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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not Dyer's dead Bigfoot
The above photo has just hit facebook and some are speculating that this is the dead bigfoot from the tent video.

I talked to Rick Dyer and showed him the photo and he confirmed that this is not associated with him, the dead bigfoot story or the tent video. Dyer even did the LOL thing and said "OMG  NO!"

I first found the photo on Sasquatch/Bigfoot-Searching for the Facts on facebook.
Here is what they said about the origins of the photo

"a screen shot from the Dyer broadcast, someone logged in and had it on video feed. I grabbed it and posted it, they left the chat mid way through the blogcast"

So I wanted to post it in a effort to stop it from spreading as a possible real photo of Dyer's reported dead bigfoot.
I wonder who made this up or originally posted the video?


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Saturday, February 09, 2013 10 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. fake as hell and not rick but this photo

  2. Nope, that's the real deal. lol is right. If ANY human being actually believes that Rick and musky have a body they should consider getting a mental health evaluation. You would have to be amongst the stupidest human beings ever to walk the earth.

    1. http://www.tribecafilminstitute.org/filmmakers/tfi_documentary/filmmakers_projects/

      Look at the 5th item on the list. The film is real and the title has changed.

    2. Thanks for the link and Rick said the title of the film was changed to "shooting bigfoot" and not that has been proven true

    3. Couldn't "shooting" mean "filming" and not actually with a gun though???

  3. It will be better than what ever Dyer ends up posting

  4. Anyone who even starts to believe that Rick Dyer actually shot a bigfoot, is a complete lunatic. Not only is he hoaxing again, but he actually has convinced a group of complete morons. Its really unbelievable what a group of naive people will believe. its pretty pathetic.

  5. I believe Rick Dyer should be punished. One for being a total liar & two for being a scam artist. I want him to know that he should be glad I'm not God!!!

  6. I have seen a very large print of this original photo at a local antique store here in fairbanks alaska recently. i knew the one with the "bigfoot" was fake, as i have seen the original one many times in my travels around the state.


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