Monday, June 17, 2013

Are These Stick Formations Done By Bigfoot?

UPDATE: I forgot to tell everyone these were found in South Caroline. The land has lots of deer and has a lake on each side of it.

I was contacted by some friends, who I will not name, and they had found some odd stick structures on their property. This is private land and it is kind of set back and out of the way from my understanding.
They sent me 3 photos of these formations and it appears that something has made these and that it is not just a natural tree breakage and landing.
Could they be having bigfoot activity on their property? What do you guys think?

Photo 1

Photo 2

photo 3

Maybe some of this could be just a natural occurring formations but I kind of doubt it. If these types of formations are made by bigfoot, what do they mean?

Some theories suggest that formations like this are either directions markers, territorial markers or possibly warnings.
I wonder if some of these, especially photo 3, are made by juvenile bigfoot our of boredom.
Some have ask if any tracks have been found on the property and to my knowledge none have been found but I do not think a wide search has been conducted yet.

I just wanted to share these and see if anyone had much to say about them. Have any of you other researchers found similar formations? if so let me know.


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