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Friday, June 28, 2013

Bigfoot on Night Vision
Not actual photo, just used as reference

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

A Sculptor’s View of Bigfoot
Bigfoot Artist Dan Baker’s Sighting
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher

            Bigfoot sightings are usually fleeting. And often, the viewer is too stunned to give a truly accurate description of the details. But Dan Baker, a noted bigfoot artist, has a slightly unique way of seeing things, and, from the perspective of his work, offered a few details to the mix when he, after a lot of searching, finally spotted the creature in his home state of Ohio last week, June 15, 2013. And his sighting confirmed that even a long time Bigfoot believer like Dan can be overwhelmed and caught off guard in seeing a creature you really don’t know exists until you actually see one.

            According to Dan, it was a pretty productive research day for him and his fellow researcher, Paul Hayes, along with Paul’s cousin, Chris, who both found and cast tracks earlier that day. They also found stick structures that they determined to be new in the area as they had researched the same area before when the structures hadn’t been there.

            The men also observed an area where some huge, heavy logs had been placed over a bridge blocking anyone from entering a swamp area the men frequented.  A strange occurrence that led the men to believe that someone or something didn’t want them back there. And also, the size of the logs was questionable.  “Whoever or whatever put them there had to be pretty darn strong,” Dan said. And they headed back to their base camp.

            That night, Dan wanted to attempt to pick up some sounds with his H2 recorder. So he and his fellow researcher headed into the swamp packing his night vision monocular. They found a small, fresh sapling that had been broken.  It alerted them that maybe they didn’t want to go very deep into the swamp. The men then made a quick sweep of the bottom land and headed back to their camp. And that’s when it happened. This is how Dan told the story to his group, The Genoskwa Project .

          “As we were heading north across the backside of the ridge on the bottom, we came across a VERY nasty, putrid stench that is very hard to describe. We drove out of the smell in about 150 feet and started back up over the ridge. As we approached the tree that we saw across the trail earlier in the day, we saw there was a new one that was even larger lying across the same spot.”
           “We made it back to base camp,” Dan continued. “And Kane (the property owner) reported into Paul who was out walking the ridgeline. Paul asked Kane to come up on the ridgeline and meet them up there. Kane was just a little reluctant but nevertheless got on his 4-wheeler and went up there. I stayed back at base camp. About 5 minutes after Kane left, we all heard what appeared to be bi-pedal footsteps walking just inside the tree line.”
          “I asked the ladies, "Did you hear that"? They both said yes. I got up and grabbed my night vision [goggles]. I walked over to the edge of the pavilion at base camp and started panning the tree line from right to left which was the direction of the footsteps. When I got to about my 10 o'clock position, I could not believe my eyes! All I could say was "Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy" !                                   That's when Sue (my wife) and Leanna (the property owner’s wife) came up beside me. Leanna had a very powerful flashlight and shined it up where I was pointing. Sure enough, she and Sue saw it as well! Standing approximately 100 feet just inside the tree line in between a large sapling and a fairly large tree, there was a Squatch !!! It appeared to be around 7 feet tall!” 

           “What did the creature look like?” I asked.

             The shape of the creatures head was similar to that of a silverback gorilla. It seemed to have a sagittal crest. The traps (trapezius muscles or neck muscles) appeared to start from the middle of the head and slope down to the shoulders and they were huge in comparison to a human. The shoulders were massive and very broad.”

          “So you were honing in on the upper body of the creature?” I asked.

          “I observed these features because all of my sculptures are busts, and these are the things that I always concentrate on. I couldn't distinguish the color or sex through my night vision, and none of the other witnesses who saw it after I did could make out any of those details either.”

             “Did you think you were in danger?” I asked.

              “We never felt threatened in any way. In fact it was very passive just swaying from side to side. It just seemed almost curious about us and was simply watching us.”

           “So how did this encounter end?” I asked.

           “The ladies frantically attempted to contact the rest of team on our radio, but as luck

would have it, it couldn't reach them. All the time, I was watching the squatch through

my night vision.”

            “What was it doing?”

             “It would sway from side to side and then pause. Then it would sway again. I don't know why, but I looked away for a few seconds and when I came back to the spot, it seemed to be gone. Finally Kane was on his way back to base camp and Paul was with him on the 4-wheeler. The ladies were very excited and telling them what we had just witnessed together. Leanne took Paul over and showed him where we saw the creature.”
             “After a minute or so, Paul called me over and asked if the creature was between the sapling and larger tree. I said yes. And Paul said, "That son-of-a-gun is still there!”
             “Sure enough, I looked through my night vision and there it was AGAIN, only hunched down! Paul formulated a plan to approach the creature and try to get a better look. About this time, the rest of the team had made it back to base camp. They all got their flashlights out and approached the tree line. As they started to head up there, you could see tree branches moving. When they got there, the creature was gone!”

             Later, Paul returned to the sighting spot and found the grass there had been crunched down.

            “Do you think it knew you could see it with your night vision?”

             “I don't think it realized it. Because it just stood there. Even when Leanne shined the flashlight up there, it didn't seem to phase it. It didn't really move until the other guys went up towards it, and all I could see from where I was standing were tree branches moving up the hillside.”

             “So how were you feeling about all this at that moment?”

             “I have to say that I was somewhat overwhelmed, and even kind of freaked out after the reality set in. No matter how bad you want to see a Sasquatch, your mind is not fully prepared for that kind of shock.”

               “So how do you feel now about what you saw?” I asked.

                I have to say that THIS was one of the most incredible things to EVER happen in my life.”

During this particular encounter, the creature was spotted by the entire group of researchers. Not just Dan himself. They believe a small family group of sasquatches lives in that area. Sadly, the researchers didn’t have the equipment to get any photos or video of the creature in the pitch darkness. But undoubtedly, it was a moment none of them will ever forget.  ********DF

Special thanks to Dan Baker for sharing his story with The Crypto Crew.
Dan's Group - The Genoskwa Project

©The Crypto Crew

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