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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

!! Strange Creature seen on Hwy. 119 in bell county !!

I first heard of this a few months ( couple of years ago now) back and have researched it on and off for the last few months. The following is from a forum and most of the posters do not use their real names.

Actual location where the creature was seen

Strange Creature seen on 119

Hawk - This morning about 10:00 I was going up 119 a little outside calloway was heading toward Harlan when I looked to my right in a field of the road were some cow's were grazeing a I saw something that I cant explaine, it was running across the field extreamily fast, it was gray in color and was running on two legs like a man but low to the ground and it had a head like a man and large body and moved very fast. I got a good look at it and I'm 49 years old and I have never seen anything like it, has anyone else seen this thing or anything else strange like i described? I'm really interested in finding out what the heck this was..

Glenn Walker - I must have been right behind you cuase I seen it too. Dont know what the heck it was. But it was downright strange. I wish I had a rifle on me at the time. I could have been rich.

Hawk - it was the strangest thing I've ever seen thats a for sure.. what do you think it was?

Hawk - (After a poster was making fun of him) Look this is not a 'joke"..It was truely something strange, I know it sounds crazy but it really happened and I would like to know "what it is truely"..{I know if my car tore up on 119 at nite I will not get out and walk for help after seeing what I saw in a crossing that field in the day-light} it look like some kind of monster for real.

Hawk - it was were the christmas store use to sit on 119 outside of calloway on right side of road in the field with all the white cows are. not for sure on what the mile marker is, but I can tell you if this was a I dont think this would be concidered a "Big Foot" couse it was Gray in color and was running close to the ground on two legs,looked kinda like {and I know this is going to sound crazy} a Wolf-man thing,It was very large and "Gray" very strange looking..

Hawk - what gets me is the cows in the field didnt even take notice of this thing,,it was as if they were use to seeing it or something they just keeped on grazeing,,isnt that kind of strange it is to me. like the one person sayed earlyer on here they also seen it and I wish I'd had a gun with me also I would have shot it and been rich right about now..

Poster called "I Know" - the location is the old santa's place store..over the recent weeks serval cows in that feild either have disappeared or been killed.tracks have been found resembles a dogs footprint but is about 4x larger..best time to catch a glimpse of it is on foggy nights or early morning hrs.... but dont go there trying to shoot as the proptery owner protects his land .. makes me wonder if he is using the cattle to feed it..
 (Note: I was able to get a couple other people to confirm some cows went missing)

Hawk - well then someone on here needs to call in the folks to investagate this couse this thing is there,what get's me is I saw it in the daylight so it must not be something that comes out at night, right..but I am here to tell you all after seeing this very scary thing my veiw of the unexplained has been changed forever...

Poster called "Its True" - Dont be so quick to make fun, I live in this area and my kids have seen it, or them as far back as 20 years ago and so did their friends, this is not a joke, I for one would love for someone to come and check this out. Dont the bigfoot hunters live in middlesboro now maybe we could run an add in the paper for them to contact someone in this area,but not everyone has seen it. I for one would talk to them.I think they had an article in the paper months ago, Please if they read this run it again and someone will get in touch with them.There always has to be some fun maker on here I hope you people see this mabe it will shut you up.When a child runs in the house pale as a ghost almost crying telling you what they seen what would you do? Like me keep quiet for twenty some years because of people like you, and they still talk about it today.

Hawk - well let me tell you something "It" is one of the scaryest things you will ever see, and thats foresure,,Thing about it "I use to laugh and make fun to, I didnt believe in all that stuff,,but now I know there is such things and it has changed my way of thinking,I wont to learn more about about this stuff and what it is...

B Hunter - ive got a friend that saw it and he said it looked like a hairy man that walked up right and was about 5'5 it scared him he also said it walked up right and was about 5'5

J. Hatfield - Ive seen it also with my own two eyes and I know what I saw. I dont need to convince anyone. Go out sometime along the river on 119 below the old Mary Lees store in the early morning. You will see.

Poster called "Not Playing" - I'm not crazy nor playing about 6 years ago I seen this same thing me and my girl was in her car at vet park on Harlan road looked out back even open up my door to get out my girl said shut that door get in here where leaving she bout wreak that car trying to get out there and it did look like human man ran fast when got out the car it run low to ground like wolf I'm telling you in front gods eyes it s true .

Hawk - Look I know it was not a bear I saw,and I dont think it was a so called "Big-Foot",I just tell you all. I dont know what it was.. it was Big and Gray running on two feet not four and it was scary..so there it is take it for what its worth..no drugs involved..saw it in daylight in the middle of the morneing..so "YES" I think there should be people to investage,couse there is really something there.....

Poster call "Mystery" - I know that a lot of you think this is a joke but let me assure you it is for real, it has been seen in this area for years most people just dont say anything because of people like the ones making jokes and let me say I am not saying its bigfoot or what ever it is, just something that will make you a believer if you do ever see it. Kids, teenagers and adults have seen this mystery creature.This creature or creatures have been seen around our home in the moutains on and off for about the past 20 years or longer, same area Hawk is talking about, kids seen it while on a four wheeler it chased after them, then a few years later seen again then by a small child, last summer, then just a few weeks ago out of the blue 2 of us seen something. We are setting up cameras also, over the years we tried to make ourselves believe we were not seeing and hearing these things or say maybe its a bear or somthing. Always happens when you are not thinking about it.

Poster called "long time" - It has been around here longer than 20 years. Back in 74 I had just graduated high school and 4 of us were heading home up 119 at Calloway around 1:00 in the morning and this thing, we thought it was a large wolf at the time, came across that field and across the highway right in front of us. We never said anything about it because you always have these knit wits that don't take nothing serious

Poster called "Dude" - ive seen that thing twice. not quite the same place, but that was it. except it was a dark grey, and was chasing something. it's been in a field both times. im actually kind of scared to go in the woods because of it. because i saw it catch whatever it was chasing, and it ripped it apart brutally. it looked about my height, wasnt too large, but was faster than hell and kinda crouched down...

Unkown posted - i have seen the large gray creature on 119 also just before 8 am around the christmas store fields too.

Hawk - Its a Monster...yes" a Monster and I saw it so don't get out of you car at night if it stalls out up there cause like I said its a big gray monster and its up there for sure and thats no lie hard to believe it but thats the truth..make fun all you wont to, but you'll will see because there will be more than me to see it, or they have and wont admit it cause there afraid of being made fun of but I saw it in broad day light..

( End of posted Reports)

TCC- I Also found out that this Same Type of Creature has been seen in the following places: Morristown, Lafollette, Ewing, Barbourville, Tacket creek and Frakes.

I was also able to confirm from a couple of people that in fact the Land owner has had 3 or 4 cows totally disappear from the pasture along hwy 119. It also appears that many people have seen this creature dating as far back as 20 years ago.

If anyone has seen this creature or you have any pictures of it please email them to me at thecryptocrew@kih.net

(Spelling errors let in the original posters remarks)

UPDATE! -  Ok, I was able to get some more news about this story today. I was talking to a man, who I will not name, who is friends with the people who own the cattle in this field. He told me that the brother of the man who actually owns the cattle told him that they have had 3 cows with their tails completely ripped off! He went on to say that there were some claw like marks on the cow's back area, up high. 

I was also told, and I don't know if this has anything to do with it, that there is or was an old Indian burial ground somewhere real close to this area.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 10 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. For anyone who wants to try to make fun of those who report these sightings, all I can say is "It sucks to be you." You've missed out on one of the most challenging experiences of a lifetime. These sightings stick in your memory and brings you to contemplate life as we know it. It can be an experience that can change how you view things you don't understand and perhaps make you more accepting of differences in all aspects of your life.

    I'd just like to say to those who have these sightings, don't be in such a rush to wish you had a rifle to kill these creatures. You have no idea how influential these beings might be in our world. Yes, I've seen one myself but not grey in color. More reddish brown with dark, almost black hair on it's head and lower legs. This was near the Gregg County Airport outside of Longview, Texas.

    Please respect these creatures and those fortunate enough see one or more of them.

  2. Until you see one of these things you will always be a skeptical. I saw something very similar to this not far from here. It ran on two feet like a human but its face was more like a dog meaning it had a snout. Was about 100 to 125 yrds away which was close to me and was fast. What I saw ran both in the woods and the open field seemed to not notice me or even know I was there but I was in a pick-up truck at the time. I looked out my window to see if I saw any tracks ( I did not see any) as a hunter this was not something I would want to tangle with armed or not ?

    1. Can you tell me more and where this was at?
      you can do so via email if you want


  3. With that many typos and that atrocious of a spelling job. I not only question the witness as being 49 years old; but also seriously question their attention to detail. Sounds like a hyper adolescent with an overactive imagination, just trying to make waves and/or get attention.

    1. You must remember in this area many are poorly educated and have very limited spelling skills but that don't mean they are not telling the truth. In this area for many years our main work was in the coal mines, often times men would quit school at a very early age and go to work.
      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Have there been any new witnesses to this creature that are recent Thomas?

    1. not any that I have heard about. I keep my eyes out when I go by there.

  5. I have never seen bigfoot , dogman or any mystery creatures. But I've been researching them as well as ufos/alien encounters for a couple years now and when you actually investigate these subjects, you'd be a complete fool not to realize how real they are. Thousands upon thousands of people aren't secretly meeting up and agreeing upon details to put into fake reports, just to be ridiculed by the masses. Wake-up, "skeptics "... some skepticism is healthy... blind denial of shit just because you yourself haven't seen it... that's just downright foolish. Thank you all for sharing your experiences!


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