Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Crypto Files - Bergman's Bear

The Crypto Files episode 33 looks at the Bergman's bear. A supposedly very large bear that once lived in Russia. This is a very short episode but it still covers all the bases of this cryptid. This enormously large bear was identified and named by Swedish zoologist Sten Bergman.

To learn more about Bergman's bear, check out this episode of The Crypto Files.

Here is the episode.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ninja of the Woods - Are we alone in the Universe?

Big Jim and his podcast just keep rolling along. There is a marked improvement in the sound quality and the host is becoming more comfortable behind the mic. In this the 4th episode, Big Jim discusses some alien abduction cases and other UFO related reports.

I'm sure you will find this episode intriguing as Big Jim ask....Are we alone in the Universe?

Here is the Episode

Thursday, January 26, 2017

What is this Weird Creature?

Still frame from the video.
What is this very odd looking creature? Now that is a good question. I stumbled across this short video and thought I would share it with everyone. The video is of a man, apparently, trying to film this odd creature, it seems to be refereed to as an Alien being. Now, I was skeptical about if the video is authentic or not but the humanoid looking creature is caught on film by the man.

According to the description this was filmed in Mexico in 2016. It is suppose to be of an alien being.
Before I get into some of the things I found out about this video, it would be good for you to watch the clip.

Here it is.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ninja of the Woods - Bigfoot, Ghost and UFOs

In this, the 3rd episode of Ninja of the Woods, Big Jim conducts a live show. At the first of the episode he reviews the previous shows to bring any new listeners up to date. Jim also offers more information and opinions about the video featured in his previous shows.

Then he dives into a personal experience of staying in a haunted house with some friends. The episode ends with another personal experience of a UFO sighting.

Here is the episode, we hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Crypto Files - Beast of Gevaudan

Well, here we are... made it up to episode 32 of the Crypto Files. In this episode you will hear about a terrifying beast that brought death and injury to a lot of people. The beast attacked both young and old and left a trail of terror.

The history of the Beast of Gevaudan has been very well documented. There was without a doubt something attacking these people. What it was exactly, is somewhat of a mystery.

To learn more about this interesting crypitd, check out the episode below.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Bigfoot Reports From The Web

There is no doubt that the bigfoot community has a very wide range of personalities. Everything from the serious researcher to the armchair researcher. From the over zealous to the delusional. The bigfoot community can bring out the best and the worst in people. It can provide a much needed laugh or make you so mad that you want to scream. It can make you want to quit following the phenomenon of bigfoot and at other times gives you a drive to press on.

With all that in mind, today I want to gloss over some of the more popular report and stories that have been making the rounds on social media and other outlets. I will offer a short narrative for each and share my general thoughts.

Here we go.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ghost in the sky?

Still frame from the video
What is this strange, almost human shaped, object in the sky? That is what many people are asking after seeing the video below.

Before we get to the actual video, let me tell you what is known about the clip. Reportedly this was filmed in Indonesia during what appears to be some type of riot, protest or a demonstration. The local people called it a Kuntilanak. A Kuntilanak in Indonesian mythology is a female vampiric spirit of a woman who died while pregnant. Another word used to describe this is Pontianak. Pontianaks are usually depicted as pale-skinned women with long black hair, red eyes, and white dress.

According to what I read about this folklore a Kuntilanak is a woman who died during childbirth. That the woman would come back to terrorize and take revenge on the towns people. The creature would or might look like a pretty woman and have a floral aroma. Then she would attack with claws and rip open peoples stomach.

Now, I'm not sure what this entity is, or even if it is an spirit of some sort. But it does appear to be odd and out of place with the events going on. Lets watch the video and then I will close with a few more thoughts.

Here is the video.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ninja of the Woods - Bigfoot on Film

It's time for episode 2 of Ninja of the Woods with your host Big Jim!
In this episode Big Jim talks about 2 very popular videos and gives his thoughts and impressions about them.

The two videos are "Fisherman Films Bigfoot" and "Grizzle Gulch Bigfoot".

There is still some audio drops in the presentation but I have tried to correct some of it during editing. The show is still very watchable and I think it is a improvement over episode 1. That is our goal to make the show better and more interesting with each episode.

Here is episode 2 - Enjoy!

Massive Gator Caught on Camera!

Credit: Kim Joiner
Whoa, this massive alligator was filmed by Kim Joiner at the Polk Nature Discovery Center in Lakeland Florida. The video has gone viral and has been shared thousands of times. I for one share it on my facebook page and got a lot of reactions.  The alligator is estimated to be between 12 and 15 foot long.

It is so large many draw a comparison to dinosaurs. Joiner took the video Sunday afternoon at the Circle B Bar Reserve. The large gator slowly strolls across the path as a few people look on.

This local monster gator actually has been given a nickname by some of the local residents.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ectoplasm Photographed in Cemetery?

Is this a spirit haunting a cemetery?
The above photo and the other ones in the post were reportedly taken in a cemetery in Ohio. The photographs were supposedly taken by a funeral home employee. The images, to my understanding, were first posted on social media. Many seem to think this a ghost of some sort haunting the cemetery. You can see what looks like fog or smoke as it appears to arise up out of a grave.

Regardless of what it is, either paranormal or natural, it is still pretty creepy.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Crypto Files - Beast of Dean

In episode 31 of The Crypto Files, we take you to Gloucestershire, England, home of the Beast of Dean. It is said that in the Forest of Dean roams a beast large enough to knock down trees. It is described as an enormously large wild boar type of beast. It has been know to damage farm land and terrorize farmers.

Check out this episode to learn more about the Beast of Dean and a couple other monsters lurking in England.

Enjoy the episode.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Ninja Of The Woods - Episode 1

One of our newest team members, Jimmy Blanton, has started a new podcast entitled "Ninja of the Woods". This is the first episode of the show. There are some audio hiccups but its not too bad. This is more of a pilot or test run for the show, but we wanted to put it out and hopefully get people more interested.

This episode features a very popular story/report but it is only talked about briefly. There is much more to the story. Big Jim also talks about a video reportedly from Massachusetts.

Here is the episode.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Poltergeist Frightens Child?

Still frame from video
Recently a video was posted on youtube of what appears to be poltergeist activity. The video presents two video sequences, both of which was apparently captured in the same home. In the first sequence the activity is rather subtle but in the second clip the activity appears to be much more aggressive.

Before I give my overall opinion of the video let me fill you in on the back story.

Apparently the little girl in the video had been complaining to her father about something scaring her. So the father sets up several security cameras throughout the house. The video presented below is reportedly what was captured.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bigfoot Tracks Found In Oregon

2016 was a rather quite year for our Oregon Crypto Crew team, Bobby and Corinna Long. Maybe it was just an off year, that happens sometimes with bigfoot research. If the teams recent track finding is any indication, 2017 may provide a good upswing.

Three large human looking tracks were found by the team on private property. The area is almost nothing but forest land with creeks and wildlife. In other words a perfect spot for our ol buddy, bigfoot.

The tracks did have some snow melt to them but as you can see in the above picture and the video below, they are still very large. The chances of them being made by someone walking around barefooted in the snow is rather slim.

Check out the video of the other tracks and area.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Crypto World - First Episode of 2017!

This is the first episode of My Crypto World for 2017. In this episode I give you some updates on events that happened at the end of last year and start of the new year. I so take you on a little trip out looking for bigfoot tracks.

Scattered thought out the episode is various information about upcoming projects and research.
I hope you enjoy the episode......

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Crypto Files - Beast of Busco

During our research and producing of The Crypto Files series, we have discovered many details about lesser know cryptids. There seems to be a lot of cryptids that will never reach the mega status of say Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. But each one is special and important in its own right. Local legends and sightings serve as great talking points for many towns across America. In some cases these local cryptids have become tourist attractions and bring in revenue to small towns.

In Episode 30 we explore one such cryptid. We hope you enjoy this episode and learn something new.

Here is episode 30 Beast of Busco

Friday, January 6, 2017

Strange Creature Photographed in Park

The above picture was posted on Reddit. It shows an odd looking figure in the frame. I do not know who to credit for the photograph or actually where this was taken. What I do know about it is that it was taken in a park during a full moon. Reportedly the person who took this picture was snapping off several pictures, and this figure showed up in one of them.

The figure appears to be rather small but with nothing for scale it is really hard to determine the overall height. The figure does appear to be bipedal and humanoid in appearance.

I will attempt to enhance the image to gather more details.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bear or Bigfoot - The Debate Rages On!

My previous post featured a viral image of a Mystery figure from Arizona which caught fire and sparked debate. There is another image, actually a game camera picture, that is also getting a lot of attention. The above picture was taken by a game cam in Pennsylvania. The picture was posted to facebook by James Bobo Fay of the hit TV show Finding Bigfoot. He stated the picture came from Clara County, but I don't think there is a Clara County. What I think he was referring to was Clara Township which is in Potter county,PA. 

If it was indeed Clara Township, then this is a very small place with a small population of around 200 people. Clara Township is only about 20 square miles in size.

Now, lets get back to the picture, is there evidence of a bear or a bigfoot?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mystery Figure From Arizona - A Closer look

Photo Credit: Richard Christianson
Whoa, this picture posted on facebook by Richard Christianson has gone viral. It has been shared over 80 thousands times and been featured in numerous videos, forums and blogs. Many people say it is a demon or an angel. One person even said it was an elephant, huh?

The eerie standing figure is a rather frightful image. There has been much debate about the figure. What is it? Is it a hoax? and on and on.

While others find the picture fascinating and think the image could be supernatural, I think there is a more earthly explanation to the figure.

Lets explore to find out more about it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Crypto Files - Beast Of Bray Road

Welcome to episode 29 of The Crypto Files. In this episode we take a look at the Beast of Bray Road.
The Beast of Bray Road is also sometimes called the Wisconsin Werewolf. It has been described in various way from bigfoot to a surviving prehistoric wolf of some sort.

Similar sightings were also reported in other states. Many claim it is a known animal that is just being misidentified. But the description from eye witnesses seems to be of something very uncommon.

Check out this short video to learn more about The Beast Of Bray Road.

The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map
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