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Friday, November 23, 2012

Bigfoot DNA Paper coming soon?

It seems there is some "New" info and hope for the long talked about phantom Ketchum Bigfoot DNA study Paper.
For a long time now this DNA paper and study has seemed like a bigger myth than bigfoot itself, but is all of that about to change? Will some be eating Crow?

Dr. Igor Burtsev,
Head of International Center of Hominology in Moscow, Russia. Dr. Burtsev is well known for his research and support of the Janice Carter story, and his many years of research. The Janice Carter story may be better known as The Carter Farms Story and has been met with a lot of resistance over the years. Many have said bad things about Janice Carter but I found her to be a very nice and approachable person.

Today Igor Burtsev posted the following on his facebook page and it has caused a pretty big stir.
"The DNA analysis of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch specimen conducted by Dr. Melba Ketchum the head of DNA Diagnostics, Timpson, TX, USA has been over!
Team of American scientists led by Dr. Melba Ketchum for five years has analyzed 109 purported samples of such creatures. The study has sequenced DNA of a novel North American hominin, commonly called Bigfoot or Sasquatch.
There were a large number of laboratories associated with this study including academic, private and government laboratories in which blind testing was utilized to avoid prejudice in testing. Great time and care was taken in the forensic laboratories to assure no contamination occurred with any of the samples utilized in this study.
After 5 years of this study the scientists can finally answer the question of what sasquatch really is. It is human like us only different, a hybrid of a human with unknown species. Early field research shows that the Bigfoot/Sasquatches are massively intelligent which has enabled them to avoid detection to a large extent. They are different than us, however human nonetheless.
The hybridization event could not have occurred more than 15000 years ago according to the mitochondrial data in some samples. Origin of this hominin was probably Middle Eastern/Eastern Europe and Europe originally though other geographic areas are not excluded.
The manuscript associated with this study has been submitted to a scientific reviewed magazine.
For years people have refused to believe they exist. Now that we know that they are real, it is up to us to protect them from those that would hunt or try to capture them for research or for sport. They should be left alone to live as they live now. After all, they are our relatives.
At this time, analysis of the Sasquatch genomes is still ongoing. Further data will be presented in the future following this original study. Additionally, analysis of various hair samples purportedly from Siberian Wildman are being tested in an effort to determine if relatedness exists between the Sasquatch and Russian Wildman."

While this may get many overly excited it is important to remember there is nothing really new in his statement. Almost all of that info has already been posted at one point or another.
While I have great respect for Igor and find him a very nice guy, we must remember that there has been numerous attempts from Russia of reported proof of bigfoot. Lets not forget the totally bogus "captured bigfoot" video from a few months back. None of which Igor was involved in to my knowledge.  

One good thing about Igor's statement is that it got Dr. Melba Ketchum to issues a statement. Which she has not done in a long time.

Here is Dr. Ketchum's statement.
"It is unfortunate that the partial summary of our data was released in this manner, however, I will be making a formal response in the next few days. Even though Igor Burtsev released this, it was not Dr. Burtsev's fault."

All this posting and confirming has got the bigfoot world back buzzing about the DNA Paper.
While I will remain skeptical, I am hopeful that the paper is real and will be published at some point. If you think about it Robert Lindsay posted most of this, if not all of it, months ago.

There are many researchers I like and respect associated with this DNA paper. Many of these researchers have DNA samples reportedly in the Ketchum DNA study. Here are just a few of the people reportedly to have samples or a hand in the study: Randy Brisson,JC johnson,Scott Carpenter,Derek Randles,Larry Surface,Justin Smeja and more.

If  this is true and we are really close to the DNA results being published, then it would be safe to assume that the also long awaited Erickson Project Videos will be released in the near future as well.

This DNA study has been ongoing  for roughly 5 years with little or no solid info released to the public, maybe all that is about to change but after this amount of time I will continue to be skeptical but hopeful. I will not get overly excited until I can see some real published results and not just some random facebook posts. I find that after all this time I'm more excited about the Erickson Project videos than the DNA study. I probably will not understand much of the DNA results anyways but HD video should be easy enough to discern. I just hope they don't try to sell the DNA paper as "The Missing Link".
So while at least there is some movement on the whole DNA Paper, we are still left in the same state we've been in for years now...waiting. 

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