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Monday, February 11, 2013

Possible Bigfoot Filmed in British Columbia?

This was filmed in 2006 in British Columbia. This footage is sometimes called "Sooke Bigfoot".
It was uploaded to youtube by the user Tdlaat.
Not much is really known about the footage other than they say they filmed it on the way to work.
Is it a Bigfoot or Just a Person? You can decide for yourself.

Here is the video

I'm leaning towards it being a person bundled up due to the weather.


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  1. Just cant tell? Ahgggg.....again.

  2. Aw he needs a ride

  3. Hmm, looks big, but there looked like there was a frame that I could see the seperation from a jacket to pants. Hard to say for sure, though.

  4. Person pulling a sledge, get a grip.

  5. Hard to say???
    ARe you seeing what i am?? The supposed bigfoot is not only standing by a pole, but their is also the clear outline of a roof right behind the figure. Now think to yourself. Whats more likely. That the worlds most illusive animal is out in broad daylight by a street pole, mere feet from a house, watching cars go buy feet from the road. It really is absurd to think that. Whats more likely, that this is a bigfoot, or a guy standing by his house, probably shoveling snow. Not only that but why would this guy be filming his mundane drive to work in a place where snow is on the ground all the time in the winter. So he cant really say for the scenery. And how would he be able to zoom in while driving. You can almost rest assured this is a guy who told his friend to stand by the road in a big coat. Anyone who thinks this is a bigfoot isnt really thinking critically. I believe they exist, but the odds that this one, are astronomical.


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