Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bigfoot Night Sighting - Interview

A few years ago a man I go to church with told an interesting story at church about a "creature" he seen as a young man, at the time I said to myself  "it sounds like a bigfoot to me"....well I finally got to do a face to face interview with him and ask him about the encounter. This sighting took place in bell county, Kentucky, which is where I have lived most of my life (AKA- Blackmont, Tugglesville, Alva or blacksnake).This sighting is less than a half of mile from where I live now.

Here is the interview with C. Howard.

TCC : You remember that time you told the story at church about seeing something on night going home?
CH : was right along here.
TCC: can you tell me more about it?
CH: well I had got a ride home from being up Pathfork and I was let me off right about there (points to a house next to his current house on the main road on hwy 72) was pretty late at night. I walked over this way (points to right were we were standing doing the interview, this is a road that leads back to where some houses use to be up a hollow but now is a old strip mine) . They used to be a swinging bridge here and we had to cross it to get to the house.

CH: Well, I started across the bridge and got almost half way and I noticed something over to the left was 2 big red glowing eyes.(He points to a small stream that feeds into the main creek)

TCC: could you tell how tall or how high the eyes were off the ground?
CH: No was hard to tell because I was up on the bridge.
TCC: what happen next?

CH: I was scared and ran on across the bridge and once to the other side I ran on towards the house.

TCC: what happen to the thing you saw?
CH: It was chasing me! It was a pretty good ways up to the house and once I got there I ran into the house...I don't know what I would have done if the door had been locked.

TCC: well do you think this was a dog or something?
CH: no it wasn't a dog.
TCC: do you think it was something running on all fours?
CH: On wasn't running like a dog or was running on 2 feet and it was big.
TCC: sound like it could have been a bigfoot.
CH: It was scary...I was scared to death.
TCC: about how long ago was this, what year?
CH: well I was young....a teenager.. it was scary..that was in 40's.(TCC- this area had been an old mining camp that used push carts to move coal, and folks lived and worked there.)
TCC: well sometimes bigfoots stay in an area for a long time...I might come down and look around some if you don't care?
CH: yeah...that be fine.

Then I told him I had to run and we exchanged goodbyes and I left.

TCC says:  This could have very well been a bigfoot, it could have been next to the creek drinking water or trying to catch crawfish or fish...This person is a truthful person and we believe his story.
Sighting stats:
State: Kentucky
County:  bell
Closes hwy:  Hwy 72
Year:  40's
Time:  Night time
Witnesses: 1

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