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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bigfoot in Chenoa
General Area - Chenoa, Ky
Where: Chenoa, KY (Bell County)
When: Fall of 1982
Witnesses: 2
Creature: 8 foot Tall, Ape like, Red Eyes
 2 Boys were walking home after playing basketball. It was just before it got dark. They seen large red glowing eyes on the edge of the tree line.  The Bigfoot was peeking from behind a tree about 15 to 20 ft away on the edge of the tree line.-  The boys described the creature as appox. 8 ft tall and looking like a human ape mix.
Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Harold Benny:
"I talked to the witness by phone and found him to be credible. His short narrative hints at his story. About dusk, the witness was walking home with a friend after playing basketball. Fifteen to twenty feet off into the woods and standing behind a tree was an eight foot tall creature with both human and ape characteristics. Even though it was not yet dark, the animal's eyes were glowing red. Watching for twenty or more seconds the witness noticed several things:
1.) Most of the face was covered in dark fur, but black skin surrounded the deep set eyes.
2.) Ears were visible and were lighter in color.
3.) The long arms hung down to the knees and ended with large black hands about five times the size of human hands. The witness got the feeling that this impressive creature could not be harmed.



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