more serious topic, the one of the cost of bigfooting. The willingness to sell out a person's personal convictions for the almighty dollar.
I also talk about a few other topics. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is Episode 9 of My Crypto World.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Overhead map of Buile Hill Park

I just got in another report from the United Kingdom. Brenda ran across our report from Deborah (Found here) and wanted to share her similar sighting. Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: Brenda  ****
Email Address: on file
State: Lancashire
Date of Sighting: JAN 1984
Time of Day: Early evening about 5pm
Nearest Town: Salford
Length of Sighting: 30 seconds
How many Witnesses: just myself
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
I recently read your article with a lady named Deborah, who saw the yeti bigfoot in Buile park in Salford and I wanted to get in touch because I saw the same thing in 1984 when I was 30 years old.
I was walking my dog there and it was freezing cold and I was having a cigarette. It was dark at that time of year at 5pm and I thought I was alone in the park as it is usually shut then but this particular night it was open. I was smoking when movement to my left caught my eye.

There was nearby light and I saw this tall thing there. It looked about 6 foot tall and was quite podgy. It had a bit of a belly on it. What got me right away was that it was bare feet. It was then that I noticed it was nude. It had no clothing but it had hair all over the body.

Thats when I thought it must have been someone playing silly beggars but this thing just stood there. I saw it had male genitalia and that was when I became worried. I thought it might attack me.
It stood there staring for about 20 seconds and then it turned very quickly and ran off into the trees. I quickly left the park and returned home and told my then boyfriend and his brother but he laughed and said I must have seen the local perv trying to pick up a prostitute.

I will never forget that thing. I did not know anything about Bigfoot and stuff but thats what it must have been, and to learn someone else saw it in the same trees was startling. I would never forget it.
It looked like a chimp but with the body shape of a man. It couldn't have been a monkey because it was too tall and it was like a caveman from the dinosaur days.

It had a piggy type of nose and large black eyes. It was full of brown hair and it had a human's face but it was also like a chimps. Hard to explain.
I would like my email kept secret from the public as I don't want hate mail but thought i would get in touch because that lady saw the same thing in the park as me. Thanks from Brenda.

- End Report -  

Notice in Brenda's report, at the end, she states she don't want her email public because of hate mail. I can totally understand that and that is part of the reason why people do not come forward. Once you report a sighting, it seems you are quickly labeled a nut or crazy. People ridicule you over Bigfoot sightings and it takes strong and brave people like Deborah and Brenda to step out and tell about their sightings. I get it sometime myself and often times as soon as I have any differences with anyone on any subject they quick point out I'm crazy and believe in Bigfoot or have a PHD in Bigfoot. I guess it just goes with the territory.

Thanks again goes to Brenda for sharing her sighting.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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I think this is the video I had heard about but never seen of 2 bigfoots fighting. What appears to be a dark sasquatch and a white sasquatch do some pushing on one another.

I would like to get the raw video file of this, it could be some very compelling footage.
MK Davis does a good job but anytime you film a video screen it loses a lot of the quality.

Interesting none the less.


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This was filmed in 2006 in British Columbia. This footage is sometimes called "Sooke Bigfoot".
It was uploaded to youtube by the user Tdlaat.
Not much is really known about the footage other than they say they filmed it on the way to work.
Is it a Bigfoot or Just a Person? You can decide for yourself.

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This is a post by TCC Team Member Dale Drinnon.
Dale has a degree in Anthropology with a background in Zoology and Paleontology.
Visit his Blog - Frontiers of Zoology

This is a youtube video discussing the supposed announcement of a body of a Bigfoot upon its first examination by supposedly qualified people:
Now the question is, are the supporters of this alleged incident providing trustworthy reports of their claim?
Well, the first thing I had noticed was that the illustration is ripped off of another report from Canada and reproduced without credit: I had previously posted the report and the illustration on my blog with due credit and so I recognized it. So the representation that this is "Their" Bigfoot body is already fraudulent and a deliberate attempt at deception while using somebody else's illustration in a manner the artist certainly would not have intended.Then there is a protracted matter of why their expert was one Musky Allen (of no especial credentials and no especial standing in either the Scientific nor yet in the Bigfooting community) instead of a previously-proposed Dr Don Jeffrey Meldrum. The answer was interesting in that it pointed up further lies and evasions.

So, what did Alan Musky really say about Dr. Meldrum? His latest statement sounds as if there had been a big misunderstanding, but clearly that was not the case. Here is what Alan Musky posted on a Facebook page called Bigfoot Warz yesterday : (click photo to enlarge)

 And then his attempt to "Correct" the statement on FB/FB

And then there is what Dr Meldrum posted in reply

It definitely seems that Musky lied about his communications to Dr. Meldrum and that Dr. Meldrum called him on the allegation. It seems Dr Meldrum carried the day and that furthermore Musky is not to be trusted, as Dr Meldrum says in his statement.
This particular exchange does not question Rick Dyer directly, but it does completely undermine the reliability of the witness he called upon for support of his position and expert testimony, when obviously he provides neither. Without Musky's word on it, we are left with Dyer's word alone, and actually that much alone is not good enough. He is already suspect from his involvement in the 2008 hoax when a different supposed Bigfoot body turned out to be a costume in an abandoned refrigerator with some entrails added to give the exhibit the air of authority.
[Photos source: Facebook.com, Melissa Hovey, Brad Vincent jr]
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Is it bigfoot?
The above photo was taken in Clinton, PA, I do not know who took the photo or who to give credit to for it. This was reportedly take in March of 2012. I have attempted to make enhancements of the photo but the sticks in the foreground makes it a little more difficult.

Here is a zoom and color enhancement of the photo
Seems pretty large

And here is another attempt with some different color adjustments

I really don't know if this is a real bigfoot or not but it very well could be. The figure does appear to be pretty large. If anyone knows more about this photo and who originally took it, let me know and I'll be sure to give credit for it.


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LT was out doing some more bigfoot research and doing some filming. After reviewing the video later he heard what appears to be an EVP and he sent it over to me. I have isolated the possible EVP and attempted to enhance the sound. It does sound like a voice. Could it just be some kind of static or interference?  Maybe but I'm not sure. Kind of weird.
If I remember correctly LT had told be sometime back of possible supernatural things happening in his research area.


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Stranded In The Company of A Legend?
J.M. Bailey’s "Eve" Is A Winner

Book Review by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher 

I’m always on the hunt for stories about sasquatches that have a little bit different spin and flavor.

I’m often not too enchanted with bigfoot movies that portray them as being evil monsters on the hunt for humans to kill or eat.

So I was more than happy to read Eve by J.M. Bailey. This bigfoot story is, if you’re a believer, one that’s great to imagine could happen to any one of us. A young woman, Anna, decides to go hiking in the Northern California wilderness in the more volatile weather season only to have her access road be washed out by rain. Stranded miles from civilization, she’s faced with a difficult dilemma of survival when she suddenly notices an odd "tree stump" in the distance and the "most rancid, curdling stench" she could ever imagine.

Could it be?

Yes, it is. Eve is one of the more idyllic bigfoot stories in its very charm and scope, and lends a soft side to our hairy friends that many of us can relate to. And it serves as a reminder to revere and respect nature and all those things we don’t understand. As Anna experiences such horrors like being pursued by a giant male and the wonder of human-like compassion from "Eve", this story chronicles a young woman’s journey of discovery. She vows to learn as much as she can about these creatures as she knows they could, at any moment, disappear into the forest forever like legends often do.

I recommend this book to anyone who believes. But I would not recommend it for young children due to some adult language content.

All in all, I found it to be a beautiful story, fast-paced and full of insight. Definitely a winner. ******DF
Rating: 5 out of 5 - Get it!
Purchase this book today!

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Bigfoot DNA Paper coming soon?

It seems there is some "New" info and hope for the long talked about phantom Ketchum Bigfoot DNA study Paper.
For a long time now this DNA paper and study has seemed like a bigger myth than bigfoot itself, but is all of that about to change? Will some be eating Crow?

Dr. Igor Burtsev,
Head of International Center of Hominology in Moscow, Russia. Dr. Burtsev is well known for his research and support of the Janice Carter story, and his many years of research. The Janice Carter story may be better known as The Carter Farms Story and has been met with a lot of resistance over the years. Many have said bad things about Janice Carter but I found her to be a very nice and approachable person.

Today Igor Burtsev posted the following on his facebook page and it has caused a pretty big stir.
"The DNA analysis of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch specimen conducted by Dr. Melba Ketchum the head of DNA Diagnostics, Timpson, TX, USA has been over!
Team of American scientists led by Dr. Melba Ketchum for five years has analyzed 109 purported samples of such creatures. The study has sequenced DNA of a novel North American hominin, commonly called Bigfoot or Sasquatch.
There were a large number of laboratories associated with this study including academic, private and government laboratories in which blind testing was utilized to avoid prejudice in testing. Great time and care was taken in the forensic laboratories to assure no contamination occurred with any of the samples utilized in this study.
After 5 years of this study the scientists can finally answer the question of what sasquatch really is. It is human like us only different, a hybrid of a human with unknown species. Early field research shows that the Bigfoot/Sasquatches are massively intelligent which has enabled them to avoid detection to a large extent. They are different than us, however human nonetheless.
The hybridization event could not have occurred more than 15000 years ago according to the mitochondrial data in some samples. Origin of this hominin was probably Middle Eastern/Eastern Europe and Europe originally though other geographic areas are not excluded.
The manuscript associated with this study has been submitted to a scientific reviewed magazine.
For years people have refused to believe they exist. Now that we know that they are real, it is up to us to protect them from those that would hunt or try to capture them for research or for sport. They should be left alone to live as they live now. After all, they are our relatives.
At this time, analysis of the Sasquatch genomes is still ongoing. Further data will be presented in the future following this original study. Additionally, analysis of various hair samples purportedly from Siberian Wildman are being tested in an effort to determine if relatedness exists between the Sasquatch and Russian Wildman."

While this may get many overly excited it is important to remember there is nothing really new in his statement. Almost all of that info has already been posted at one point or another.
While I have great respect for Igor and find him a very nice guy, we must remember that there has been numerous attempts from Russia of reported proof of bigfoot. Lets not forget the totally bogus "captured bigfoot" video from a few months back. None of which Igor was involved in to my knowledge.  

One good thing about Igor's statement is that it got Dr. Melba Ketchum to issues a statement. Which she has not done in a long time.

Here is Dr. Ketchum's statement.
"It is unfortunate that the partial summary of our data was released in this manner, however, I will be making a formal response in the next few days. Even though Igor Burtsev released this, it was not Dr. Burtsev's fault."

All this posting and confirming has got the bigfoot world back buzzing about the DNA Paper.
While I will remain skeptical, I am hopeful that the paper is real and will be published at some point. If you think about it Robert Lindsay posted most of this, if not all of it, months ago.

There are many researchers I like and respect associated with this DNA paper. Many of these researchers have DNA samples reportedly in the Ketchum DNA study. Here are just a few of the people reportedly to have samples or a hand in the study: Randy Brisson,JC johnson,Scott Carpenter,Derek Randles,Larry Surface,Justin Smeja and more.

If  this is true and we are really close to the DNA results being published, then it would be safe to assume that the also long awaited Erickson Project Videos will be released in the near future as well.

This DNA study has been ongoing  for roughly 5 years with little or no solid info released to the public, maybe all that is about to change but after this amount of time I will continue to be skeptical but hopeful. I will not get overly excited until I can see some real published results and not just some random facebook posts. I find that after all this time I'm more excited about the Erickson Project videos than the DNA study. I probably will not understand much of the DNA results anyways but HD video should be easy enough to discern. I just hope they don't try to sell the DNA paper as "The Missing Link".
So while at least there is some movement on the whole DNA Paper, we are still left in the same state we've been in for years now...waiting. 

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This video was originally uploaded by youtube user jnctv1001. It was filmed in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation. It shows a somewhat fast moving figure crossing in the background. The people filming the video seem fearful of it. I have attempted to gain more detail about the figure by slowing down and zooming in on the figure. Some are making a comparison with this video and the somewhat famous Memorial Day Footage. The witness stated that the creature was very tall approx 7 – 8 feet and ran into a wooded area.

So could it be a bigfoot? It's hard to say just from this video.

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This was recorded in Upstate New York. The Researcher is Billy Mills. This video is brought to you by Renegade Bigfoot Society,N.E.B.O & The Crypto Crew. Turn up your speakers a little.
Amazing reply knocks and not just a couple but many.


Jason & Bob in Studio
This past Sunday,the 8th, The Crypto Crew's very own Jason Morse was on 106.1 Fm's The Paranormal Zone Radio show in  Portsmouth,NH. ( Link to Station )
The Show was an hour long and the main topic was bigfoot. We should have the show on Wednesday and will post it up for everyone. Bob McDermott was the host of the show and did a fine job.
Here is how some of the event went down and what Jason had to say.
Jason said : " I arrived and was met by Bob McDermott, and his wife, Maureen, both very nice people. He sat down with me and told me what to expect in the broadcast studio, and how the show is run. When we went in, it all went very smoothly, he made me feel very comfortable."
Jason went on to say: " Everything went just as he had said, and the hour FLEW by. He complimented me and The Crypto Crew both on air and after we wrapped up for the knowledge that was brought fourth, and the extensiveness of the website."
Bob also wants to book us again maybe for an August show,which if all goes well we'd love to do. 
Thanks to Bob, 106.1fm and The Paranormal Zone for having us on and we look for to doing it again.
Here is a few pictures for the show.
On the Air!

Jason & Bob

Jason giving out info on the air.
File this one under lol? Live yeti Is Captured!Watch videos it shows the creature.

28/12/2011, in Ingushetia caught Bigfoot. The border guards to survey forest in Dzheyrahskom area, found a strange creature two-meter. "Some say it is Bigfoot, others - that big monkey", - told the media the Minister of Labour and Social Development of the Republic. According to him, had he ever seen. "The animal looks like a gorilla, about two feet tall(bad translation should be about 6.5 feet tall), dark in color, presumably a female, is very large. Usually based on front-gorilla hands, and that stands upright like a man. Growls and publishes incomprehensible sounds "- said the Minister. Caught being brought to the zoo. The official said that the animal is very frightened, eats mostly meat and vegetation.

Direct Link in Russian : (http://news.mail.ru/inregions/caucasus/6/7721949/?frommail=1)

Ingushetia frontier guards, in the Caucasus region, have detained a snow woman two in tall, similar to the yeti.

"Several days ago in the Dzhejrahskom area a hunter had seen what he thought to be a bear seize a sheep and drag it into the woods. The hunter had gone after it, and fired some shots and the animal jumped up on two legs and disappeared into the forest. Today frontier guards spent time in the district doing a sweep and in a small hollow detected a strange animal, " states Ingushetia Minister of Labor and Social Development Bagaudin Marshani.

The yeti is was taken to a settlement in the Surhahi of area Nazranovskogo Republic and placed in a zoo. The Republic Minister confirmed, that the caught animal – was two meters tall, does not speak, making incomprehensible sounds and eats vegetative and animal food.

Experts from Moscow have been dispatched to examine the subject.

here is a couple of still shots

TCH - looks like a person in a suit to me ...yet another fake.

60+ videos & 600+ pictures  on our facebook site check it out by clicking the link below.

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Rex Dutton, who is a big fan of Timbergiantbigfoot, calls it quits. Rex calls himself an Amateur and explains why he is quitting.He also warns us about MIB.
 A good video and a nice guy.

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The Patterson Footage Fact or Faked Part 2

What if there was a second creature in the Patterson footage?
What if I can show you theres a second creature in the footage?
What are the chances of Patterson being able to create 2 suits that look just alike? (Not possible)
Could it be 2 guys in 2 suits? (NO,don't think so)
This video shows that there is a real possibility of a second creature.
There could even be a third creature, notice the dark shadow in front of the one we highlighted.

Join the search at

[Thanks: MK Davis]

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We are back ! Now new and improved with our own domain name ! Sorry for the outage.

Here is a new video from youtube of what is said to be a bifgoot...what do you think?

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