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Saturday, April 20, 2013

This is a post by TCC Team Member Dale Drinnon.
Dale has a degree in Anthropology with a background in Zoology and Paleontology.
Visit his Blog - Frontiers of Zoology

The Crypto Crew page recently had an article featuring this still from a video by Joe Black (Scott Carpenter) and when I saw it, it struck me that the facial section of it much resembled the facial skeleton of a Neanderthal man.

 I hardly think this was accidental and it must have either been done as a deliberate copy or else it is a living creature that is presumably related. And it seems to have a thick bushy mop of hair on top of its head also. How large the mass of hair is is hard to tell.

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  1. I hardly think this was random and it must have either been done as a purposeful duplicate or else it is a residing animal that is presumably relevant.

  2. Dale: Although I feel that the image may be a simple case of pareidolia, it does also share some intriguing similarities with the Minnesota Iceman especially in its orbital region and lighter face surrounded by darker hair. If it is a genuine animal, I do think it likely would be some kind of hominin.


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