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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eddie Duncan Shackleford is a Senior Editor for Direct2TV and loves to research and write topics on Cryptozoology, entertainment, sports and more. Bigfoot is one of his favorite topics to talk about as it is arguably one of the most controversial mythical creatures that has ever lived. Eddie D. Shackleford can be followed on twitter at: Eddie20Ford


Bigfoot fans enjoy watching TV reality shows revealing shocking proof
First you have to know "Bigfoot," as it’s commonly called, is a hot theme for Sasquatch fans the world over who tune in to their favorite TV reality show for updates on this hairy beast that’s often seen but not yet caught.

However, that may change when Spike TV launches a new 10-episode Bigfoot show that’s been dubbed "10 Million Dollar Big Foot Bounty." In fact, this new realty competition formatted television program will be offering one of the largest cash prizes in either Bigfoot or television history.

At the same time, there are still Bigfoot fans who remember the cult TV show "Bigfoot and Wildboy" that was featured in the late 1970’s as a children TV show on ABC.

The big TV show that many fans of Sasquatch enjoy watching is the popular Animal Plant program "Finding Bigfoot." This documentary styled TV services premiered in 2011, and is still drawing lots of viewers.

Watching Bigfoot on the tube

When fans tune in each week to the Animal Planet network for the latest installment of this latest Sasquatch tale "Finding Bigfoot," they hope and wish the program’s Bigfoot field researchers will unearth real evidence of this bizarre creature that is said to live in the deep woods of the Pacific Northwest, up in Alaska, in and around Oregon or Northern California or perhaps down in the deep south or up in New England.

However, the history of Bigfoot on TV points to just one thing – no conclusive evidence!

In fact, not one realty TV show or Bigfoot documentary has unearthed any real hair, DNA or blood evidence from the creature.

Moreover, there have been lots of fakes and hoaxes involving people who said they found real Bigfoot evidence.

Finding real evidence of Sasquatch

Because there are many remote regions where Bigfoot has been spotted, there is a tendency for fans to seek out programs on the Discovery or History channel for details -- from the somewhat eccentric but passionate Sasquatch researchers -- who always seem to claim how it just got away.

In turn, there are TV spots -- for "Finding Bigfoot" and other like show -- that ask viewers to stay tuned for a new season when someone really does find this ape-like creature.

Also, the TV shows that have made this search for Bigfoot a high art, often claim that recent physical evidence has just turned up showing actual Bigfoot DNA. But, the catch is by the time the program is over, there’s no real DNA proof.

Still, fans of the creature are very forgiving and they tend to stay tuned to their TV sets in hopes something big will break soon that proves Sasquatch is not just a myth.

Finding TV entertainment with Squatchness

The legend of Bigfoot – as featured on numerous TV shows and web sites – is big business when it comes to both entertainment and all sorts of Bigfoot products.
There are even new terms to describe where the big guy or gal may live.

The place has been dubbed "Squatchness," and many Bigfoot seekers like to drop that name for regions of the country where Bigfoot has been spotted.

Overall, there are many entertaining TV programs about this ape-like creature but few of them have gone beyond folklore and delivered what Native Americans call "the mystery creature." In fact, some recent television programs have speculated that Native peoples are still protecting these creatures and that’s why no Bigfoot has ever been caught.

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  1. Obviously whomever wrote this hasn't watched Destination Truth at all.

    Josh has documented a lot more in a few Bigfoot episodes then the entire run of Finding Bigfoot and Monster Quest combined!

    1. Yeah that is true ...he even gave a sample to dr. Ketchum but that was a long time back

  2. I think we should remember that these shows are in it for a few things. Evidence & proof of existence aren't in the conversation. It's all about advertising revenue & ratings. It's sad that such an interesting topic has to be dragged down the road of commerce & is not taken very seriously.


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