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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

File this one under lol? Live yeti Is Captured!Watch videos it shows the creature.

28/12/2011, in Ingushetia caught Bigfoot. The border guards to survey forest in Dzheyrahskom area, found a strange creature two-meter. "Some say it is Bigfoot, others - that big monkey", - told the media the Minister of Labour and Social Development of the Republic. According to him, had he ever seen. "The animal looks like a gorilla, about two feet tall(bad translation should be about 6.5 feet tall), dark in color, presumably a female, is very large. Usually based on front-gorilla hands, and that stands upright like a man. Growls and publishes incomprehensible sounds "- said the Minister. Caught being brought to the zoo. The official said that the animal is very frightened, eats mostly meat and vegetation.

Direct Link in Russian : (http://news.mail.ru/inregions/caucasus/6/7721949/?frommail=1)

Ingushetia frontier guards, in the Caucasus region, have detained a snow woman two in tall, similar to the yeti.

"Several days ago in the Dzhejrahskom area a hunter had seen what he thought to be a bear seize a sheep and drag it into the woods. The hunter had gone after it, and fired some shots and the animal jumped up on two legs and disappeared into the forest. Today frontier guards spent time in the district doing a sweep and in a small hollow detected a strange animal, " states Ingushetia Minister of Labor and Social Development Bagaudin Marshani.

The yeti is was taken to a settlement in the Surhahi of area Nazranovskogo Republic and placed in a zoo. The Republic Minister confirmed, that the caught animal – was two meters tall, does not speak, making incomprehensible sounds and eats vegetative and animal food.

Experts from Moscow have been dispatched to examine the subject.

here is a couple of still shots

TCH - looks like a person in a suit to me ...yet another fake.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Reminds me of the Russian stories from the 1920's about "wild men" that were captured. Some stories even involved sex with female creatures. Extraordinary claims, let's see some proof. //BW


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