Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pine Ridge Reservation Bigfoot Video

This video was originally uploaded by youtube user jnctv1001. It was filmed in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation. It shows a somewhat fast moving figure crossing in the background. The people filming the video seem fearful of it. I have attempted to gain more detail about the figure by slowing down and zooming in on the figure. Some are making a comparison with this video and the somewhat famous Memorial Day Footage. The witness stated that the creature was very tall approx 7 – 8 feet and ran into a wooded area.

So could it be a bigfoot? It's hard to say just from this video.

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  1. How convienient that the netting just happens to further distort an already blurred image. This gete really tiresome......

  2. she also says, "What is that?" BEFORE it appears in the viewer. Yes I agree, how convient the screen just happens to be in the way and no attempt to get around it. Usually the screen would be "around" the trampoline. So do I agree that this is real, NO...

  3. IF this was something strange, Why doesn't the camera follow the subject? H-O-A-X

  4. The subject does not cover enough ground to be a Sasquatch.
    The stride length is way too short. Man cannot duplicate the enormous stride lengths the Sasquatch is capable of taking.


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