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Terror of the Mississippi Tusked Ape 

By AJ Killbuck, Bigfootbase.com

Legends of giant, human-like creatures are surprisingly common in the United States. It was deep in the heart of the south, that one of the most unusual types of these creatures was first sighted: a tusked ape-man. The residual impact of that strange encounter still lingers in the Mississippi woods to this day.

The First Encounter (1868)

The first report of this strange creature surfaced way back in 1868, tucked away in the comfortable southern landscape of Mississippi. A group of hunters from Franklin County were tracking game in the woods, accompanied by their pack of hunting dogs.

This comes from our team in Oregon, Bobby and Corinna Long. Bobby's friend Rocky came to visit and talk about Bigfoot. Later they decided to go on a hike to scout for Bigfoot evidence.

Bobby said:
"We found a lot of sign but on the walk back is when we found 1 large track in the gravel next to the road.  In the photo above is Rocky's size 13 shoe next to the print. So, we are looking at a 16-17 inch foot impression."

Recently, TCC team members Tony Felosi and Jennifer Fugate hiked part of the beautiful Pine Mountain in Harlan County. Parts of Pine Mountain are not only pretty rugged but they are also fairly isolated.

The duo used this time to also do a little bigfooting and it paid off. The team was able to explore an awesome area and managed to find several possible Bigfoot tracks.

Here is the video of the journey and track find.

Is This The Long Extinct Dire Wolf?

By Dorraine Fisher

This very strange footage was brought to my attention recently and I was asked what I thought about it.  I initially thought the footage must be faked because the “canine” in the video is simply huge. But as I watched it several times, the dire wolf is what started coming to my mind.

Dire wolves were an ancient species of wolf thought to have become extinct some 10,000 years ago. The were roughly twice the size of a modern timber wolf, stockier built, with shorter legs, probably not built for fast running. But they could have been more of an ambush predator of some of the very large prey that existed at that time, due to their large and powerfully muscular build.

During the recent Pine Mountain Paracon the even finished off with a investigation of the historic Bell Theater located in downtown Pineville. This event was open to the general public and we had a good number of people show up and take part in the investigation. Much of the investigation was broadcast live over facebook.

The video that follows is that live broadcast along with a couple of interviews with some of the folks that took part. The investigation was very successful and the interaction was nothing short of amazing.

Missouri is home to several mysterious mystery creatures and tales. One of the most famous is the  Momo. The Momo is said to be a Bigfoot type of creature that is covered in hair. Momo is short for Missouri Monster and it was first reported in 1971.

I recently received an interesting sighting report from Missouri, could there be a connection to the Momo?

Here is the report and some of the follow up questions.

Photo by conner bowe on Unsplash

Psychic Spies: Yes, They're Real

If someone were to tell you that government officials had spent millions of taxpayer money to try to recruit psychics for international defense systems, would you believe them? Wild as it sounds, the U.S. government did just that in 1978 with its Stargate Project. Though this isn't the first time the government has seemingly had a close call with the paranormal , it is the first time that they were open about being interested in recruiting psychics. Here's the strange, wild, and unbelievable story of psychic spies in the US military...

I was recently contacted on Facebook about a possible Thunderbird sighting near Table Rock, Wyoming. For those who might not be familiar with the term Thunderbird let me give you a little more information.

Thunderbird is a term used in cryptozoology to describe large, bird-like creatures, generally identified with the Thunderbird of Native American tradition. These massive birds are normally described as being black in color and as having a wingspan between 12 and 18 ft. The fossil record does show that giant birds once existed but for the most part the Thunderbird is considered a myth. The only problem is that there continues to be sporadic sighting of this very large bird.

Here is the most recent possible sighting of a Thunderbird.

I noticed today that there is a rash of Bigfoot videos being posted on social media, namely Facebook. Some of these are ones I have never seen before or must have missed.

So, I thought I would take a little time to share some of them with you. One particular video is one I had a chance to work on and I will share some information about it.

Of course, some of the videos are better than some of the others but that is just part of it.
Lets take a look at some of them.
During my Bigfoot presentation. Photo by Lisa Peters
This past Saturday we had the first every Pine Mountain Paracon. This event was hosted at the beautiful Pine Mountain State Resort Park. If you have never been to Pine Mountain, you own it to yourself to make the trip. It is such a beautiful area, with loads of hike trails, things to see and even a zipline. And the food is terrific.

The Paracon featured several presentations on various topics combined with some local musical talent in between presenters. What made this event stand out was that not only was it a free event, it was an all day event. The doors opened at 11am and we finished off downtown at the Bell Theater for a live ghost hunt. The Paracon lasted until 10 pm. I can tell you my legs and feet were wore out.

How does one distinguish reality from fiction?  The answer is simple....experience.  What tends to be fiction to some is reality to others based on their experience alone.  It is awful hard to convince someone that they didn't see something that they know they saw with their own two eyes.

Evidence is another key factor in a reality check.  If it is present, the only ones denying the facts are the ones that do not wish to believe them.

Today I'm a little off my normal pathway of looking for Bigfoot. Today I want to write about the terms Clairaudient and Clairsentient. As we know it is often said that we are born with with some psychic and/or intuitive abilities. I think at one time or another we have all experienced something that would fall into the realm of psychic ability.

If you do any searching on the internet or read in some books, you might have ran across the two terms, Clairaudient and Clairsentient. These may be unfamiliar words for you, so I wanted to make a brief post explaining them a little.

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