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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[Sighting Report and Interview conducted by TCC's Bobby & Corinna Long]
Sighting Report

Late Summer, early Fall. 1971
Azalea, Oregon
4 P.M. or close on a Saturday. The weather was mild.

Two young men were hunting quail or grouse, whichever they could find at the time, when they noticed a smell that was described as skunk and rotting cabbage combined. They scanned the hillside because of the smell and seen nothing but normal things.
At that time a large Bigfoot/Sasquatch stood up from behind a three foot wide stump! They were frozen in fear as the creature tore up the hillside at a pace no human nor bear could have possibly gone. According to the main witness there was a minute of visual of the creature before it disappeared into the woods.
Every step it took footfalls were heard. Then stated he could hear it for several minutes after it was out of sight thrashing, breaking trees and brush down in its way. He described the creature as a 9 foot tall and as wide as the stump it was hiding behind (3 feet), dark brown or black hair not fur. He thought it was going to the farm/beaver pond for a drink or for food. Abundant with trout and other species for food.
He also stated that calves and chickens had been taken without a trace. One cow had been killed but was found before anything had fed on it.

Bill has never returned to that area, nor would he leave the house without a rifle in hand just in case. He no longer resides in there.
No tracks or photos available.
Elevation 2062
GPS 42.82579N. 123.05904W.

Here is the Witness Interview

Thanks, Bobby.

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