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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Did grandpa return for a quick visit?
The story behind this photo comes from AngelsGhosts.com is that the child was born a few weeks after his grandfather’s death. On a visit one day, the boy crawled onto his grandpa’s favorite chair, prompting the mother to take this photo. Did grandpa come back from the dead to pose with the grandson he never met in life?

Amanda originally sent this photo in and here is what she said about it.

"My aunt's best friend gave birth to the baby boy in the picture, a few weeks after her father passed away. During a visit when the child was about six months old and crawling, his mother and grandmother noticed he had crawled up on 'grandpa's chair.' Out of nostalgia, his mother placed him up in the chair and took his picture. Apparently 'grandpa' decided to 'hold' his grandson and pose with him.

All the negatives on this roll were examined to see if there was a possible bleed through from another photograph, but there was nothing even close to cause something like this. All we can assume is grandpa still lingers in his home and still enjoys sitting in his chair; or he is his grandson's guardian angel."
She went on to say "I had no scanner, so this is a photo taken of the original picture with my camera. The white around the baby's knees is the flash from my camera. (The date on the picture is the stamp from my camera.)" 

[Extra Source: Ghosts n Ghouls]

TCC - So did grandpa show up for a quick visit?

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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