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We took a trip today to Cumberland Falls State Park, While there I ran into Robert Mullinax.
Robert is a Native American Flutist and artist. I took this chance to conduct an interview with Robert. The sound is a bit low and you can hear the roar of the Cumberland Falls in the background but over all the interview turned out good. We talk a little about Native Americans and sasquatch at the end of the video.
Robert's flute music is so relaxing, if you would like to purchase one of his CDs then please go to his facebook page by Clicking Here!   

Robert Mullinax

©The Crypto Crew

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Bigfoot in Kentucky
General area - Evarts, KY - Harlan County

Where: Evarts, Ky (Harlan County) Near Hwy 38
When: Fall of  2008
Witnesses: 4
Found: 4 Bigfoot Tracks

In October 2008 we went on a 4 wheeler trip to Harlan county, in eastern Kentucky near the Big Black Mountain area, we do this several times each year. My friend, (Ricky) also brought along 2 of his friends who were visiting him from Florida. Let me add here that these 2 men are also great hunters, and trackers as is "Ricky" which is how they became friends in the first place.

On the 2nd morning of our ride we were off the regular riding trails, and into some very thick forested area, and sometimes you could say we were not even on a trail at all. We rounded a small hill which headed down into a large valley, and across from us on the opposite hillside, in the direction we were heading to, stood a large Black Bear. To say the least we were very excited, and we immediately sped up to try to get a closer look at him before he ran away. It was plain to see that what little trail we were trying to follow would take us right up the hillside where the Bear was heading, so off we went as fast as we could go. When we reached the top of the hill, the Bear was already gone into the deep woods, and could no longer be seen. We stopped our 4 wheelers, and sat there getting ready to talk about what we had just seen, when one of the guys from Florida said "well look at this fella's", Let me also add here that it had rained the day before we arrived so there were many places along the trails that still had water in the old 4 wheeler tracks, and lots of fresh mud......... So right there in the middle of the trail was a set of very large foot prints, heading along the trail, on up the mountain, but not along the path the Bear had just taken. I knew immediately what I was seeing from the many Bigfoot tracks I have seen on web-sites, from books, and even TV programs, but I didn't know what to say, so I waited. The other man from Florida said, "you know what that looks like?", no one said anything, so he went on and said "that's one of them Bigfoot prints", I almost fell off my 4 wheeler, I said "do you really think so?" he said "sure , if you hunt as much as we do back in Florida, its not unusual to see them on occasion".

I can't begin to tell you how relieved I was to hear them say this, as I have always been very discreet with my belief in Bigfoot's existence, and as a Pastor/Minister you have to be so careful around people. Now for the real shocker.......... I looked at my friend "Ricky" and said "well Rick, what do you think?" and he looked me straight in the eye and said, "I know they exist I've seen one before ", I literally jumped off my 4 wheeler and said " you got to be kidding me"

We then both learned that although we had been friends for all these years, we had never talked about Bigfoot to each other, and now I find out that he once saw one, needless to say I was blown away from this revelation. I want to leave that story for another post, later.

Some added info on this story...... there were a total of 4 tracks, 2 left and 2 right footprints, going in a straight line right up the middle of the trail. Each print was around 4 to 5 inches wide, and at least 14 to 15 inches long, from toe to heel.  I want to add here that the prints gave the impression that they looked longer because of the up-hill climb, and the slippery mud, but this is just my impression from first looking at the tracks. Each track had 1 Big Toe, and there were sometimes 3 other toe's, and on one track there was 4 toe's, or what looked like the slight imprint of a 4th toe. The length of the stride was somewhere near 4 1/2 to 5 feet...... This is only a guess, because none of us had a ruler, or tape measure.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Harold Benny:

I have talked to the witness several times by phone and find him to be credible. His commentary is very complete, however, I asked him why he was certain the tracks were not left by the bear seen in the area. He answered that two of the men were experienced bear hunters, examined the tracks, and explained how they were different from bear tracks.

(Not Actual Track, Just used for Reference)

-End Report

[Link: BFRO]

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Bigfoot on Night Vision
Not actual photo, just used as reference

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

A Sculptor’s View of Bigfoot
Bigfoot Artist Dan Baker’s Sighting
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher

            Bigfoot sightings are usually fleeting. And often, the viewer is too stunned to give a truly accurate description of the details. But Dan Baker, a noted bigfoot artist, has a slightly unique way of seeing things, and, from the perspective of his work, offered a few details to the mix when he, after a lot of searching, finally spotted the creature in his home state of Ohio last week, June 15, 2013. And his sighting confirmed that even a long time Bigfoot believer like Dan can be overwhelmed and caught off guard in seeing a creature you really don’t know exists until you actually see one.

            According to Dan, it was a pretty productive research day for him and his fellow researcher, Paul Hayes, along with Paul’s cousin, Chris, who both found and cast tracks earlier that day. They also found stick structures that they determined to be new in the area as they had researched the same area before when the structures hadn’t been there.

            The men also observed an area where some huge, heavy logs had been placed over a bridge blocking anyone from entering a swamp area the men frequented.  A strange occurrence that led the men to believe that someone or something didn’t want them back there. And also, the size of the logs was questionable.  “Whoever or whatever put them there had to be pretty darn strong,” Dan said. And they headed back to their base camp.

            That night, Dan wanted to attempt to pick up some sounds with his H2 recorder. So he and his fellow researcher headed into the swamp packing his night vision monocular. They found a small, fresh sapling that had been broken.  It alerted them that maybe they didn’t want to go very deep into the swamp. The men then made a quick sweep of the bottom land and headed back to their camp. And that’s when it happened. This is how Dan told the story to his group, The Genoskwa Project .

          “As we were heading north across the backside of the ridge on the bottom, we came across a VERY nasty, putrid stench that is very hard to describe. We drove out of the smell in about 150 feet and started back up over the ridge. As we approached the tree that we saw across the trail earlier in the day, we saw there was a new one that was even larger lying across the same spot.”
           “We made it back to base camp,” Dan continued. “And Kane (the property owner) reported into Paul who was out walking the ridgeline. Paul asked Kane to come up on the ridgeline and meet them up there. Kane was just a little reluctant but nevertheless got on his 4-wheeler and went up there. I stayed back at base camp. About 5 minutes after Kane left, we all heard what appeared to be bi-pedal footsteps walking just inside the tree line.”
          “I asked the ladies, "Did you hear that"? They both said yes. I got up and grabbed my night vision [goggles]. I walked over to the edge of the pavilion at base camp and started panning the tree line from right to left which was the direction of the footsteps. When I got to about my 10 o'clock position, I could not believe my eyes! All I could say was "Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy" !                                   That's when Sue (my wife) and Leanna (the property owner’s wife) came up beside me. Leanna had a very powerful flashlight and shined it up where I was pointing. Sure enough, she and Sue saw it as well! Standing approximately 100 feet just inside the tree line in between a large sapling and a fairly large tree, there was a Squatch !!! It appeared to be around 7 feet tall!” 

           “What did the creature look like?” I asked.

             The shape of the creatures head was similar to that of a silverback gorilla. It seemed to have a sagittal crest. The traps (trapezius muscles or neck muscles) appeared to start from the middle of the head and slope down to the shoulders and they were huge in comparison to a human. The shoulders were massive and very broad.”

          “So you were honing in on the upper body of the creature?” I asked.

          “I observed these features because all of my sculptures are busts, and these are the things that I always concentrate on. I couldn't distinguish the color or sex through my night vision, and none of the other witnesses who saw it after I did could make out any of those details either.”

             “Did you think you were in danger?” I asked.

              “We never felt threatened in any way. In fact it was very passive just swaying from side to side. It just seemed almost curious about us and was simply watching us.”

           “So how did this encounter end?” I asked.

           “The ladies frantically attempted to contact the rest of team on our radio, but as luck

would have it, it couldn't reach them. All the time, I was watching the squatch through

my night vision.”

            “What was it doing?”

             “It would sway from side to side and then pause. Then it would sway again. I don't know why, but I looked away for a few seconds and when I came back to the spot, it seemed to be gone. Finally Kane was on his way back to base camp and Paul was with him on the 4-wheeler. The ladies were very excited and telling them what we had just witnessed together. Leanne took Paul over and showed him where we saw the creature.”
             “After a minute or so, Paul called me over and asked if the creature was between the sapling and larger tree. I said yes. And Paul said, "That son-of-a-gun is still there!”
             “Sure enough, I looked through my night vision and there it was AGAIN, only hunched down! Paul formulated a plan to approach the creature and try to get a better look. About this time, the rest of the team had made it back to base camp. They all got their flashlights out and approached the tree line. As they started to head up there, you could see tree branches moving. When they got there, the creature was gone!”

             Later, Paul returned to the sighting spot and found the grass there had been crunched down.

            “Do you think it knew you could see it with your night vision?”

             “I don't think it realized it. Because it just stood there. Even when Leanne shined the flashlight up there, it didn't seem to phase it. It didn't really move until the other guys went up towards it, and all I could see from where I was standing were tree branches moving up the hillside.”

             “So how were you feeling about all this at that moment?”

             “I have to say that I was somewhat overwhelmed, and even kind of freaked out after the reality set in. No matter how bad you want to see a Sasquatch, your mind is not fully prepared for that kind of shock.”

               “So how do you feel now about what you saw?” I asked.

                I have to say that THIS was one of the most incredible things to EVER happen in my life.”

During this particular encounter, the creature was spotted by the entire group of researchers. Not just Dan himself. They believe a small family group of sasquatches lives in that area. Sadly, the researchers didn’t have the equipment to get any photos or video of the creature in the pitch darkness. But undoubtedly, it was a moment none of them will ever forget.  ********DF

Special thanks to Dan Baker for sharing his story with The Crypto Crew.
Dan's Group - The Genoskwa Project

©The Crypto Crew

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As some of you know I recently did a film shoot with America's Oddities, Here is a sneak peek of one of the interviews from the show. This is Steve, the same Steve I did an audio interview with back several months ago. Steve lives in my area so I was able to get his story on the show.
America's Oddities will be airing this fall on MAVTV, If you have DirectTV that is channel 219.


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Bigfoot in Chenoa
General Area - Chenoa, Ky
Where: Chenoa, KY (Bell County)
When: Fall of 1982
Witnesses: 2
Creature: 8 foot Tall, Ape like, Red Eyes
 2 Boys were walking home after playing basketball. It was just before it got dark. They seen large red glowing eyes on the edge of the tree line.  The Bigfoot was peeking from behind a tree about 15 to 20 ft away on the edge of the tree line.-  The boys described the creature as appox. 8 ft tall and looking like a human ape mix.
Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Harold Benny:
"I talked to the witness by phone and found him to be credible. His short narrative hints at his story. About dusk, the witness was walking home with a friend after playing basketball. Fifteen to twenty feet off into the woods and standing behind a tree was an eight foot tall creature with both human and ape characteristics. Even though it was not yet dark, the animal's eyes were glowing red. Watching for twenty or more seconds the witness noticed several things:
1.) Most of the face was covered in dark fur, but black skin surrounded the deep set eyes.
2.) Ears were visible and were lighter in color.
3.) The long arms hung down to the knees and ended with large black hands about five times the size of human hands. The witness got the feeling that this impressive creature could not be harmed.



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[Sighting Report and Interview conducted by TCC's Bobby & Corinna Long]
Sighting Report

Late Summer, early Fall. 1971
Azalea, Oregon
4 P.M. or close on a Saturday. The weather was mild.

Two young men were hunting quail or grouse, whichever they could find at the time, when they noticed a smell that was described as skunk and rotting cabbage combined. They scanned the hillside because of the smell and seen nothing but normal things.
At that time a large Bigfoot/Sasquatch stood up from behind a three foot wide stump! They were frozen in fear as the creature tore up the hillside at a pace no human nor bear could have possibly gone. According to the main witness there was a minute of visual of the creature before it disappeared into the woods.
Every step it took footfalls were heard. Then stated he could hear it for several minutes after it was out of sight thrashing, breaking trees and brush down in its way. He described the creature as a 9 foot tall and as wide as the stump it was hiding behind (3 feet), dark brown or black hair not fur. He thought it was going to the farm/beaver pond for a drink or for food. Abundant with trout and other species for food.
He also stated that calves and chickens had been taken without a trace. One cow had been killed but was found before anything had fed on it.

Bill has never returned to that area, nor would he leave the house without a rifle in hand just in case. He no longer resides in there.
No tracks or photos available.
Elevation 2062
GPS 42.82579N. 123.05904W.

Here is the Witness Interview

Thanks, Bobby.

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The Crypto Crew's Bobby and Corinna Long do some field work on a recent bigfoot sighting report from Remote, OR.  (Details of the sighting are at the bottom of this post.)

Oregon is a beautiful place and is the home of many bigfoot reports. Here is a couple of photos taken by Bobby and Corinna

Here are the details from the Recent report

Where: Remote, OR - Upper Rock Creek Rd
When: 6/8/13
Time: 6:30pm
Witnesses: 3
Describe Creature: Giant hairy ape man
Details: At first there was a bad smell and then they seen the Creature and it was digging and eating something.

[Report taken by Linda Newton-Perry]


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Over the last week or so we have been looking and thinking more about stick formations, so I was happy when I got a new stick teepee photo in my email. The person who send it wants to remain anonymous. The photo of the stick teepee was taken in Tennessee.

Here is the photo
Stick formation

The meaning of this type of stick formation is really unknown and range from directions markers to warnings.
The person who sent me this also has some other bigfoot activity in the area in the form of wood knocks.


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Some of you may know that today I was filming with Fire Horse Films for a upcoming TV show on MAVTV . The name of the upcoming series is Americas Oddities .

I didn't get to take very many photos but we all had a good time. I do not know the exact date the show will be airing but will try to post it once I find out. While they were here we also hiked up to Chain Rock at Pine Mountain State Park.

Here is some photos

Kentucky film shoot
Tim Cornett, Billy Dame, JP Dame

Kentucky film shoot
Billy & Tim about ready to start

 Billy on the mark
 Me, Billy & JP

and here is a little video I made

It was fun and I hope the show is a big hit.

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A few years ago a man I go to church with told an interesting story at church about a "creature" he seen as a young man, at the time I said to myself  "it sounds like a bigfoot to me"....well I finally got to do a face to face interview with him and ask him about the encounter. This sighting took place in bell county, Kentucky, which is where I have lived most of my life (AKA- Blackmont, Tugglesville, Alva or blacksnake).This sighting is less than a half of mile from where I live now.

Here is the interview with C. Howard.

TCC : You remember that time you told the story at church about seeing something on night going home?
CH : yeah....it was right along here.
TCC: can you tell me more about it?
CH: well I had got a ride home from being up Pathfork and I was let me off right about there (points to a house next to his current house on the main road on hwy 72)...it was pretty late at night. I walked over this way (points to right were we were standing doing the interview, this is a road that leads back to where some houses use to be up a hollow but now is a old strip mine) . They used to be a swinging bridge here and we had to cross it to get to the house.

CH: Well, I started across the bridge and got almost half way and I noticed something over to the left ......it was 2 big red glowing eyes.(He points to a small stream that feeds into the main creek)

TCC: could you tell how tall or how high the eyes were off the ground?
CH: No ..it was hard to tell because I was up on the bridge.
TCC: what happen next?

CH: I was scared and ran on across the bridge and once to the other side I ran on towards the house.

TCC: what happen to the thing you saw?
CH: It was chasing me! It was a pretty good ways up to the house and once I got there I ran into the house...I don't know what I would have done if the door had been locked.

TCC: well do you think this was a dog or something?
CH: no it wasn't a dog.
TCC: do you think it was something running on all fours?
CH: On no....it wasn't running like a dog or anything....it was running on 2 feet and it was big.
TCC: sound like it could have been a bigfoot.
CH: It was scary...I was scared to death.
TCC: about how long ago was this, what year?
CH: well I was young....a teenager.. it was scary..that was in 40's.(TCC- this area had been an old mining camp that used push carts to move coal, and folks lived and worked there.)
TCC: well sometimes bigfoots stay in an area for a long time...I might come down and look around some if you don't care?
CH: yeah...that be fine.

Then I told him I had to run and we exchanged goodbyes and I left.

TCC says:  This could have very well been a bigfoot, it could have been next to the creek drinking water or trying to catch crawfish or fish...This person is a truthful person and we believe his story.
Sighting stats:
State: Kentucky
County:  bell
Closes hwy:  Hwy 72
Year:  40's
Time:  Night time
Witnesses: 1

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The Crypto Crew's Bobby and Corinna Long recently found a possible bigfoot track way. They have now went back to the area and cast one of the tracks.
Here are the photos from the casting.

Here it is after they got the cast home.

looks to be about 13 inches long and about 6 inches wide.

There was a bunch of pine needles in the area so the cast has a ton of pine needles in it. After a little cleaning I'm sure it will look even better. There's not a whole lot of detail in the track but it's still pretty cool.


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UPDATE: I forgot to tell everyone these were found in South Caroline. The land has lots of deer and has a lake on each side of it.

I was contacted by some friends, who I will not name, and they had found some odd stick structures on their property. This is private land and it is kind of set back and out of the way from my understanding.
They sent me 3 photos of these formations and it appears that something has made these and that it is not just a natural tree breakage and landing.
Could they be having bigfoot activity on their property? What do you guys think?

Photo 1

Photo 2

photo 3

Maybe some of this could be just a natural occurring formations but I kind of doubt it. If these types of formations are made by bigfoot, what do they mean?

Some theories suggest that formations like this are either directions markers, territorial markers or possibly warnings.
I wonder if some of these, especially photo 3, are made by juvenile bigfoot our of boredom.
Some have ask if any tracks have been found on the property and to my knowledge none have been found but I do not think a wide search has been conducted yet.

I just wanted to share these and see if anyone had much to say about them. Have any of you other researchers found similar formations? if so let me know.


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This is a recent report sent to me, I have withheld the last name and included a map of the general area. -Tom

Name: Corey ****(Last Name withheld but on file)
State: Iowa
County: Van Buren
Date of Sighting: July 4,2008
Time of Day: around 3 pm
Nearest Town: Keosauqua
Length of Sighting: about 15 minutes
How many Witnesses: 3 others besides myself
Any Photos/Videos: no

Describe sighting in detail:
I truly believe Thunderbirds are migrating up and down the Des Moines River in Iowa. I am an experienced bird watcher and have a trained eye for detail and have seen over 300 species in my county. In December 2006, 2 big birds were seen by bridge construction workers and she described them as very dark with some white on the wings and were twice as big as a bald eagle and I tried convincing a woman that they were golden eagles but she quickly said no as she was very familiar with eagles. However sometime after that she changed them to the golden eagle. I watched for them but no luck.

However, on July 4,2008 I was fishing on the other side of the river from Keosauqua during the afternoon and I saw a large dark bird flapping with hard and deep beats for a long distance down the river and I thought an osprey or bald eagle because of the long crooked wings when it glided for a short distance. I watched it with my 16x50 binoculars as it flew down the river and it started soaring around in circles and to my surprise was a turkey vulture but it was different. It resembled a turkey vulture but it had a large head not small head, broader tail and much broader wings but it had the silvery wing feathers. Its flight pattern was different and it must have been a heavy bird with all the deep flapping. A turkey vulture rarely does and soars more and when they glide they hold their wings in a V and this bird glided with crooked wings as I mistook it for an osprey which are rare here in summer but bald eagles are nesting along this river. I didn't have a camera and only binoculars. I was fishing with 3 other guys but they didn't pay much attention to it.

A large bird was sighted recently in Illinois resembled a turkey vulture but twice as big.
A large black bird was reported in Central Iowa around the same time as the big birds down here on December 13,2007. I am very confident that the bird I saw was no ordinary turkey vulture. There is an Indian thunderbird symbol in Lacey-Keosauqua State Park.

Map Of Sighting Area

-End of Report

Thanks goes to Corey for sending in the report.

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(c)The Crypto Crew
The Crypto Crew's Bobby and Corinna Long go out to do some bigfoot research in Oregon. They find a possible set of bigfoot tracks. There are several photos of the tracks towards the end of the video. In one of the tracks there appears to be toes.

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Bigfoot researcher Billy Mills gets many reply knocks and finds a possible track. I have gave the reply knocks a audio boost but during the video you will hear numerous knocks while Billy is talking. At the end of the video there are knocks coming from 2 different directions. Billy also has a facebook group - Renegade Bigfoot Society

Special Thanks to Billy for letting me tinker with the video.

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Move over Rick Dyer, there's a new Freezer in Town!

Li Kai sparked an internet frenzy when he posted a series of pictures of the interred dead creature.
But he was unmasked as a master hoaxer when police picked apart his extraordinary story.
Li, from Binzhou in the Shangdong province, wrote a lengthy account on Sino Weibo – China’s equivalent of Facebook – about his extra-terrestrial finding.
He told how he stumbled across the ‘electrocuted’ martian in late March after he followed a string of UFOs along China’s Yellow River.
He claimed he spotted five aliens – and one even crashed to the ground and hit a high voltage rabbit trap - which Li had put in place.
Li said he collected the corpse and drove home and preserved the body in his freezer.

[Source:The Sun]

It's a little funny how the guy made it have a vagina and put it in plain view. Do aliens have vagina's?
Then you have to really look at the "alien", it don't even look real and people fell for it? At least the 2008 dead bigfoot story looked pretty good but this looks like a group of first graders made it.

Oh well, fun in China.


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Not Actual Horse that was killed, just used for reference

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Livestock Mutilations In Ohio
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Butler County, Ohio has been the recent scene of some disturbing livestock mutilations. Two miniature horses named Blaze and Buck were found hacked to death last week on a stretch of pasture near what is known as Springfield Road situated near the Indiana state line. They had been known to be missing since May 23.

The owners Augustin and Yolanda Gama-Martinez, said their children were playing near the fence where the animals were found when they said they smelled something awful. They found one of the bodies intact, while the other’s head was found some 30 yards from the body.

Incidentally, this is very near the same spot where, on May 9, four sheep were found hacked to death, along with four more sheep and two other horses that were severely injured. Outside investigators have been trying to get more information on the incidents but no one close to the situation is talking much.

The partially decomposed bodies of the two horses left no clue as to how they actually died. Local law enforcement is obviously stumped and claiming it was probably coyotes, but local residents aren’t convinced. And some are convinced it’s more likely the work of some disturbed human(s).

Brittany Kolb, 27, who’s sheep were killed last month claimed there has been no problems with coyotes in the area. She believes whatever killed her sheep is also responsible for these killings. The rest of her animals that were injured by stab wounds at that time, received care, and are now recovering. Since these incidents, she is boarding her animals at another location.

Since the bodies were described as being hacked or having stab wounds and the bodies did not appear to have been eaten, also deflects from the coyote theory. Kolb said, "(The wounds) are pretty wide, very deep, like you can put your hand in them." She also said she originally believed the wounds may have been inflicted by an axe or hatchet. Though some have claimed over the years that coyotes kill "for the fun of killing," they don’t generally inflict stab wounds and sever heads from their bodies without great difficulty. And even if coyotes didn’t eat their prey, something else most surely would, especially if the animals had been lying dead for a while.

At any rate, it has everyone in this normally quiet rural area spooked. Children are being severely restricted in their outside play time, and pets are being kept under watch also. And the incidents may remain a mystery indefinitely and leave the local residents disturbed for a long time to come.

"We’ve had animals for eight years in that field," Kolb said. "And never had a problem with coyotes, and so have these people. Now all of a sudden, they have dead horses. It’s pretty ironic to me." *******DF

Special thanks to Philip Spencer for relaying this story.

[source: wcpo ]

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The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
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