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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Well, Seems some people are thinking the beacon bigfoot pictures and videos are real. So I thought I'd post up some more photos and enhancements to help you make up your mind.

Bigfoot going towards the left
Here is a zoom in on the figure

ok, the bigfoot must be a little confused because here it is going to the right...maybe he forgot something?

here is a zoom again

  ok...now how about a female bigfoot, there has been pictures of babies ...so there has to be a female right?
here it is
Yes, there is about 5 deer in the photo --which is pretty cool ---now how about a zoom on the female bigfoot ...here it is

bow chicka wow wow - curvy!

Now for the alpha male of the group.

Lets zoom the macho man in and get a good look at this specimen

Now it seems ever who is taking these photos and videos are getting really close, either this is for some low budget movie or just a ploy to get some youtube views and press. At least they are pretty decent suits and using so many different types of bigfoots is creative as well. If this is real, which it is not. then Beacon, NY is overrun with bigfoot and they may have to start a hunting season to thin them out.

So in the end you can make up your own mind but at least it something to look at.


[source: beacon bigfoot]

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  1. If they were real they would be taking all the empty homes first and not the Muslim Immigrants, I wonder what religion they are?, well I bet they are far more intelligent than use and don't have one.

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