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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The reviews are starting to come in about Shooting Bigfoot and they are not good for the film or Team Tracker.

"What SHOOTING BIGFOOT allows us to do is spend time with the people behind the findings, and see them for the kooks, cons and crazies they really are. This is one wild film, and one of the best documentaries of the festival for certain.
Bigfoot might still be out there. The beast likely still inspires believers and will continue to until its existence is conclusively proven or disproven. Matthews doesn’t purport to have any clear answers, and neither do I. One thing is for sure though – the four men profiled in this film sure don’t have any answers either."

read it yourself and make up your own mind

Stories of Dyer supporters getting up and leaving the movie, reports of it being a bigfoot suit and reports of only about 30 seconds of  bigfoot footage and no HD footage.

If all of this is true then one can only assume it has been a hoax.

Also the silence coming from FB/FB speaks volumes, they had it all riding on a bigfoot body.

Dyer did make a few comments during his Google hangout and pointed some of the blame, of lack of bigfoot footage, onto Morgan Matthews. Dyer went on to promise the bigfoot body would be shown on Aug. 15.
Another interesting note is that Dyer did not attend the showing, but he could have had good reasons.

Several months ago I was covering this story pretty hard and I broke the news of some of the details but as time went on and the story changed, I got a bad feeling about it. The more I heard and seen the more doubt I had, so I just basically dropped the story as I didn't want to get drawn into all the personal bashing and fighting. I also was attacked just for covering the story but I was trying to get details for everyone. In any case, I would like to apologize to anyone who feels I was unfair in my reporting or was purposely aiding in a hoax.

If this is for sure a hoax, and it appears to be, there are many players who might just be finished in the bigfoot community. Hoaxing in the bigfoot community seems to be at an all time high, which really hurts true bigfoot research.

I still don't think this is totally over with yet and expect it to linger on for a little while.

Maybe things will get a little bit back to normal and all the fighting will end over the next few weeks.

Have a great week!

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  1. The fighting and the mud slinging will only get worse i'm afraid

  2. yep it will and I guess I'll be a target again for posting this ...

  3. What else is left in the Bigfoot game if you remove the name calling, mud slinging and verbal jousting? There are no pictures or videos. No conclusive DNA tests. No one with a claim, that isn't in the game? As much as I'd like to believe, I can't say to anyone else there is proof that Bigfoot is real, so, why would I say that to myself?

  4. Tom,
    You do know that some of the things Rick said were in the film and some of the stuff was not. does that make him a Hoaxer?
    No it makes him a man in the film not a Film Maker.
    He was making assumptions about what he knew they had filmed not what would be IN the film.
    I find it interesting people say that Rick is Hoaxing then place him in such honor they need to take his word for every little thing. Then these "haters" go on chats and pretend to be his wife and friends to stir up stuff.
    We know the film showed a Bigfoot like creature running very fast in the dark and circling back around. We know this creature knocked Morgan Matthews down. people can make the assumption of his injuries due to that and not some fight he had with Rick like his haters said was in the film. I wouldn't pull the plug on this yet. Don't forget you missed the part where the BBC rep got up in front before people saw it said everything in this is Factual. Tonight Morgan will be at the showing. So we should all just wait and see.
    No proof of a Hoax No Proof of a Real Bigfoot yet.

    1. Sorry I think it's a hoax, if it was real photos of the body would have been shown by now. If it is real send me a photo

  5. The monster likely still motivates followers and will keep until its lifestyle is effectively confirmed or disproven. Matthews does not claim to have any obvious solutions, and neither do I. One factor is for sure though – the four men profiled in this movie sure do not have any solutions either."

  6. The beast likely still inspires supporters and will keep until its way of life is successfully verified or disproven. Matthews does not declare to have any apparent alternatives, and neither do I. One aspect is for sure though – the four men profiled in this film sure do not have any alternatives either.

  7. Forget about Dyer and his hoax...is anyone curious about the video footage on youtube from "Sasquatch Ontario"??? They have been staying at a house or cabin in the woods of Ontario all winter and have 25 videos up of some great stuff. Vocalizations, tons of footprints and excellent castings, hand prints, finger prints, all showing dermal ridges, etc.
    They showed that they are even receiving "gifts" from the group of sasquatch they have been habituating with in the form of plants, flowers, and even woven trinkets made out of vines that the sasquatch have made and left for them.
    So far it's some very compelling stuff, and I think they're going to come out with more solid video proof of these things. They state that one of them is 11 feet tall...huge at around 1500 pounds!
    If none of you have seen their stuff yet, you should watch all their vids on youtube...they have 25 of them and like I said it is all extremely compelling. They do not come across as hoaxers at all. Just sayin'...
    Dyer's B.S. seems only to scam people out of money and to embarrass anyone who knows sasquatch exists.

  8. Sorry...here's the link to the Sasquatch Ontario channel and all their videos.


    I don't have anything to do with them...just wanting to say that we should ditch this Dyer loser and move on to those who aren't hoaxers and who seem to be actually gathering real proof like these guys seem to be.
    Dyer and his crew should just be ignored now and never spoken of again in my opinion.


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