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Thursday, May 2, 2013

This is an interview with the director of the film Shooting Bigfoot. The film and story surrounding it is that a bigfoot was killed and it was all caught on film.
As the story goes the director, Morgan Mathews, was ran over and knocked down by the bigfoot and it was all caught on film.
In the interview he reveals there is no dead bigfoot and is unsure if the creature is even real.  So this appears to be nothing more that a big hoax.

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  1. In the end you may be right, I just wouldn't place too much stock in Matthews answers. They are just too "political" in nature for me to put a lot of stock in them even if he has a legitimate reason for answering that way. When this is all said and done, will you disclose more about the original source of information for this story?

  2. Excuse me, but Matthews most certainly does NOT say he didn't see a body. What he said is "...I know there are lkots of rumours going around, that I am in possession of a body of a Bigfoot, or I have moved the body of Bigfoot to a location, a secret location in America somewhere, and that's not the case." Yet, after hearing it, you state in the blurb above "In the interview he reveals there is no dead bigfoot." Excuse me, that is absolutely a false statement, why did you make it? Did you not actually remember what he said? Seriously, go back and listen to what he said, I quoted it verbatim. Sloppy, dude, and not cool. Forget your assumption that you know what a british documentarian who got run down by a Bigfoot over 6 months ago should sound like while being interviewed in a cab, which is rather absurd, unless you're, I dunno, a psychologist or FBI profiler or something similar, which I'm going to go out an a limb and say that you're not.Really sloppy.

    1. If you still believe this story - you are special kind of stupid.
      at the end of the interview he basically can't answer if bigfoot is real or not ....this from a guy who was ran over or attack by a bigfoot.. Enjoy the Koolaid.

    2. RHG completely agree with you mate 100%. Anon ^ it doesn't sound like he can't answer it sounds to me that he wont as its a "difficult question" TO ANSWER. I do know he keeps saying there is something extreme at the end. If he knew it was a hoax then I believe that would be a very important part of the film, it would be included and would reinforce the lengths that bigfooters will go to.


    3. Incredible that there is still Dyer believers out there.

      Good to see that Tom has finally come to his senses but the damage is done. The Crypto Crew pushed this hoax from the beginning along with FB/FB, Chris Noel, Robert Lindsay etc.

      Folks won't readily forget.


    4. Wrong! I got the news and broke the story. I Provided Details, which helped others debunk the claim. From the start I stated I did not know how much of it was true. Once the story started changing I stop covering it. I made a video showing what to look for if it was indeed a production mask in the tent video. I was just reporting the claim and at one point I thought it might be true but always had doubts. TCC should not be lumped in with FBFB, Chris Noel or anyone one else. I covered the story and gave what details were told to me. With that way of thinking I guess CNN is to blame for the 2008 hoax.
      In any case thanks for the comment and I hope at some point you see I/we were just following the story and I tried many times to debunk it.
      The Crypto Crew


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"..you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist." - Dr. Jane Goodall during interview with NPR and asked about Bigfoot.

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