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Monday, February 11, 2013

Did they see the body?
An inside source has told us that Jack Barnes and Jeff Andersen from Facebook/Find Bigfoot was possibly in Las Vegas with Rick Dyer last night. The possible meeting was for a viewing of the reported dead bigfoot body from the tent video. The meeting reportedly started with Dyer picking them up at the airport and lasted well into early morning hours on Monday. It is also rumored that they are still there and not left town yet.

There is some kind of NDA between Jack, Jeff and Rick according to our source but the details were not made clear to me. I would expect that maybe one of the guys from Facebook/FindBigfoot will make a statement at some point as long as it does not break the NDA. We will have to keep an eye on this to see if we can confirm it.

So this will mean that in the last couple of weeks at least 4 new people have now seen the reported dead bigfoot body. These include: Musky Allen, Jeff Andersen, Jack Barnes and the unnamed person.

I know most have wrote this off as a hoax due to the Musky Allen comments flap but there have been several attempts at explaining the comments. Christopher Noel attempted to explain the comments issue recently in an interview and he also address the Fake bigfoot tracker website issue.

(This video is from Bigfoot Evidence 101 blog Site)

 There is even more news about the Tent video Saga with evidence that it is indeed going to be at the Tribeca Film Festival. The name of the film has changed but it is listed and slated for the festival.
Here is the partial listing on the Tribeca website:

"SHOOTING BIGFOOT (aka OF MONSTERS AND MEN) (2011 TFI/Insurgent Fellowship)
Morgan Matthews, Director...."

There is also a poster being shown for the film but it is unclear if this is the official artwork or just a mock up. Here is that poster. It was created by Matt Broughton but has now been removed from his website.

While I can understand people using caution concerning the Tent Video/Dead bigfoot, we should remember that the video itself has not been shown to be a fake or a man in a suit.

MK Davis just released a GIF image of what appears to be the eye brow moving on the bigfoot in the tent video. Excellent work MK !  Here is that image.

This whole thing kind of reminds me of the Patterson-Gimlin Film, some believe it while others say it was a hoax. Many are attacking each other and fighting about if the dead bigfoot story is real or a big hoax. We have debated the Patterson footage for 40+ years now without any clear cut decision on if it's real or fake, but with the tent video/dead bigfoot story we should have a solid answer in a couple months at the latest.

So I will continue to follow the story until it either bangs or bust. I feel I have a responsibility to monitor the story as it could be a game changer for the bigfoot world.


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  1. Not true, Rick was on facebook all night managing his minions while they do damage control.Jack & Jeff use fake names just like Musky so their credibility means nothing. Until I see it on CNN and scientists are involved it's a HOAX.
    This face looks vaguely familiar.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o20ZZCu4SWQ

    1. Says the guy posting as Anonymous...

    2. The difference between me and them is, I'm not trying to prove the greatest scientific discovery of the modern era.

  2. A LOT Of people use pseudonyms to protect their privacy. Many book authors and celebrities do this. And given the invasive nature of certain individuals within the BF arena, who can blame anyone for using pseudonyms? Look at all of the pseudonyms on Facebook and on the various chatboards. People have a RIGHT to protect their privacy and people should respect their wishes. There is NOTHING inherently dishonest about using pseudonyms. AND by the way, if Rick has a smartphone, he could EASILY have been online and away from his computer. Get with the times.

    1. Correct and as I understand do the guys from FB/FB run or own some pretty big company?

  3. It just really bothers me that Rick Lured this wonderful, almost human in, & the Bigfoot trusted enough to come in & in the light of day, just to betray & slaughter it in cold blood! That is the lowest of low & makes me so sad.

    1. I couldnt agree more with you .. we shouldnt be killing these glorious animals

  4. @ Erin - I heard that the bigfoot was in pretty rough shape and kind of old. I hate one was possibly killed but if it was already sickly then it might have been for the best.

    1. Is it is sickly it could infect healthy ones. I've heard of killing off sick animals to prevent the spread of disease.

  5. I would say that at time of posting Rick is on way to put up FBFB and by tomorrow morning they will have posted.

  6. I am posting Anonymously only to save time. My name is Stacy hager and I believe Rick did shoot the Bigfoot. It is sad but one had to be sacrificed because of the childish banter and constant nick picky trolling that goes on in the Bigfoot community. Also the skepticism that runs rampant due to all the hoaxing and flat out fakery from people who apparently have way to much time on their hands. Only a body will do to prove Bigfoot exists to those who have never seen one. To those of us who know they are real , yes it is very sad as we do understand that they are conscious beings. This death will be used to prove they exist and bring protection to the rest of population. Those that are sure they are only myth...such as the tooth fairy and Easter bunny will never be satisfied with photos or video or DNA, so this body will end all their "superior intellect comments" and provide a final answer to the question of their existence . No researchers can begin to move forward with the "how" they have lived along side of us instead of "if" they do. I am not pro kill, but do acknowledge that it was necessary.
    If aliens showed up on earth and needed to study one human in order to know that we were consious beings , and thus treated us as equal life forms i would volunteer to be that unlucky human to die si that all other humans would be treated properly and protected. Go ahead and make fun of that comparison, but I hope you will at least see my point.
    Until this body is revieled all this bickering will continue, but when it is released, and it will be , please be man enough to end the Name calling and posturing. Mr. Dyer is truly enjoying all the neusayers digging themselves into holes so deep they can't climb out without a face and mouth full of mud .
    We all need to come together after and marvel at how wonderful and marvalis our planet really is.

    1. Hi Stacy, good post, I agree with you. I am sure Rick has shot one. Now we must turn to the protection in all countries these exist (including Australia)

      - Andrew

  7. Have people not even one ounce of intelligence. Face book find bigfoot have been promoting Dyer and this hoax from the beginning. They were the only ones who did. Not only that but they promised to shut down their site if this was fake. So do people really think that these guys arent working together??? Do people really think that Dyer has shot a bigfoot??? How stupid can people be. You all must like being hoaxed. These clowns are just a group of attention seeking scum who are trying to get 5 minutes of fame. Their is no bigfoot body, fb/fb is a fraud and they know exactly what they are doing. Musky Allen, well i dont think i need to even comment on that. Here is what will happen, and take it as fact. Some other people who are close to dyer of fb/fb will claim they saw it. pictures of hair, body parts, or the whole animal will then probably show up. But yet no one, and i mean no one will ever get to examine the body, not one scientific exam. And then when the hoax cant hold out any longer, dyer and the other scum will claim it has been taken, or that they must hide it, or some other stupid excuse. And then the morons who actually bought the story will see it was a hoax. Heck, the media may even get involved and try and give dyer exposure just like last time. But no one from the scientific community will ever get to see it in the least. Then fb/fb will make up some story about why it was never shown to the public and claim immunity from taking their site down. its all about their 4 min of fame people. These people are loosers and scum who prey on the stupid. From Dyer perpetrating his freezer hoax, to him fire bombing his trailer to get on national TV, from committing fraud and admittingly conning people out of money for expeditions, to slandering others, to cotinuing to hoax small things evey year, its all the same. Dyer is scum, thats all, and his cohorts are scum as well. He is trash and so are his associates. His every breath is a lie, and hes a dag on ugly SOB to boot. Its truly a sad thing that any blog, including this one would think about giving him one bit of publicity. Pay attention you people out their who think this might be real, you are the reason, along with Dyer, that no proof will ever be good enough. I mean how stupid can you be.

    1. You're going to feel funny if this turns out to be true. Why can't people just wait a few weeks? Jumping up and down and screaming hoax and insulting people who want to give this the benefit of a doubt doesn't do anything but enflame the situation more.

      I'm beginning to buy into the idea that some folks are scared this he has the goods. Otherwise, why complain so much? If it's not real, that will be evident later.

    2. Well said Anon 9:22pm. 5 stars to you from me!

  8. Have you naive people not seen where Musky Allen was proved to be lying on all this already. He tried to lie about Jeff Meldrum and was caught red handed. And now he has tried to make up some excuse. Very credible reports are also coming in that Dyer possibly spent up to 70 grand on a fake bigfoot replica, and that the famous wax studio in LA may have been involved. Their is no doubt we will see some retarded lame pictures of the supposed dead bigfoot. They may even look good. Heck they better be for that kind of money.

    But take it as fact, not one DNA sample will ever be taken, not one scientific person allowed to examine it. This is just another hoax, just like Rick Dyers other dead bigfoot hoax years ago. If people are so stupid as to believe he is not hoaxing again, then ive got a bridge to sell you.

  9. So where is your proof to your claims? Where are the receipts?
    How can you make claims without backing up?

  10. Credible reports? You call a suggestion by Fasano - which he himself only presented as a suggestion - a credible report?

    Yes, Dyer's story has holes, but let's focus on the legitimate holes and not the suggestions turned rumor turned fact.

  11. There is a great quote:

    "When great minds gather together they talk about ideas,
    when average minds gather together they talk about events,
    and when small minds get together they talk about people."

    I must say that is one thing I really admire about the FB/FB creators is that they talk almost exclusively about ideas and events, and they almost never talk about people.

    These "Dyer the liar" types on the other hand are incredibily small minded people and they don't even realize it. I'd even say Dyer himself is small minded in that way. Look at the last 4 or 5 entries in Kulls blog for example, and Shawn Evidence's too. They're all just "small minds gathering together to talk about people" it's BS!

    IMO it's a crime that the rudder to this whole situation is being controlled by a bunch of small minded pinheads.

    The FB/FB creators on the other hand, atleast they are talking about something meaningful. Not that they are always correct, but their minds consistantly have a tendency to go in a direction which is worthwhile. So kudos to them!

  12. I believe that the "tent video" is genuine, taken by someone who either wants complete anonymity, has a really bad drug problem & sold the footage for cash, or is wanted by the police, so they contacted Rick Dyer & sold him the footage. He then took the opportunity and has been running with it ever since. The footage is real, just taken by someone other than Dyer. He's a proven liar & fraud. The sad thing is he thinks it's funny. Just look in his eyes. He's a mentally ill man & he's profiting from it. Sad, so sad.


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