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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Terror of the Mississippi Tusked Ape 

By AJ Killbuck, Bigfootbase.com

Legends of giant, human-like creatures are surprisingly common in the United States. It was deep in the heart of the south, that one of the most unusual types of these creatures was first sighted: a tusked ape-man. The residual impact of that strange encounter still lingers in the Mississippi woods to this day.

The First Encounter (1868)

The first report of this strange creature surfaced way back in 1868, tucked away in the comfortable southern landscape of Mississippi. A group of hunters from Franklin County were tracking game in the woods, accompanied by their pack of hunting dogs.
The group had already made their way into the woods before noticing something wasn't right. They found large, odd footprints in the ground—fresh footprints. According to the men, the tracks appeared to have been made by a creature with backwards facing feet.

The men knew the creature wasn't far. The dogs were barking and riling themselves up in defense. The men hardly had enough time to speculate before the huge, monstrous beast made itself known. It emerged from the trees and stood before the men.

The report suggests that it was no taller than a human, but had much larger muscle structures. The men recounted with certainty: the beast had long, thick, dark brown fur covering its body and two large tusks protruding from the top row of its teeth. It towered before them, menacing and wild.

The hunters, fearing for their lives, released their dogs, hoping to thwart the beast and escape to safety. But things quickly took a dark turn when it grabbed one of their dogs, killing it with one chomp of its incredible tusked mouth.

In the final moments of this terrifying confrontation, the men fired their guns. The beast roared and shrieked with a sound they claim they have never since heard again. It ran towards the Mississippi river where it began to swim. The men knew their pursuit was over—the beast had managed to escape the group of hunters.

What Did The Mississippi Tusked Ape Look Like?

Following this initial sighting, residents of the area began to spread warning of their story. The tale of the creature spread and the beast became known as ‘The Mississippi Tusked Ape.’

Key Descriptive Features

  • Long, thick fur that's dark brown in color
  • Two large tusks growing from the top row of teeth
  • Large backwards feet
  • Height similar to that of a human
  • Larger muscle structure than that of a human
  • Spotted around southeast Mississippi

An Unresolved Tale

For hundreds of years, thousands of people have shared incredible stories of these strange hairy beasts. Intense sightings persist into present day (21st century encounters via Bigfoot Base). The incredible 1868 tusked-ape encounter has been shrouded in uncertainty for more than a century. The people who reside in the area maintain the legend to this day.

Though the men who confronted this incredible creature are long since gone, the story of that fateful night lingers to this day. If you're planning to explore the woods in southeast Mississippi, beware the descendants of the Tusked Ape.


This is a Guest Post by AJ Killbuck. AJ runs the website Bigfootbase.com . The Bigfoot Base front page provides a steady stream of Bigfoot-related current events, historical encounters, sightings from all over the world, fun insight, scientific advancements, and pop-culture material.

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