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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Guys over at FBFB have posted this tiny sliver of a photo from the shooting bigfoot movie and have said that it is for sure not a mask and a real bigfoot.

How does the above photo compare to the creature in the tent video?

Is it the same? is it different? You can decide for yourself.

Now how does it compare to the artwork?

Do they all look enough alike to be the same creature? You can decide for yourself.

I wanted to share this because I know a lot of people wanted to see the actual creature from the film, so there it is ....how do you feel about it now? Does it change your mind?


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  1. I dont think to movie pic looks anything like the tent pic.the movie one has a smaller nose and smaller mouth and lips and the drawing looks nothing like the others.

    1. yeah ..they don't look the same to me either ...

    2. Haha there is no way to confirm nor deny that tent video and movie snap are of the same....figure. However I do think they are the same and being at different angles with different lighting makes it impossible to tell. Anyways, real or fake, I would assume they are the same figure and if they are not, that is a waste of resources in my opinion.

    3. Clearly, we need to see the full face with the eyes included. Until then this is just a tease. And tease it did.

  2. NOPE......doesn't change my mind in the least bit. R.D. does NOT have a Bigfoot body. Never did. Now asking the PAID followers to wait till August to see the proof, only strengthens my resolve to that end. I feel so sorry for these peple who paid to be his followers, and he will never even feel the least bit bad for what he has done to them.........

  3. You should feel sad that you are so bent out of shape over all of this enough to make such a dumb ass posting here. Why you all obsess over this Dyer guy is beyond me. You deep down must really have a slight hope he produces something or else you just really don't have much of a life.

  4. Why you all get stuck over this Dyer guy is beyond me. You strong down must really have a minor wish he generates something or else you just really don't have much of a lifestyle.

  5. Why you all get trapped over this Dyer guy is beyond me. You powerful down must really have a minimal wish he produces something or else you just really don't have much of a way of life.

  6. One in the same except for the sketch

  7. I have been floored from the VERY beginning of this claim ( Dyer Straights & Bear meat Smegma too!) ..floored that so many Adults would actually believe this Crap. And now all the Backpeddling , hmmmm by such Jack Asses like C Noel, ETC.! Well at least the idiots in Bigfootery have exposed themselves through all this infantile smelly garbage..

    1. You do realize that a sizeable portion of bigfooters believe Smeja or Dyer? If you are looking to seperate the "idiots" you are going to have to come up with a new test.

    2. Amen! - the most popular people in the bigfoot community are almost all hoaxers or tied very close to them. Dyer, Fasano, Biscardi, Kulls, Noel, Smeja, ....the lists goes on and on

  8. I think it's either same mask or same bigfoot. Two pictures are taken at different angles and different lighting, that's why they appear different. Also, one from the tent video seems to have something in its mouth. If you examine single features of face one by one and imagine them at different angles they look pretty similar. Scar on the left side of mouth visible on the movie frame shot can be seen on some frames of the tent video, but not on the one shown here.

  9. ...and the artwork sucks. It's not even close.

  10. All 3 look to be the same beast...Impressive.

  11. I think it's the same bigfoot. Look at the scar on the left side of the face going down through the lip. You can faintly notice this scar in the tent video. The facial hair lines are similar in both photos too, I think the reason you all are saying it's not the same is because you only see a portion of the face in the Matthews photo.


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