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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Beacon Bigfoot videos have been around for a little while now and most, including me, think they are nothing more than fakes.
Well now there is a blog just for the Beacon Bigfoot stuff, it appears to be ran by Randal Hart the same person on youtube.
Here is a few of the photos from the site and some enhancements.
Bigfoot and a baby
Here is a zoom in on the subjects
You can see the "baby" now peaking from behind the adult

Here is another photo of a baby bigfoot and some deer

Now here is the zoom in

yep, it's a family thing. I hope they are on private property because someone might shoot them.

Feel free to leave your opinion about the Beacon Bigfoot. You can view their block by Clicking Here


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  1. No Way, Too Fake, looks like a "little person" all made up, ALL head & little body is not how they are & the Big one is all wrong too.

    1. Actually, the youngsters heads are large compared to their bodies...kind of like when a puppy has huge paws and ears until the grow into them.

      I saw a white juvenile that had a huge head...it looked a lot like hairy grey alien!


  2. Erin,
    How would you know that the body is "not how they are". Do you regularly see different age groups of sasquatch from across the world? By your comment it sounds like you have some missing knowledge the rest of us dont. I think what really happened here is that it didnt meet your preconceived notion about what a bigfoot is supposed to look like. Id be willing to bet the farm on it. Not saying this isnt fake, but i think its a safe bet to assume that you have absolutely no clue what juvenile, or for that matter adult bigfeet look like in all their variations. Assuming they exist that is. It always amazes me when people make comments that cast doubt b/c its not how "they" look. Yet the people who post these comments almost always have not only never seen one, but are going solely off of the Patterson or Freeman footage. Based solely on those pieces, and imagination, they invent what a bigfoot typically looks like, and suddenly are able to judge fakes from real photos. Sorry but thats b.s. You have no better of an idea of what they look like than the rest of us.
    Interesting things to note, fake or not:
    Someone went through alot of trouble with facial makeup by adding a brow ridge, nose and ear latex molds with makeup blending, and an above average fur suit.
    Then add in the fact that the head is quite large, and the hands are HUGE for its size. Could be fakes, but they dont look like it.
    And this certainly is no little person Erin. Have you ever seen a little person? Their proportions are almost always out of whack. The torso is almost non existent in most cases, the legs and arms are of coures extremely small, and this gives us the odd appearance. Yet this being in the picture exhibits none of those except a large head. The body seems relative for the size of its limbs. And the hands seem huge. The proportions are all wrong for a little person in a suit. It could be a kid in a suit, but again, if it was, someone went through ALOT of trouble. And if they did, then this is probably for a movie. So either id be looking for bigfoot movies this could have come from, or ones in production, or begin to think their might be something more to this.

    Hoaxers will dress up and go out of their way to an extent, but professional makeup, and artificial latex features is going a bit overboard for 99 percent of the hoaxers out their. The face of the juvenile is obviously not a static mask, so someone spent alot of time here. My guess is, its for a movie, or it might just be real.

    But we certainly cant dismiss it b/c it doesnt fit the mold to what we think a "typical" bigfoot looks like. B/c we just dont know. Their may be a select few who see these animals often, and even they can only speak for the few they have seen. Afterall, does a white person look the same as a black person, or an eskimo look different from a Nigerian. If they are what most think they are, then they would have the traits and differences in appearance just like any human variation.

    1. The ones I've seen in person do not resemble "Patty's" looks or movement, especially. I was expecting to see something that was more along the lines of the stereotypical, upright "Patty" looking Sasquatch, but my first sighting/experience was anything but...

  3. First off the person replying to Erin, made very good points. Since Big foots have not been proven to exist (Yet) everybody can claim to be an expert. A 5 year old Boy has the same amount of knowledge as an Adult! The "Perceive image" of what Big foots look like are all wrong! only people who have actually seen them, can say what they look like, myself included. Also there are different types Human/Ape and Ape like plus different colors, sizes etc. But always the description is; "It was 9 feet tall, 800 lbs, built like a linebacker with long hair" (It not the heat, but the humidity)

    Also any picture/Video taken by You, Me, or anybody, no matter how good it is, how clear it is, it will always be deemed a Hoax! Recently, I got a long shot video of a Big foot standing in a beaver pond. Anyone can cleary see it is not a Bear. But the minute i show it! "that's a man in a monkey suit"! Nobody knew i would be there scanning this pond, there are no people around, no campsites, no hikers etc. So a "Man in a monkey suit wades out in 2-3 feet of water, hoping another human would come by, see him and get the last laugh1 Yeah Right!

    When you actually see one, you do not think about getting a picture! it is such a sight, you go num and just stand there in Awe! Your brain freezes up and you piss your pants! By the time you start to react, it's gone!

    I am a very experienced Furtrapper/hunter (retired) and spend almost every day looking for them. Because once you see one, it becomes like a drug, you need to see it again! After 10 years, with many sightings/encounters,I have yet to get a picture or a video that when shown people will say; 'That's real"!
    my name is John, my Email is healthyhappylawns2reagan.com. i live in the catskill mountains New York state..


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