Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shooting Bigfoot - The Reviews are in!

The reviews are starting to come in about Shooting Bigfoot and they are not good for the film or Team Tracker.

"What SHOOTING BIGFOOT allows us to do is spend time with the people behind the findings, and see them for the kooks, cons and crazies they really are. This is one wild film, and one of the best documentaries of the festival for certain.
Bigfoot might still be out there. The beast likely still inspires believers and will continue to until its existence is conclusively proven or disproven. Matthews doesn’t purport to have any clear answers, and neither do I. One thing is for sure though – the four men profiled in this film sure don’t have any answers either."

read it yourself and make up your own mind

Stories of Dyer supporters getting up and leaving the movie, reports of it being a bigfoot suit and reports of only about 30 seconds of  bigfoot footage and no HD footage.

If all of this is true then one can only assume it has been a hoax.

Also the silence coming from FB/FB speaks volumes, they had it all riding on a bigfoot body.

Dyer did make a few comments during his Google hangout and pointed some of the blame, of lack of bigfoot footage, onto Morgan Matthews. Dyer went on to promise the bigfoot body would be shown on Aug. 15.
Another interesting note is that Dyer did not attend the showing, but he could have had good reasons.

Several months ago I was covering this story pretty hard and I broke the news of some of the details but as time went on and the story changed, I got a bad feeling about it. The more I heard and seen the more doubt I had, so I just basically dropped the story as I didn't want to get drawn into all the personal bashing and fighting. I also was attacked just for covering the story but I was trying to get details for everyone. In any case, I would like to apologize to anyone who feels I was unfair in my reporting or was purposely aiding in a hoax.

If this is for sure a hoax, and it appears to be, there are many players who might just be finished in the bigfoot community. Hoaxing in the bigfoot community seems to be at an all time high, which really hurts true bigfoot research.

I still don't think this is totally over with yet and expect it to linger on for a little while.

Maybe things will get a little bit back to normal and all the fighting will end over the next few weeks.

Have a great week!

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Eye Witness To The Seljord Serpent - Adam Davies

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Eye Witness To The Seljord Serpent
Adam Davies Talks About The Latest Footage And His Own Encounter With The Creature
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            We were pretty excited about the new footage of Selma, the creature described as a giant eel that is said to inhabit the frigid waters of Seljord Lake in Norway.  It’s the best footage yet of the creature. And I was also excited to remember I knew someone who said he’d actually seen the creature in the flesh.
            Adam Davies, affectionately know by our team as the “Extreme Monster Hunter,” was on an expedition in Norway back in August of 1999 with a research team “comprised of Swedes, Brits, and a Belgian,” he told me. And he described to me what he saw that day.
            “It rose to the surface about 15 feet from the small rowing boat I was in. It was black in color, and I could clearly see three humps as it traveled through the lake in an undulating motion. I never saw its head,” he explained.  “But what was particularly interesting about it, was that it appeared to have some barbs on its spine, which look very like the old woodcuts.”
            Adam was describing the old wood carvings that depicted the creature centuries ago when sea monsters were believed to inhabit the large bodies of water around the world. Selma, as the stories are told, would definitely fit that description. And if proved real, would allow us to believe that ancient sailors weren’t so crazy after all. It seems there has been plenty of activity in the lake to conclude the creature is real.
            Adam also added, “The science behind it was very persuasive indeed. We dropped a hydrophone in the water, and the emissions we recorded were analyzed by the Marine Research Institute in Bergen.
Their conclusion: "It astounds me to say that this is a unique species! The serpent is a real, unique species.”
            So I thought I’d show Adam this recent footage and hear his thoughts about it.
            “The film is excellent,” he said.  “And based on my experience, I would say that the young lady has witnessed one herself.”
            And leave it to Adam and his team to paddle out into the middle of Seljord Lake in nothing more than a small rowboat in search of evidence of the creature. That’s why we love him, and that’s why we call him the “Extreme Monster Hunter.” *******DF
Here is the Recent Footage
 [[Note: Dorraine also interviewed Mr. Davies a little while back - read it by Clicking Here! ]
[Special thanks to Adam Davies for sharing his encounter with The Crypto Crew.]

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Monday, April 29, 2013

New Sighting Of The Seljord Serpent?

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

New Sighting Of The Seljord Serpent?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Is this perhaps the best video footage yet of what’s believed to be the Seljord serpent.

Seljord Lake in Telemark County in Norway is well-known as the home of this legendary creature that has been said to have inhabited the lake for centuries. The first documented account was in 1750.

The creature is affectionately known there as Selma and is believed to be comparable to descriptions of The Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. It is most commonly described as a giant eel and has been seen on occasion rearing its head out of the water...that is by those who have dared to tell their tales. The majority sightings are believed to go unreported.

The Seljord serpent is also the only cryptid that monster hunter Adam Davies claimed to have actually seen in the course of his many hunting expeditions around the world.

This video, by 17-year-old Lisbeth VeFall on an unknown date, shows a serpent-like, possible "creature" undulating through the water very quickly. She claimed to have counted 40-50 humps. Could it really be?


[Note: Dorraine also interviewed Mr. Davies a little while back - read it by Clicking Here!]

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bigfoot TV Shows - The Reality

Eddie Duncan Shackleford is a Senior Editor for Direct2TV and loves to research and write topics on Cryptozoology, entertainment, sports and more. Bigfoot is one of his favorite topics to talk about as it is arguably one of the most controversial mythical creatures that has ever lived. Eddie D. Shackleford can be followed on twitter at: Eddie20Ford


Bigfoot fans enjoy watching TV reality shows revealing shocking proof
First you have to know "Bigfoot," as it’s commonly called, is a hot theme for Sasquatch fans the world over who tune in to their favorite TV reality show for updates on this hairy beast that’s often seen but not yet caught.

However, that may change when Spike TV launches a new 10-episode Bigfoot show that’s been dubbed "10 Million Dollar Big Foot Bounty." In fact, this new realty competition formatted television program will be offering one of the largest cash prizes in either Bigfoot or television history.

At the same time, there are still Bigfoot fans who remember the cult TV show "Bigfoot and Wildboy" that was featured in the late 1970’s as a children TV show on ABC.

The big TV show that many fans of Sasquatch enjoy watching is the popular Animal Plant program "Finding Bigfoot." This documentary styled TV services premiered in 2011, and is still drawing lots of viewers.

Watching Bigfoot on the tube

When fans tune in each week to the Animal Planet network for the latest installment of this latest Sasquatch tale "Finding Bigfoot," they hope and wish the program’s Bigfoot field researchers will unearth real evidence of this bizarre creature that is said to live in the deep woods of the Pacific Northwest, up in Alaska, in and around Oregon or Northern California or perhaps down in the deep south or up in New England.

However, the history of Bigfoot on TV points to just one thing – no conclusive evidence!

In fact, not one realty TV show or Bigfoot documentary has unearthed any real hair, DNA or blood evidence from the creature.

Moreover, there have been lots of fakes and hoaxes involving people who said they found real Bigfoot evidence.

Finding real evidence of Sasquatch

Because there are many remote regions where Bigfoot has been spotted, there is a tendency for fans to seek out programs on the Discovery or History channel for details -- from the somewhat eccentric but passionate Sasquatch researchers -- who always seem to claim how it just got away.

In turn, there are TV spots -- for "Finding Bigfoot" and other like show -- that ask viewers to stay tuned for a new season when someone really does find this ape-like creature.

Also, the TV shows that have made this search for Bigfoot a high art, often claim that recent physical evidence has just turned up showing actual Bigfoot DNA. But, the catch is by the time the program is over, there’s no real DNA proof.

Still, fans of the creature are very forgiving and they tend to stay tuned to their TV sets in hopes something big will break soon that proves Sasquatch is not just a myth.

Finding TV entertainment with Squatchness

The legend of Bigfoot – as featured on numerous TV shows and web sites – is big business when it comes to both entertainment and all sorts of Bigfoot products.
There are even new terms to describe where the big guy or gal may live.

The place has been dubbed "Squatchness," and many Bigfoot seekers like to drop that name for regions of the country where Bigfoot has been spotted.

Overall, there are many entertaining TV programs about this ape-like creature but few of them have gone beyond folklore and delivered what Native Americans call "the mystery creature." In fact, some recent television programs have speculated that Native peoples are still protecting these creatures and that’s why no Bigfoot has ever been caught.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shooting Bigfoot Film - Not long Now!

Above is the new poster for the film Shooting Bigfoot. This came from the Minnow Films website.

It is just a few days until the film will be shown, what will be the out come is anybody guess at this point. Will it Bang or Bust?

Here is a statement from Minnow Films:

"We are aware there has been a lot of speculation about this documentary. We will not be releasing any further information about the film prior to its screening at Hot Docs in Canada at the end of April. However, we can confirm that it includes Rick Dyer, Tom Biscardi, Dallas and Wayne, and it contains some fairly dramatic scenes filmed in the woods"

So I guess depending on what your view is of "fairly dramatic" is makes the world of difference.

I kind of lost interest in this whole story/film/event due to all the fighting and how the details of the story changed a little and at this point I will just be glad to get to finally see what is real and what is not real about the story.

The fighting has really went over the top with many personal attacks on all sides. I wonder, will any of them kiss and make up after it is all over? I would think some will and some will not or is some of it just part of the hype?

Recently a trailer was released for Shooting Bigfoot, which again brought many mixed and varied reviews/opinions.
Here is the trailer

In the end I will watch the movie, at some point, even if it turns out to be a hoax.
In my opinion Dallas and Wayne have been the most low key with their bigfoot researcher over the years and their other movie "Not your Typical Bigfoot Movie" was very entertaining for me.
Almost everyone has heard of Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi and opinions vary about them but it is undeniable that both Dyer and Biscardi have large followings and followers.

So everyone get ready to either "eat crow" or say "I told you so" as Shooting Bigfoot is only a few days away.


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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Virus found in Turkeys

One ugly Bird
Turkeys in Maine have been found with a virus. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife tells WNSX the virus is called Lymphoproliferative Disease Virus (LPDV). It causes minor to extreme lesions on a turkey's head and legs and is thought to spread by skin contact or mosquito bites.

The disease poses no risk to humans, but there is a potential for bacterial infection if the bird is handled improperly. If you shoot a bird like the one pictured, IFW asks that you contact the Department of Public Safety in Augusta at (800) 452-4664 or Wildlife Biologist at one of the numbers listed below:

Ashland – (207) 435-3231 Bangor – (207) 941-4466 Enfield – (207) 732-4132 Gray – (207) 657-2345 Greenville – (207) 695-3756 Jonesboro – (207) 434-5927 Sidney – (207) 547-5318 Strong – (207) 778-3324

After examining the bird, the Department staff member will determine your eligibility to harvest another turkey.

Photo courtesy of MIFW.
Thanks to WNSX 97.7
TCC -  I was alerted to this by TCC Team Member Erin Morse. - Thanks Erin! 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Strange Creature Seen on Hwy. 119 (Update!)

!! Strange Creature seen on Hwy. 119 in bell county !!

I first heard of this a few months ( couple of years ago now) back and have researched it on and off for the last few months. The following is from a forum and most of the posters do not use their real names.

Actual location where the creature was seen

Strange Creature seen on 119

Hawk - This morning about 10:00 I was going up 119 a little outside calloway was heading toward Harlan when I looked to my right in a field of the road were some cow's were grazeing a I saw something that I cant explaine, it was running across the field extreamily fast, it was gray in color and was running on two legs like a man but low to the ground and it had a head like a man and large body and moved very fast. I got a good look at it and I'm 49 years old and I have never seen anything like it, has anyone else seen this thing or anything else strange like i described? I'm really interested in finding out what the heck this was..

Glenn Walker - I must have been right behind you cuase I seen it too. Dont know what the heck it was. But it was downright strange. I wish I had a rifle on me at the time. I could have been rich.

Hawk - it was the strangest thing I've ever seen thats a for sure.. what do you think it was?

Hawk - (After a poster was making fun of him) Look this is not a 'joke"..It was truely something strange, I know it sounds crazy but it really happened and I would like to know "what it is truely"..{I know if my car tore up on 119 at nite I will not get out and walk for help after seeing what I saw in a crossing that field in the day-light} it look like some kind of monster for real.

Hawk - it was were the christmas store use to sit on 119 outside of calloway on right side of road in the field with all the white cows are. not for sure on what the mile marker is, but I can tell you if this was a I dont think this would be concidered a "Big Foot" couse it was Gray in color and was running close to the ground on two legs,looked kinda like {and I know this is going to sound crazy} a Wolf-man thing,It was very large and "Gray" very strange looking..

Hawk - what gets me is the cows in the field didnt even take notice of this thing,,it was as if they were use to seeing it or something they just keeped on grazeing,,isnt that kind of strange it is to me. like the one person sayed earlyer on here they also seen it and I wish I'd had a gun with me also I would have shot it and been rich right about now..

Poster called "I Know" - the location is the old santa's place store..over the recent weeks serval cows in that feild either have disappeared or been killed.tracks have been found resembles a dogs footprint but is about 4x larger..best time to catch a glimpse of it is on foggy nights or early morning hrs.... but dont go there trying to shoot as the proptery owner protects his land .. makes me wonder if he is using the cattle to feed it..
 (Note: I was able to get a couple other people to confirm some cows went missing)

Hawk - well then someone on here needs to call in the folks to investagate this couse this thing is there,what get's me is I saw it in the daylight so it must not be something that comes out at night, right..but I am here to tell you all after seeing this very scary thing my veiw of the unexplained has been changed forever...

Poster called "Its True" - Dont be so quick to make fun, I live in this area and my kids have seen it, or them as far back as 20 years ago and so did their friends, this is not a joke, I for one would love for someone to come and check this out. Dont the bigfoot hunters live in middlesboro now maybe we could run an add in the paper for them to contact someone in this area,but not everyone has seen it. I for one would talk to them.I think they had an article in the paper months ago, Please if they read this run it again and someone will get in touch with them.There always has to be some fun maker on here I hope you people see this mabe it will shut you up.When a child runs in the house pale as a ghost almost crying telling you what they seen what would you do? Like me keep quiet for twenty some years because of people like you, and they still talk about it today.

Hawk - well let me tell you something "It" is one of the scaryest things you will ever see, and thats foresure,,Thing about it "I use to laugh and make fun to, I didnt believe in all that stuff,,but now I know there is such things and it has changed my way of thinking,I wont to learn more about about this stuff and what it is...

B Hunter - ive got a friend that saw it and he said it looked like a hairy man that walked up right and was about 5'5 it scared him he also said it walked up right and was about 5'5

J. Hatfield - Ive seen it also with my own two eyes and I know what I saw. I dont need to convince anyone. Go out sometime along the river on 119 below the old Mary Lees store in the early morning. You will see.

Poster called "Not Playing" - I'm not crazy nor playing about 6 years ago I seen this same thing me and my girl was in her car at vet park on Harlan road looked out back even open up my door to get out my girl said shut that door get in here where leaving she bout wreak that car trying to get out there and it did look like human man ran fast when got out the car it run low to ground like wolf I'm telling you in front gods eyes it s true .

Hawk - Look I know it was not a bear I saw,and I dont think it was a so called "Big-Foot",I just tell you all. I dont know what it was.. it was Big and Gray running on two feet not four and it was scary..so there it is take it for what its worth..no drugs involved..saw it in daylight in the middle of the morneing..so "YES" I think there should be people to investage,couse there is really something there.....

Poster call "Mystery" - I know that a lot of you think this is a joke but let me assure you it is for real, it has been seen in this area for years most people just dont say anything because of people like the ones making jokes and let me say I am not saying its bigfoot or what ever it is, just something that will make you a believer if you do ever see it. Kids, teenagers and adults have seen this mystery creature.This creature or creatures have been seen around our home in the moutains on and off for about the past 20 years or longer, same area Hawk is talking about, kids seen it while on a four wheeler it chased after them, then a few years later seen again then by a small child, last summer, then just a few weeks ago out of the blue 2 of us seen something. We are setting up cameras also, over the years we tried to make ourselves believe we were not seeing and hearing these things or say maybe its a bear or somthing. Always happens when you are not thinking about it.

Poster called "long time" - It has been around here longer than 20 years. Back in 74 I had just graduated high school and 4 of us were heading home up 119 at Calloway around 1:00 in the morning and this thing, we thought it was a large wolf at the time, came across that field and across the highway right in front of us. We never said anything about it because you always have these knit wits that don't take nothing serious

Poster called "Dude" - ive seen that thing twice. not quite the same place, but that was it. except it was a dark grey, and was chasing something. it's been in a field both times. im actually kind of scared to go in the woods because of it. because i saw it catch whatever it was chasing, and it ripped it apart brutally. it looked about my height, wasnt too large, but was faster than hell and kinda crouched down...

Unkown posted - i have seen the large gray creature on 119 also just before 8 am around the christmas store fields too.

Hawk - Its a Monster...yes" a Monster and I saw it so don't get out of you car at night if it stalls out up there cause like I said its a big gray monster and its up there for sure and thats no lie hard to believe it but thats the truth..make fun all you wont to, but you'll will see because there will be more than me to see it, or they have and wont admit it cause there afraid of being made fun of but I saw it in broad day light..

( End of posted Reports)

TCC- I Also found out that this Same Type of Creature has been seen in the following places: Morristown, Lafollette, Ewing, Barbourville, Tacket creek and Frakes.

I was also able to confirm from a couple of people that in fact the Land owner has had 3 or 4 cows totally disappear from the pasture along hwy 119. It also appears that many people have seen this creature dating as far back as 20 years ago.

If anyone has seen this creature or you have any pictures of it please email them to me at thecryptocrew@kih.net

(Spelling errors let in the original posters remarks)

UPDATE! -  Ok, I was able to get some more news about this story today. I was talking to a man, who I will not name, who is friends with the people who own the cattle in this field. He told me that the brother of the man who actually owns the cattle told him that they have had 3 cows with their tails completely ripped off! He went on to say that there were some claw like marks on the cow's back area, up high. 

I was also told, and I don't know if this has anything to do with it, that there is or was an old Indian burial ground somewhere real close to this area.

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Sirius - The Complete Film - Aliens are Real!

Yekra Player
Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

Sirius€ is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer -€“ an Emergency Medicine doctor turned UFO/ New Energy researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy & propulsion techniques. Along the way, Dr. Greer investigates new technology and sheds light on criminal suppression. He accumulates over 100 Government, Military, and Intelligence Community witnesses who testify on record about their first-hand experiences with UFOs and with the cover-up.
In the course of his research Dr. Greer is asked to look at an amazing find: a humanoid specimen, 6 inches long from the Atacama Desert. Not until 2012 was he given permission to take bone samples and DNA from the specimen. At that same time a pre-eminent geneticist, hearing of this find, offered to do DNA testing. He enlisted an MD from the same university,- world renowned for his work with skeletal anomalies, to view the x-rays and CT scans. Their expertise along with Dr. Greer’€™s expansive knowledge of the subject bring more questions than answers. Where did this ‘€œAtacama Humanoid’€ come from? Are there others like it? What does it say about the origin of the human species?
While on this odyssey, the audience gains a whole new perspective on technology, human evolution, and clandestine organizations who have manipulated and controlled the public for centuries.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Choose The Right Camera - End Blobsquatch Photos!

Optical Zoom Camera
If you are a bigfooter, UFO hunter, Ghost hunter or just like to take pictures, you most likely use a camera with either a optical zoom or a digital zoom.

You may have never really thought about it very much but depending on whether your camera has a optical or digital zoom can really make a difference in your photographs.

First lets learn what these two zooms are and how they are different.

Optical Zoom is using lenses to enlarge the image. You push the zoom button and this normally extends or retracts the lens using an internal motor.
Optical zoom cameras are normally a little more bulky or heavy depending on the size of the zoom lens. Most of todays cameras are still small and light weight while still having a pretty good optical zoom.

Digital zoom which really started with video cameras but has crossed over to still cameras over the years is technically not really a zoom function. It simulates the image enlargement much the way you would if you had a picture on your computer and used software to enlarge it. In digital zoom cameras the image is enlarged with software rather with a extending a lens like optical zoom cameras.

So which one is better?
If you're looking to get the best, higher quality image then you should go with the Optical zoom camera. If you are taking pictures of something really far away you can even use a optical telephoto lens, they vary in sizes but can become pretty bulky and heavy.

A image that is enlarged/zoomed with a digital zoom camera has a greater risk of losing image quality and detail, but the higher the megapixel the less quality loss but there is still quality loss. If you are using a camera with digital zoom you are probably better off not using the zoom feature built into the camera and waiting until you have the photos on your computer and zoom them in with some photo software, there will be less quality loss.

Here is a couple of photo comparisons I pulled off of the internet.

I hope you found this short article helpful and always remember that the higher the megapixel the better regardless of whether you choose Optical or Digital zoom.  Maybe this will help keep us from getting so many blobsquatch photos....nah it won't.

Good Luck!


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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dale looks at Plot Watcher Photo

This is a post by TCC Team Member Dale Drinnon.
Dale has a degree in Anthropology with a background in Zoology and Paleontology.
Visit his Blog - Frontiers of Zoology

The Crypto Crew page recently had an article featuring this still from a video by Joe Black (Scott Carpenter) and when I saw it, it struck me that the facial section of it much resembled the facial skeleton of a Neanderthal man.

 I hardly think this was accidental and it must have either been done as a deliberate copy or else it is a living creature that is presumably related. And it seems to have a thick bushy mop of hair on top of its head also. How large the mass of hair is is hard to tell.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Mystery Figure on Mountain side?

This photo was posted to facebook a few days ago by our friend JC Johnson. What is in the circle appears to be something scaling a mountain side. I had some extra time so I thought I'd try and zoom the photo in and see maybe what this could be. Photo is at Carrizo Mountains- 2005 - taken by JC Johnson.

Here is the cropped, zoomed and enhanced photo

I don't know if it really is something climbing the mountain side but it does have the shape of a human type figure.
If I had to guess I'd say it is probably a trick of light. One could go back to the spot and take another picture and the mystery could be solved.

Here is what JC had to say about the photo :
 Jc Johnson - "Went back with Chief Dan a couple of weeks later. We did not see the same anomaly....we will be going back up to the Carizzo Mountains as soon as the snow melts. Just so everyone knows, this mountain range is in Arizona."

Thanks goes to JC Johnson for sharing the photo and we can't wait to see what his return trip yields.


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UFO with 2 Military Jets

I have not done any real analysis of this video but I would think this is a some type of effects software. It looks pretty good - what do you think? Could it be real?


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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Possible Reply to Tree Knocks

TCC's  Dax Rushlow gets possible reply knock.
I have increased the audio in an attempt to make it easier to here. The shorter clip at the end is even more amplified. It is pretty quick so you may want to listen to it a couple of times.


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Possible Trail Cam Photo of Bigfoot in NH

Is this proof of bigfoot in NH? (I have made a color adjustment to the photo)
I was sent a report about the above photo by Craig D. Gadwah and here is what he said about it on his facebook page.

    "This picture was taken with a motion detecting trail camera, in, McDaniels marsh. Springfield N.H. on 9/13/12 at 12:37PM. The person who took the photo. Said it was over 70 degrees that day This Picture was looked at by a forensic photo specialist who lives on George Hill, Springfield, N.H. and he said it was a person in a suit. The person who took the photo estimates the height of the creature to be at least 9 feet tall."

I have been a little reluctant to post this photo because Craig did not take the photo. I personally do not know for sure who owns it, I did attempted contact with one person about the photo. I will gladly remove it at the request and proof of ownership.

The main reason I posted this is because we have had a ton of reports and done a lot of research and investigation in the Newmarket, New Hampshire area. Our own Jason Morse had a couple encounters with a bigfoot he calls "goliath", which if my memory is correct is what Jason estimated to be between 8-9 foot tall.

I have also zoomed in on the figure and done a little photo enhancing . Here are the results.

I do not know if this is real or not, it could be a person in a suit, but we have had a lot of reports from and around this area. If it really is 9 foot tall, then it could not be a person in a suit. Plus it does look pretty massive.
Anyone with more information about this photo or if you have had a sighting please contact Us at

(Link to Follow up Report )


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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bigfoot Sighting Report

Bigfoot in OK

This investigation/research by TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long
Both are avid outdoors people and good researchers.

1984 - Two young girls (Carla and Toni) both 12 at the time, came within 15 feet of a large Sasquatch while checking out some caves.
They were camping near Great salt plains lake in western Oklahoma. Them and their parents found several large tracks the next morning all around their camping spot.

They reported the incident to park rangers - the Rangers had fences put up to hinder access to the caves the very same day.

She says she still has nightmares of that day. She also stated that there were most likely more there because of the amount of tracks.
This report comes from an old friend who lives in Jay, Oklahoma.
I feel she is being truthful.

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Another Unknown Creature Photo

What is this thing?

The above picture was posted on Twitter recently, or so the story goes, of this strange, possibly unknown creature. The report is that the photo was taken in the united states in the south west. Not much info to go on really.
Could this be a dog? I don't know for sure but it appears to be in a plastic bag and to be very dead.

I do not know where or who took the photo, but wanted to share it in case anyone can give us some more details of  what it is or where and who took the photo.


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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mysteries Of Cripple Creek - Interview with Leon Drew

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Mysteries Of Cripple Creek
An Interview With Leon Drew
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

I’m always interested in picking all kinds of brains, and bigfoot and paranormal investigators top my list of brains to pick. It takes a special breed of person to do this kind of investigation; a special way of viewing the world and everything in it. And all the minds behind it have different ways of processing what they deal with every day.

Leon Drew, a telecom project manager for the U.S. Army at Ft. Carson, Colorado has had paranormal encounters for most of his life. He is a bigfoot researcher and ghost hunter in one of the most haunted towns in the U.S., Cripple Creek, Colorado and has appeared on the Travel Channel’s hit show, Ghost Adventures. Cripple Creek, these days a gambling town, sits on the southwest side of Pike’s Peak in the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains. A little over a hundred years ago, a great gold rush happened there. Hundreds of wealth-seekers flocked to the area hoping to strike it rich, but many would be disappointed and many would lose their lives in the process. Leaving this little town, according to many locals, full of unsettled spirits of the dead.

And it’s also a town surrounded by some really beautiful mountain wilderness; perfect territory for Bigfoot. Ute Indian legend and modern day local reports would suggest that sasquatches are alive and well around Cripple Creek.

But how does one man live in the midst of this, process it, and still manage to lead a somewhat normal life? As I talked to Leon, I realized that his approach to his self-proclaimed strange life was pretty insightful.

Dorraine: All this stuff you do in Cripple Creek, ghost hunting, bigfoot research. How did it all start?

Leon: Well the ghost hunting started after helping start the Jail museum here, and I started having encounters.

Dorraine: What kind of encounters?

Leon: The first one happened during the day on a Saturday while I was there alone. I got tapped on the shoulder. I spun around and no one was there. I normally dress in 1880's cloths when I’m there, and had gun belt on, when I spun around I had my gun in my hand.

Dorraine: Ready to shoot something? (Laughs)

Leon: Yes (Laughs) Then I locked the door and checked the entire building and I was all alone.

The next one happened two years later during a haunted house fundraiser we were doing. I was doing all the special effects from my laptop. While resetting everything after a tour, I was in a dark hallway in the main cell block. As I looked up, I could feel someone watching me. There was a man standing there and he asked me, "When is it my turn to scare the hell out of someone?"

Dorraine: You could see him clearly?

Leon: He was as solid as me, about 6 feet tall, blue jean shirt and pants, clean shaven and clean cut. I thought he was one of the volunteers. I started to answer him, and he smirked and disappeared. I looked all around trying to figure out how someone did it... then realized it was a ghost.

Dorraine: Yikes! What about bigfoot encounters?

Leon: The Bigfoot started when I had two encounters with what I would say were juvenile Sasquatch crossing the road in front of my jeep.

Dorraine: Did you believe in all this stuff before these events happened?

Leon: Oh yes. My first spirit encounter happened when I was four. I saw my dead grandfather on our family farm. I’ve had lots of different encounters all over the country. Due to my military career I have

lived all over.

Dorraine: So you’ve had encounters of some sort everywhere you’ve lived?

Leon: Almost everywhere. Georgia, Arizona, New Mexico, and in Panama. Most have been on Army bases as they have had lots of action and deaths on them.

Dorraine: Do you think there's some significance to this? It seems to me that some people are like the chosen ones. Some see these kinds of things. Some don't. What do you think about that? Why do you think that is?

Leon: Well, I think a lot of it is being open minded. And observant.

Dorraine: So you're saying they have to be receptive to it?

Leon: I am very details oriented. And yes, also receptive.

Dorraine: Skeptics would say you'd have to be willing to believe crazy things. What would you say to that?

Leon: Well helps to be a little crazy in order to do this. But you need to be willing to push the reality envelope.

Dorraine: You mean being willing to expand your mind a bit to believe in things that aren't proven?

Leon: Yes, very much so.

Dorraine: How do people in Cripple Creek regard you? Do some say you're crazy?

Leon: No. Most everyone that lives here has had an experience of some type.

Dorraine: So this is a whole town of believers?

Leon: A small mountain mining town tends to attract unusual types anyway. They seem to be mostly believers, though some are skeptics. But it doesn't take long after you move here to have some type of happening.

Dorraine: What are their feelings about bigfoot?

Leon: The Bigfoot thing that can draw some interesting reactions.

Dorraine: Well, Cripple Creek’s a small town and in small towns, you get to know people pretty well. How do you think people there feel about the subject overall?

Leon: Most are open to something being possible.

Dorraine: As you've said they've all had strange experiences. It opens their minds a bit maybe?

Leon: Yes, most of them. Bigfoot reports in the area date back to Kit Carson and the Ute Indians.

Dorraine: And you’ve said you’ve seen Sasquatch twice?

Leon: Three visuals, two audios, and numerous signs.

Dorraine: I guess it’s safe to say you’ve seen a lot of unusual stuff. But, as far as everything you've seen collectively during your "career," have you ever been scared to death?

Leon: Not really. I’m always careful and respectful to both spirits and Sasquatch. After 18 years as a soldier and being in many hotspots, I don't get scared as easy.

Dorraine: Is that the only reason? Your military training? Or is there more to it?

Leon: I look at most things with a scientific mind and try to explain it that way.

Dorraine: Have you ever had a problem sorting it out logically or scientifically?

Leon: I feel that respect for all things makes it easier... also as spirits can sense it. Sometimes I use my Indian heritage side and think of it as a gift.

Dorraine: So staying calm and rationalizing is key in what you do?

Leon: Yes, and also not being intimidated by others.

Dorraine: But you're saying that you just see all this; all these weird things you’ve seen, as natural parts of the big picture of everything that exists?

Leon: Yes, everything is connected.

Dorraine: Okay, so you have a more spiritual view of it all? Every piece of the puzzle has its place, including ghost and sasquatches.

Leon: Yes, exactly. And we all need to show respect to all things and all beings.

Dorraine: So what it all comes down to is that it’s the energy you project.

Leon: And the energy you receive. I try to see all points of view but there are limits.

Dorraine: Well, it seems to work for you.

Leon: It does for me, but it does have its drawbacks.

Dorraine: Such as?

Leon: Social interactions and integrations. I’m not a sports person or a social drinker. So I’m a bit of a loner. But it allows for lots of reflection and interaction with Mother Earth.

Dorraine: So you think that your unusual life affects you socially? Or your lack of social interaction affects your unusual life?

Leon: Well, I’ve always have had an unusual life. A soldiers life is not normal. Then I’ve worked in the Telecom industry so I travel a lot.

Dorraine: How has your military career affected your outlook about this?

Leon: Well, I always observe everything. I’m always watching what goes on around me.

As we say, "Stay alert, stay alive!"

Dorraine: Interesting. I've read that a connection to the metaphysical starts with being awake or alert.

So because of your military training, by being alert, you’re seeing things that others don't. A lot of people seem to run around hypnotized. I’m guilty of that myself. (Laughs)

Leon: Some think so narrowly of both mental and physical visions. So wrapped up in their gadgets.

Dorraine: And their own personal struggles.

Leon: So many personal struggles are self-fulfilling.

Dorraine: So what do you say to the skeptics?

Leon: I understand the skeptics keeps you sharp. Everything I encounter I try to debunk.

To ensure it is real and not misinterpreted.

Dorraine: How does this affect your day job. Does all this interfere, or are you able to separate them well enough?

Leon: Actually it’s no issue with me at all. My job allows me to stay on top of the latest technology, I get support from my boss, and have gotten stories from coworkers.

I sometimes hesitate to ask the deeper questions about this subject. Bigfoot researchers and paranormal investigators can be understandably sensitive about how their views will be received. But I’ve been friends with Leon for a while now, and I knew he’d tell it the way he sees it. He doesn’t care much what people think. He knows what he knows. And it gives us all a really clear picture of how one man, through his Native American heritage and personal spiritual philosophies, has managed to make peace with it all. ******DF
[Here is another story we did with Leon -Face to Face with Sasquatch]

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Paranormal Awards Show 2013

Jason hanging out

The awards ceremony was not just for local or nationwide groups, it was much larger and took groups from all over.
There was a winner in the ghost hunting category from England. The convention was packed and so was the Awards ceremony. Thanks goes to Jason and Erin Morse for representing The Crypto Crew.

Special thank you to all the Nominees, Speakers, Presenters, Entertainers, Staff , Security, DJ Mark, Committee members, Board members, Inns,
Restaurants and Local businesses. A very Special thanks to CC The Huntress.
What a great weekend! The Awards show was covered by several Newspapers and  FOX & ES NEWS aired clips.

Here is the list of winners from The Paranormal Awards 2013

Winners: GH (Ghost Hunting Category)

Investigator of The Year - Eric Metzler Souhegan Paranormal Investigators
Radio Show of The Year – Sandman ParaReality Radio Show
Radio Show of The Year - 2nd Place: Club Para The Para Lounge
Radio Show of The Year 3rd Place USA Paranormal

EVP of The Year – Winner Tom Bosselait The Conscious Spirit Group
EVP of The Year - 2nd Place: “ Welcome to Cordon” John Brightman
EVP of The Year - 3rd Place: “ Mary Ann” Jo-Anne Burdin The Conscious Spirit Group

Team of The Year – NEPA Ghost Detectives

Researcher of The Year – Bob Christopher

Internet Show of The Year – Winner GCUK Paranormal
Internet show of The year - 2nd Place: Creepy Places of New England

Suzi Boucher Mediumship Award - Winner -Rick Hayes

Picture of The Year – Mary Sonia NEPANH New East Paranormal Association of New Hampshire
Picture of The Year - 2nd Place: Iain Lawrence

Laura Cartwright Humanity Award – Winner - NEPANH North East Paranormal Associates of New Hampshire.

Literary Award – Karen Vance Hammond Shoe Marks
Literary Award - 2nd Place Chad Stambaugh Paranormal Investigations

Winner:(UFO Category)

Literary Awards - Prof. David Pares & Chris Massin

Winners:(Bigfoot Category)

Researcher of The Year – Jason Morse
Picture of The Year – Jason Morse
Radio Show of The Year – Chattahooches Bigfoot Radio
Team of The Year – Crypto Crew

Winner: (Cryptozoology Category)

 Researcher of The Year - Terri Harlow


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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Large Orb Photographed!

Large Orb at the tree
This report was sent to us a couple days ago. Here is what is on record.

Name: Kayleigh
State: TX
Date of Sighting: April 9, 2013
Time of Day: 11:30 PM
Nearest Town: Fort Worth
Length of Sighting: 2 minutes
How many Witnesses: 1 (me)
Any Photos/Videos: Yes!
Describe sighting in detail: I found a big gecko on the back porch so I grabbed my camera to take a pic. I felt this urge to take a picture of the open field we have next to our house. So I did and the first picture I took I found a bright orb by the base of a tree and right after I took the picture, my camera battery started to drain and eventually died after about a minute.

Here is a zoom in on the orb

So could be be a ghost orb or some reflection of some kind.
Thanks goes to  Kayleigh for sharing the story and photo.


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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review of Finding Bigfoot-Indonesia/Orang Pendek

This is just makes me laugh - I hope he does more reviews.


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TCC's Jason Morse on WWPN

Jason Morse on W-W-P-N

Video streaming by Ustream
If embedded player don't work use this link to hear the show - http://m.ustream.tv/channel/worldwide-paranormal-network

Photos from Jason:

Just wanted to post this in case anyone missed the show last nite.


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